(A)   The
People’s Republic of China PRC is the United Nations’ most populous member
state, one of the world’s largest emerging economies and a permanent member of
the Security Council. The PRC’s foreign policy is based upon the  principle of ‘harmony without uniformity’; it
is supportive of the  UN’s broader goals
and co-operation between member states, whilst respecting the  rights of sovereign nations to determine their
own  ideological positions. In
particular, it acts as a vocal supporter of the interests of other developing
countries. However it will keenly abide by its status quo values of its
ancestor’s hard work.

(B)   Regarding
China’s contribution to maintaining world peace and stability, over 8,000
Chinese peacekeepers are on their posts safeguarding peace in conflict zones
such as Cambodia, the Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Sudan and Lebanon. Since
1990, China has sent over a total of 37,500 soldiers and policemen to UN
peacekeeping missions, seventeen of them have sacrificed their lives. China is
proud to have become the largest contributor of peacekeepers among the five
permanent members of the Security Council. China has also been active in the
international efforts of combating pirates and maintaining security of relevant
international waters. As of May 2014, China had dispatched a total of 45 navy
vessels to the Gulf of Aden and the waters off the Somali Coast, providing
escort services to over 5600 Chinese and foreign commercial vessels. China’s
position and attitudes on international and regional issues are guided by its
pursuit of an independent foreign policy of peace and one of them is “common
security” out of three that state, sovereign equality, common security, common
development and win-win cooperation.

China has strong opinions on its rights to sovereignty over islands in the
South China Sea. China is willing to negotiate with member states who claim islands
in the area, building upon the principles of the 2002 and 2011 agreements. We
are particularly keen to use the 
East  Asia  Summits and work with ASEAN on  a  code
of  conduct, but  stoutly reject the  interference 
of external parties in an  area
which  is of no legitimate interest to
them and will stand firm against some country’s intentionally provocative
actions.  As the People’s Liberation Army
made clear in  a  statement, China has indisputable  sovereignty over  this 
Sea  based on  its historical presence throughout the  islands (which have  been Chinese territory, not res-nullius, for
2000 years, meaning that  the country’s  claims of de jure annexation and rights  under the law of the  sea are illegitimate) or in other words the
people’s republic of china will stick to the nine dash line. It is absolutely
willing to respect the freedom of passage of ships through it and try to come
up with a peaceful resolution of current disputes, so long as its rights are
respected in the interim

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