The Northen provinces of India have a big concentration of topographic points of spiritual involvement, most of them nestled in the Himalayas or situated on the Bankss of the sanctum rivers that originate from glacial springs in the Himalayas. Close behind the heels of Kedarnath, Amarnath and other outstanding topographic points of spiritual importance is Bageshwar.

Situated at the meeting of rivers Saraya, Gomti and Bhagirathi, lies the comparatively lesser known pilgrim’s journey finish of Bageshwar. Like Amarnath, this pious town is associated with Lord Shiva, the Jesus of all wickednesss.


Nestled between the Bhileshwar mountain on the E and the Nileshwar mountain on the West, Bageshwar, in add-on to being a spiritual finish, is besides a topographic point of great scenic beauty. Bageshwar is besides surrounded by Suraj Kund in the North and Agni Kund in the South. The metropolis is home to the temple of Bagnath, constructed during the reign of the Chands and this temple draws immense crowds of fans during Shivratri.


The Bagnath Temple: Harmonizing to fable, the Shiv lingam at the temple was installed after several failed efforts earlier. Legend has it that Lord Shiva visited this topographic point in the pretense of a tiger. Thousands of fans throng to this temple each twelvemonth to raise the approvals of Lord Shiva. This temple is besides the site for a just that is held on Mahashivaratri.

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Chandika Temple: About a kilometre from Bageshwar is Chandika temple dedicated to Goddess Chandika. The Chandika temple is buzzing with fans who converge during the juncture of Navratri to offer puja and seek approvals of the divinity.

Baijnath: A trip to Bageshwar would be uncomplete without a trip to Baijnath. 26 kilometer from Bageshwar, Baijnath is home to the temple of Bamani. There are conflicting fables about who built the temple but the two most popular theories are that the temple was built by the widow of a Brahmin and dedicated to Lord Shiva. Yet another narrative says that the temple was built by a Brahmin adult female who was kidnapped by a Kshatriya built this temple to expiate herself of her wickednesss. The temple can be approached from the riverbank by mounting a flight of stepss.

Sriharu Temple: Is the locale for a just that is organized every twelvemonth on Vijaya Dashami twenty-four hours.

Other Temples: Include Ramghat temple, Ramji temple, Agnikund temple, Sitladevi temple, Hanuman temple, Jwaladevi temple, Trijuginarayan temple and many more.

How to Reach

Disembark from your plane at Pantnagar, approximately 200 kilometers from Bageshwar and so hit the route to make. Bageshwar is good connected by route with all major metropoliss of Kumaon, Garhwal & A ; Delhi or skip off your train at Kathgodam, 165 kilometer off, and travel to Bageshwar by cab or province conveyance coach.


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