America to the reader, the sass, where man was certainly the head of all families and always in control. Stanley primitive behaviors grow more and more noticeable as the play progresses. At the beginning of the play when Stanley was first introduced, he showed his first, more subtle minimalists style. After coming home from work, Stanley sister-Len- law, Balance Dubos, had arrived to his house from Mississippi. His wife, Stella Kowalski, acquainted them and then Stanley asks Balance is she minded if he were to take of his shirt, “My clotheshorse sticking’ to me… N I make myself comfortable? ” (Page 30). This is a primitive example because people do not usually take off their clothing just as soon as they meet somebody new. It is considered a little bit disrespectful. Animals can do whatever they whenever they please similarly Like Stanley taking of his shirt and not having any manners for guests. When Stanley learns from Stella that Balance lost her plantation named Belle Revere, he questions where the deed had gone. He felt very angry and felt that Balance is keeping and hiding all of this money she supposedly got from losing the land.

He then asks Balance if she ever had a suitor because if she did, then the money would go to the male. He explains the “Napoleonic Code” (Page 35) which states that In a marriage, whatever the husband owns Is his and whatever belongings the wife owns is also his. This certain practice that Stanley believes Is certainly very controlling and seemingly an ancient mindset. Man being in control of everything and being dominant in a relationship is primal because nature and society puts males as the more powerful, aggressive, and prevalent than females.

On Blanches birthday, there was a lot of tension in the Kowalski household. Balance had been living there for months, many rumors were going around about Blanches past, and Stella was soon having a baby. Normalcy In the house had not been maintained in the house for a long while. While having birthday cake for Balance, Stanley makes rude and snippy remarks toward Balance. He feels that his control and the attention toward him were slowly being given to Balance. He lets out all of this anger by throwing and smashing his plates and cups on the ground when

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Stella told him to clean up his area of the dinner table (Page 65). This Impulsive measure to clear off his dishes was primitive because It was very violent for no valid This last example is probably the most annalistic act that Stanley reveals about himself. Toward the end of the play, Stella is about to have the baby and is left at the hospital overnight. The doctor sends Stanley home for rest, but before going straight home he drinks some alcohol at the bar as celebration. At home he found that Balance had also been drinking.

They exchanged some words to each other and soon enough Stanley grabs a hold of Balance and rapes her (Page 85). This example also shows how extreme Stanley impulsiveness can be. This act is the ultimate way of showing disrespect to women and how lascivious some men are. An animal’s thinking processes are solely for them to survive and reproduce. The rape of Balance was solely to satisfy his sexual needs, without any feeling, morals, or restraint. The famous play by Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire, had many efferent important aspects that the author wanted to represent to his readers.

One of these themes was the primitive theme which Williams gets across with the dominant male character, Stanley Kowalski. The presence of Stanley primitive nature steadily grew more and more apparent as the play progressed. It all started when he takes off his shirt in front of Balance when they were first introduced to each other, then he mentioned the “Napoleonic Code”, to his enraged behavior when he was asked to clean up after himself, and finally the rape of his own sister-in-law.


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