Jamaica is one of the greatest island to see in the Caribbean. Surrounding Jamaica are other islands such as Cuba, Haiti, and Puerto Rico, but none of them can compare to this land of beauty. This fantastic state is 80 kilometres in breadth and 234 kilometres in length and contains about 4,300 square stat mis, doing it the 3rd largest island in the Caribbean.

Some of the fantastic characteristics that Jamaica posses are: reefs that are filled with natural wild live ; beaches that have crystal clear H2O and white soft sand ; a wide coastal program ; and mountains that are filled with verdure. It is of import for a state to do people from all around the universe be cognizant of the things it has to offer that can non be found anyplace else so they are attracted to travel at that place over and over once more.

Five tools or techniques that could be used by the Jamaica Tourist Board to efficaciously pull off and market a finish such as Jamaica for visitants appeal.

Jamaica is marketed utilizing the AIDA rule. This is the procedure of act uponing client to see finishs through selling affords related to the AIDA rule.

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A- Awareness.

I- Create an involvement.

D- A desire for your merchandise.

A- Action

These are:

Identify mark market

Market mix ( monetary value, topographic point, publicities, merchandises )


Brand Ambassadors

Merchandise development

1 ) Identify mark market- This means that the tourer board have to place a specific mark market, for which they are seeking to sell their service to. For illustration, if they are traveling to aim Eco-tourism, households, twosomes, inclusive touristry, and adventuresome people, etc. With this clear aim of cognizing who their mark is, they can continue consequently. In any concern, one has to calculate out whom, why, what, how their mark market is and concentrate on that group when they are marketing the finish and do it appealing and attractive.

2 ) Market mix- ( monetary value, topographic point, publicities, merchandises, people and planning )

Monetary value: do the monetary value lucifer the quality of service that is being offered. For illustration, the monetary value should reflect on the service, substructure and experience. Therefore, it should non be dearly-won to at a low terminal motel that has hapless quality service, old substructure, no air status in the suites, and hot H2O available, etc.

Topographic point: the topographic point should be easy accessible. As Jamaica being the finish targeted by North Americans, Canadians and Europeans, it can be accessible by land, sea, and air. Besides, being cost effectual and close propinquity to North America, makes it Jamaica ‘s biggest market. This is really of import to tourers because they like states that are easy accessible.

Promotions: Jamaica can be marketed by utilizing the above line publicity method- this is used in connexion with advertisement of the product/ service through the media. This can take the signifier of advertisement via: telecasting, practical slides on the Internet, magazine, film, gross revenues publicities, brochures/ cusps, every bit good as public dealingss demoing off what Jamaica has to offer.

Merchandises: the Jamaica Tourist Board would hold to allow the targeted finish know what Jamaica offers and what sets them apart from the other Caribbean states. The other Caribbean counties besides offer land, sea, Sun, and resorts. The Jamaica Tourist Board would hold to inquire the inquiry “ what makes Jamaica so different ” , and market it. For illustration, Jamaica is celebrated for its civilization, known for the Great House of Annie Palmer Estate, Port Royal, Blue Mountain, coral reefs, holding over a 100 and eight rivers, the celebrated Bob Marley ‘king of reggae music ‘ and so on.

Peoples: the people of Jamaica should be welcoming to the tourer. This in peculiar employees, and directors of the resort, while keeping the civilization of the organisation.

Planning: the Jamaica Tourist Board should put clear aims of what they hope to accomplish. Therefore, inquiring themselves, ”what are we seeking to accomplish? ” For example- cut competition, enhance net incomes, etc.

Incentives- This means a positive motivational influence, a selected hotel that tourer stays at will acquire appraisal. For example- bargain a dinner over “ ten ” sum and acquire a free repast ; stay for five yearss in a epicurean suit and acquire two free dark ; visit in September to December 1st and acquire half monetary value on suites and so on.

