TOK-Essay Matrix Question 3: Cypher makes the remark to Agent Smith, that the steak he is eating not exists, the matrix is telling the brain that it is juicy and delicious. He also says that ignorance is bliss. I agree with the theory that ignorance is bliss. If you are not sure of something or you do not think about a certain situation, you wouldn’t think of what happens or how it tastes like, like in this situation. The matrix is not a real world, it explains a world which is controlled by more or less a computer. So, you don’t know if a steak or bread tastes like.

It is like if you have no knowledge by experience. So for example, if you never played rugby before you cannot know how the sport feels like or how it is played. The only thing you can have a certain knowledge about it, when someone told you. That is the same in the matrix, you cannot know if the steak exists or even if the matrix exists. Your mind accepts what is showed to you, in this situation your brain gives you the delicious and juicy taste, nevertheless it can also taste disgusting. There is a comparison to the real world.

The matrix is able to produce there own taste. A steak which would have taste in the real world bad, too spicy and disgusting, could be in the matrix as delicious. So, ignorance is bliss means that you cannot state things and situations if you haven’t got a knowledge about it, the ignorance makes you not thinking about if it is tasty or not, you decide by your four ways of knowing, language, reasoning, emotion and sense. Also every single person have other opinions of food, some don’t even like steak, others like it more medium ware or others like it as it is cooked medium.

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So as a conclusion you cannot sum up the taste of a steak to every single person. Otherwise in the matrix you can likely have the same senses than each other person in the matrix. You can also see this question in the religion, you don’t know if the heaven or hell exist, so the ignorance is bliss, because you would live another life, If you would know if would go in heaven anyway. You would might live more in the dangerous, because you know that after death you are pleased in heaven.


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