The novel A Thousand Splendid Suns. written by Khaled Hosseini. shows how war can alter people. and how it brings out the worst in them. Fictional characters in this novel have their personalities and their positions of life changed by the war that tears through their state. As the war changes the characters. they come into struggle with each other. with themselves. and with society. The subsiding besides plays a large portion in the subject. as it sets the scene and allows all these alterations to happen. The writer of A Thousand Splendid Suns develops this subject through the usage of word picture. struggle. and puting.

Word picture in the novel shows how the characters change throughout the book because of the war. One character that proves this point is Rasheed ; he’s non a awful cat at the beginning of the book. and when the war comes to Kabul. he easy gets worse and worse. At the start of the novel. as the writer writes. he’s shows that Rasheed isn’t perfect. but he tries to be a good hubby. “Rasheed. who took up the window and in-between place. set his thick manus on hers. ” ( Hosseini 56 ) wrote the writer about the coach drive Mariam was taking to her new place with her hubby. This quotation mark reveals that while Rasheed isn’t the greatest adult male. he still wants Mariam to be happy. But as the book starts approaching the center. and the swayers of Afghanistan start to switch. Rasheed’s personality begins to take a bend of the worst. He gets more violent. cranky. and overall awful. “His powerful custodies clasped her jaw. He shoved two fingers into her oral cavity and pried it unfastened. so forced the cold. difficult pebbles into it. Mariam struggled against him. mumbling. but he kept forcing the pebbles in. his lips curled into a leer.

“Now chaw. ” he said. ” ( Hosseini 104 ) describes the writer about Rasheed losing his pique with Mariam. and fall backing to violence to learn her a lesson. Rasheed is get downing to acquire more and more cranky. and it gets to the point where he forces Mariam to masticate stones as penalty for undercooking his rice. The emphasis from the war and the authorities has got him on border. At the terminal of the book. Rasheed has become a wholly different individual. He punishes his married womans by menaces and whipping. and he has an highly short pique ; nil can delight him. “And so he was on Laila. pommeling her thorax. her caput. her belly with his fists. rupturing at her hair. throwing her to the wall. ” ( Hosseini 305 ) depicts the writer as Rasheed beats Laila for speaking back. The bombardment. the loss of his store. and the resulting unemployment have driven him to extremes. Rasheed is no longer the adult male he used to be. The drastic alteration in Rasheed’s personality is a perfect illustration of how war brings out the worst in people.

Conflict in the novel shows how the characters are forced to interact with one another. along with holding to look into themselves. because of the war. When Laila’s house is bombed and her parents are killed. she is taken in by Mariam and Rasheed to be healed from the blast. “Well. I wouldn’t have. I wouldn’t have fed you if I’d known you were traveling to turn around and steal my hubby. ” ( Hosseini 226 ) Mariam says to Laila when the younger girl programs to hold to Rasheed’s matrimony proposal. Mariam. being Rasheed’s foremost married woman. feels as if Laila. being younger and prettier. is seeking to steal what is truly hers. Another struggle that resulted from the war is the clang between Rasheed and Tariq. Laila’s childhood sweetie. When the war forces Tariq to travel out of Kabul. Rasheed makes Laila believe that he died. so that Laila wouldn’t seek to run off from him. But when Tariq returned. as if from the dead. and Rasheed learned of their secret meeting. . . he went brainsick. “And. with that. Mariam brought down the shovel.

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This clip. she gave it everything she had. ” ( Hosseini 349 ) wrote the writer. explicating how Mariam killed Rasheed. After larning about Tariq’s return. Rasheed tries to kill Laila. and so Mariam putting to deaths Rasheed to protect Laila and her household. One more struggle is the battle of the citizens with society. When the Taliban semen during the war. they take off all of the woman’s rights that Kabul had before the war. “Laila was glad. when the Taliban went to work. that Babi wasn’t around to witness it. It would hold crippled him. ” ( Hosseini 280 ) tells the writer. speaking about Laila’s feelings towards the Taliban. The struggle between Mariam. Laila. and society causes the two adult females to make things they ne’er would hold thought of before the war. The different types of struggle in this fresh show merely how much war can alter people.

The scene of the novel plays a large portion in the subject. as it sets the temper and gives the characters scenarios to interact with. The Kabul adult females are used to dressing. speech production. and traveling where they like ; but because the scene is in Afghanistan. that all gets changed once the war hits. “Here in Kabul. adult females taught at the university. ran schools. held office in authorities. ” ( Hosseini 135 ) wrote the writer about the current rights that adult females had in Afghanistan. This is a job. because when the Taliban came and took away the women’s freedom. there was unrest all across Kabul. When the war reached Kabul. projectiles began to hit the metropolis. and people were shocked at the onslaught. “Kabul’s twenty-four hours of thinking had come at last. And when the projectiles began to rain down on Kabul. people ran for screen. ” ( Hosseini 172 ) described the writer. about when war eventually hit Kabul and the bombardment started. The projectiles that hit Kabul killed 100s. conveying hurting. sorrow. and choler. Many people were filled with hatred at this clip. but they could got fight back.

After the projectiles began to drop. the soldiers came and began to fire at the metropolis. Peoples were forced to conceal in their houses. as the streets were no longer safe. “Then the carpets were folded. the guns loaded. and the mountains fired on Kabul. and Kabul fired back at the mountains. and Laila and the remainder of the metropolis watched. . . . ” ( Hosseini 174 ) writes the writer as war furies through Kabul. Since the scene is in Afghanistan. the war causes a major job to the people. The scene of the book is everything ; without the war in the metropolis. none of these things would be go oning. Events would be drastically altered if the scene had non taken topographic point in Afghanistan. The scene is what changes the people. and the war puting brings out the worst in them.

The writer of A Thousand Splendid Suns develops this subject through the usage of word picture. struggle. and puting. The war in the fresh brings out the worst in the characters. and alterations their mentality on life. The war besides brings characters into struggles with each other. with society. and with themselves. Without the scene. though. none of these events would hold taken topographic point ; puting plays a cardinal function in the alteration and development of characters. War can alter people and convey out the worst in them. as the subject of the book clearly provinces.


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