3 ) Brand Ambassadors – Using celebrated people to publicize the Jamaica finish. For example- utilizing Usian Bolt as the “ face ” behind touristry. Images will be displayed demoing Bolt relaxing, sipping Martinis on the north seashore, shirtless, sun-bathing on the white sandy beaches, with the environing exuberant verdure of the mountains highlighted in the background. The image will besides include illustrations of Rastafarian ‘s spatter in the ocean, agitating their apprehensions, and with female theoretical accounts go throughing in their two-piece bath suits, gazing at Usian Bolt in awe.

5 ) Merchandise development- enhances the substructure of the finish and the quality of service being offered by developing staff in the client attention section.

Harmonizing to an unknown beginning, “ It is really of import the demands for the finish be the focal point for any program. This will find the type of touristry that will be developed. ”

SWOT analysis of the techniques used in inquiry one.

SWOT analysis means ; S- strength, W- failings, O- chance and T- menace

Target market/market research-

S- You will acquire to cognize the demands of your clients, so you know precisely what they want. You do non offer something that does non appeal to them.

W- expensive to carry on research. People ever know what they want but sometimes they are indecisive.

O- Greater market portion.

T- It takes clip and it is dearly-won to make a market research.

Market mix-

S- People will cognize about the merchandise.

W- It cost money to make consciousness about Jamaica and the things it offers.

O-people who do non cognize they want it will purchase greater market portion.

T- Builds outlook in people that the company can non run into. This leave client dissatisfied.


S- Its really attractive to people.

W- If non managed decently can increase cost more than client base and lessen net income.

O- Encourage more portions.

T- People get inducements without disbursement.

Brand Ambassador-

S- Increase attending about Jamaica.

W- Merely people who like the embassador will be attracted.

O- Increase market portion.

T- The individual ( Usian Bolt ) personal life affects the company and besides deficiency of money to transport out the activities.

Merchandise development-

S- Better satisfactions, more clients, more net income.

W- Cost.

O- Greater market portion.

T- New developments do non run into client demands.

The value of a Tourism Marketing Plan and the procedures involve in developing the program

Tourism Selling Plan is an lineation of a scheme that seeks to maximise the sale of a peculiar merchandise or service. A Tourism Selling Plan helps to minimise the hazards associated with the launching of a new merchandise, or service that consumers may non hold any involvement in. However, a Tourism Selling Plan can be a written papers incorporating a rigorous description and usher lines for an organisation or finish, merchandises, selling schemes and plans for offering their merchandises and services over the define planning period which is frequently a twelvemonth.

A successful touristry selling program includes

Be honest about your market. For illustration, if you province that your finish has nine stat mis of beautiful white sand beach on the north seashore, make certain when the tourer comes, it ‘s non two stat mis of white sand beach. This means, be honest when you ‘re marketing the finish.

Testimonies. For illustration, all negative and positive testimonies are of import. This enables the developer of the finish to heighten the quality of service and do alterations where necessary. Therefore doing consumer happy while doing a net income.

Sell your strengths ( sell the finish ) . For illustration, Jamaica possesses reefs, beaches and extended coastal program, environing a anchor of mountain tracking the length of the island latitudinal, the male monarch of reggae music the celebrated Bob Marley, H2O falls ( YS Falls Dunn River Falls ) , civilization, history ( the great Port

Royal ) , historical edifices ( The Great White House of Annie Palmer ) , athleticss ( Reggae boyz ) , Jazz and Blue Festival, dark life, Hedonism hotel, etc.

Target major attempts to major market. For illustration North America, Europe, and Canada are Jamaica ‘s major markets. North America is the top market for Jamaica, this is due to the fact it is in close propinquity to the island, it ‘s inexpensive and it accessible by sea or air. Therefore, it ‘s safe to state that more money can be spent in North America to market the island.

Focus on alone attractive forces. For illustration the sceneries, town, metropoliss, small towns, historical and heritage sites, subject Parkss, resort and hotels.

The value of a Tourism Marketing Plan is how they will ( a ) develop the state ( B ) offer choice service to the invitee and ( degree Celsius ) manage the finish.

