In 1923 or 1924, a souvenir folder of postcards depicting landmarks and attractions in and around Brownwood was published by the Jones & Dublin Company of Brownwood. Howard spent a good bit of time in Brownwood and certainly either visited or knew of all of these places. He and Hester lived there while Howard attended his last year of high school and he later returned to attend classes at Howard Payne. Rob, who has nearly spent as much time in Brownwood as Howrd did has written about at least four of these places on this blog.

Here is the text that accompanies the pictures and photos contained in the souvenir folder:

Brownwood, Texas

Brownwood, in the heart of Texas is a city of 12,000 population.  The exact geographical centre of Texas is within 16 miles of Brownwood.

The town is at the junction of the Santa Fe Railroad and the Frisco railroad, which affords easy and rapid communication with all points. Temple is 143 miles southeast and Fort Worth is 143 miles northeast.  Brownwood is in the midst of the largest natural gas field in the world, and the gas is cheap for all purposes. The Brownwood Gas Company, in addition to a six-inch line was laid an 8-inch line from the Jane Ellen gas field to this city.

  • Brownwood has a population of 12,000. Brown County has 22,000.
  • Brownwood has a live wire chamber of commerce. Wright Armstrong, secretary.
  • Brownwood has a county club valued at $30,000, including golf links.
  • Brownwood has two first class colleges — Howard Payne and Daniel Baker.
  • Brownwood has the best school system of any town in Texas.
  • Brownwood has fifteen churches, of which three have been recently built at a cost of $100,000 each.
  • Brownwood has a great oil field, producing 3,000 barrel of oil weekly.
  • In the vicinity of Brownwood The Dixie Gasoline Company built its big gasoline manufacturing plant at a cost of $250,000. This plant converts 6,500,000 cubic feet of gas into gasoline daily.
  • The Prairie Pipe Line Company has a line leading from the Brown County field and is taking all the oil produced in the field.
  • Brownwood is the centre of the Wholesale trade in central west Texas.
  • Brownwood is the headquarters for more than 200 commercial travelers.
  • Brownwood has two large oil refineries and a pipe line from the refineries to the north Brown County oil field.
  • Brownwood is the centre of the Pecan industry of Texas and here is located the largest pecan shelling industry, with the exception of the one in San Antonio.
  • Brownwood has two of the largest and most complete swimming pools in the southwest.
  • Brownwood has the largest cotton compress between Fort Worth and San Francisco, more than 60,000 bales of cotton being handled the past season.
  • Brownwood has the largest and best equipped cotton oil mill in the southwest.
  • The average rainfall for the Brownwood area for the past six years was 29.93 inches.
  • Brownwood has a well organized Poultry Association that puts on a big show every year.
  • Brownwood is headquarters for the Brown County Fair Association.
  • Brownwood is headquarters for two military companies.
  • Brownwood has several fine bands – The Old Gray Mare Band, The Junior Band, the High School Band.
  • The Blue Devil Band of Howard Payne College and the Colored Band.
  • Brownwood is building an auditorium that will cost $100,000 — to be ready by April 30.
  • Brownwood has five banks, all doing a fine business.
  • Brownwood has six hotels, all well patronized.
  • Brownwood has a well organized polo players club.
  • Brownwood is headquarters of the West Texas Telephone Company.
  • Brownwood has a well organized Fin and Feather Fishing Club.
  • Brownwood has all the facilities possessed by the modern city five times its size.

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