The state can be developed by roll uping more room revenue enhancements and going revenue enhancement from touristry, give possible investor ‘s enterprises ‘ to put in the state, export more and cut down imports, educate the citizen ‘s, make concern loans at a lower per centum rate and so on. In add-on, this will let the state to turn and extinguish poorness among the citizens. Furthermore, the criterion of life will increase. Therefore, with all the revenue enhancements the authorities will be roll uping, it will assist in the creative activity of subject Parkss, attractive force, eco-tourism, repair of substructures, such as roads, Bridgess, edifices, etc.

The quality of service offered to invitees is really of import because touristry is service oriented. The quality of service offered to guest should fit the value of their money. For illustration, you can non anticipate the same quality service of high terminal hotel verses a low terminal hotel.

However, whether it ‘s a low terminal hotel or a high terminal hotel the service should be good because this can reflect either negative or positive property on the organisation, depending on the service the tourer received. The service attending should be antiphonal and attentive to guest demands. Information should besides be readily available and accessible for tourer. Entertainment should be suiting a assortment of genre.

By pull offing the finish, there will be more tourers to the island and this will increase gross for the authorities. Therefore, if the finish is managed good and promoted decently, there will be an addition of tourer reaching to the island. The tourers should experience safe and comfy to research the environments. With safety non an issue, there will be a high degree of return visitants to the island. In add-on, this will make occupations, cut down poorness, increase the cognition of the citizens about the importance of touristry to the state, repairing and edifice of substructure, like roads, schools, infirmaries, etc.

Three procedures involve in developing such a program

The three procedures are: the mission statement, vision statement and the schemes, theses will be discussed below:

Mission statement-

The mission statement is aim at making client consciousness about Jamaica.

Increase gross revenues with abroad spouses.

Increase usage of new engineerings

Target visitants outside normal market

Improve communicating schemes

Increase gross revenues with abroad spouses

Vision statement-

For Jamaica to be the figure pick for holiday for all types of people around the universe.


To make consciousness of touristry in Jamaica, it would hold to be promoted by the Jamaica Tourist Board ( JTB ) . The JTB will inform the tourist/people about the hot musca volitanss on the island and market the island by advertisement and publicity. The support will come from the authorities. The authorities uses the money that they collect from room revenue enhancements, going revenue enhancements and so on, to fund the publicity of the finish.

Establish contact with a web of travel advisories to optimise efficiencies in accessing information.

The Jamaica Hotel Tourist Association ( JHTA ) can be used to develop the cordial reception industry and to stand for the involvement of it ‘s ‘ member in all forums.

In decision, the value of a touristry selling program and the procedure involved in developing such programs are critical to the finish. Marketing the finish creates awareness, therefore ensuing in a high figure of tourers to the island. The high degrees of tourers will make gross for authorities, in return will make occupations and alleviate poorness.

External participants and organisation that assist the CVB with execution of a Destination Marketing Plan and two economic important of that aid.

Caribbean Tourism Organization ( CTO )

Tourist Enhancement Funds ( TEF )

Jamaica Hotel Tourist Associations ( JHTA )

United Nation World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO )

Jamaica Vacation ( JAMVAC )

The two economic important that could asses in the nidation of the finish selling program is: the Tourist Enhancement Funds ( TEF ) and the United Nation World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ) . These two can assist help the CVB by assisting salvage money or assist financially.

The Tourist Enhancement Funds ( TEF ) is a fund that is setup to progress the touristry undertaking. They offer project touristry seminars, touristry preparation, etc. The TEF financess finance the plans. The TEF gets their money by bear downing all incoming visitants, ten dollars by air ( plane ) and two dollars by sea ( cruise ship ) . This money is used to assist develop adult male made attractive force, heighten touristry experience, and eliminate poorness by using citizens, both straight and indirectly. With the development of touristry undertaking around the island of Jamaica, there will be a high inflow and returning tourer to the island.

The development and sustainability of semisynthetic attractive force will maintain gross and community criterion of life stable. With the countries and attractive force being properly kept, tourer will be more careworn to those countries.

Therefore, the tourer will be basking themselves and scenery sites, larning about the people, the civilization etc. Therefore, tourer will distribute the experience they had in Jamaica, and this will make free advertisement while more people become intrigue to see the island. When tourers return place, they will portion their experience with friends and household. This will do people desiring to see the island. In add-on this will make gross for the authorities.

The sweetening of touristry experience will assist to advance sustainable development. Local communities must play a major function in specifying, developing and pull offing the touristry experience so that they take ownership of the industry. The success of the industry depends on the visitant ‘s experience, so they much experience the best holiday they of all time had. Planning should be bottom-up, non exceed down. With the citizen ‘s back uping touristry experience, the foreign currency will assist hike the economic system.

Eliminating poorness is every states chief concern. Tourism is one of Jamaica ‘s chief beginning of income and the first pick of any Caribbean finish. Therefore, with the high inflow of tourer to the island, either by air or sea, the revenue enhancement associated with it can assist to develop the substructure of the state, aid in primary and secondary instruction, hospital equipment, research, security and so on.

Harmonizing to ( McDonald, 2001 )

World Tourism Organization ( WTO ) is involved in the remotion of barriers to touristry and the liberalisation of trade in touristry services. WTO besides contributes to betterment of touristry wellness and safety demands and the development of steps to do touristry more

accessible to the disableds.

Furthermore, UNWTO apparatus ordinances and advisory for CVB such as, the Jamaica Tourist Board. They go about different states around the universe to acquire information to help states in touristry development, touristry research and act as a anteroom body/ power. The UNWTO get sedatives from assorted states and companies around the universe to fund the undertakings. Economically, the CVB would stop up salvaging money to make research. In add-on, the CVB ends up salvaging to make research because the UNWTO people/group terminal up making the research for free. If the CVB did non hold the UNWTO to buttonhole on their behave, it would be them money to employee people/groups to go around the universe to garner information and create consciousness about the Jamaican trade name. Therefore, these create consciousness to the universe by offering free promotion. The UNWTO Acts of the Apostless as a positive result due to the fact that the CVB did non hold to make advertizement or any promotional activities. The UNWTO besides find new and originative ways to happen out new ways that Jamaica can be the premiere finish of the universe by looking at how other top finish promote themselves.

The economic aid of the UNWTO allows for the remotion of touristry barriers, and this helps with the free inflow of touristry to the island. This in return allows more and more free flow of tourer to the finish. However, with this being done, the authorities will roll up more and more gross that will be used to develop the finish. Hence, with the attractive force and security, tourers will be safer within the environment and the environing countries. With safety non an issue, the finish will hold high return tourer rate to the island. With the great inflow of

tourers, room revenue enhancement and going revenue enhancements will be collected. In add-on, with the touristry remotion barriers, the economic system will turn within the finish due to the fact that tourer can see from around the universe without inquiring if they can see the finish but cognizing they can without holding to hold a visa.


Tourism is really indispensable for Jamaica because it ‘s the chief economic subscriber to the island. With new development and selling manner, utilizing the AIDA rule ( A- Awareness, I- Create an involvement, D- A desire for your merchandise and A- Action ) with no dough, tourer will influx the island.

When utilizing a SWOT analysis ( S- strength, W- failings, O- chance and T- menace ) it helps to look at all the things that could be a possible result, either negative or positive. Therefore, it ‘s of import before embarking in a new concern to make a SWOT analysis.

A Tourism Selling Plan is of import, because it gives you a stand point. For illustration, where are you now? Where would you wish to be? How do we acquire at that place? How do we do certain we get at that place? How do we know we got at that place? Hence, with this cognition and inquiries applied based on the consequence you got, it will find if the selling program procedure worked or non. For illustration, the ; sum of visitants coming into the island, figure of consciousness in the market, addition in demand, sum of gross being made, etc.

Tourist Enhancement Funds ( TEF ) and the United Nation World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ) are really helpful with the execution of a Destination Marketing Plan. They both help the CVB by salvaging money and giving money to assist develop and advance the Jamaican trade name as a must see


With the deduction of good touristry planning and development, touristry will be sustained within its finish for old ages to come.



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