The cordial reception industry is one of the largest Industries nationally and internationally. Cordial reception can be defined as kindness to visitants: friendly, welcoming and generous intervention offered to invitees or aliens ( Microsoft Encarta Premium 2009, 1998-2008 ) . The word industry comes from the Latin word industria which means `diligence` reflecting the extremely disciplined manner human energy natural resources and engineering are combined to bring forth, goods and services in a modern economic system. ( Microsoft Encarta Premium 2009, 1998-2008 ) .

The cordial reception industry is the most of import industry in any country`s economic system it is responsible for more employment, revenue enhancement grosss and part to G.D.P ( Gross Domestic Product ) than any other industry within the universe. The cordial reception industry is a colossal industry that includes: Tourism: the visitants ‘ centre, circuit operators, lodging: hotels, motels, hostel, resorts. Travel: sail lines, auto leases and the overall transit services, Food & A ; Servicess: eating houses, providing and Sports and Entertainment: spheres, Parkss.

Quality is the general criterion or class of something or goods and services of the highest quality. ( Microsoft Encarta Premium 2009, 1998-2008 ) . Quality in the cordial reception industry is presenting of goods or merchandises and services harmonizing to the criterions of the organisation.

Delivering quality services in the cordial reception industry is of outermost importance ; it non merely has a major impact on invitees and tourer but besides on the industry itself. Peoples pay a amount of money to have good quality service when they visit hotels, eating houses and resorts and among other things within this industry so they should acquire there quality service for the value of their money such as: tasty nutrients, comfy suites and friendly staffs. When guest receive the quality they were anticipating normally they are willing to pay more out of satisfaction and generosity.

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Directors, supervisors and workers should take into consideration the importance of puting high criterions and run intoing them on a day-to-day footing. Though this is a turning challenge there is ever room for betterments. Competition has been a factor, this has cause eating houses and hotels to be more cognizant of the importance of retaining good quality within their organisation, and if they do non run into needed criterions that are satisfactory for guest they could easy lose their clients. This will set other concerns at an advantage because they will implement quality service systems that will concentrate on run intoing the desires and demands of the invitees and guaranting that they are satisfied to the highest criterions.

It is besides of import because it generates more income into the business/organization, industry and besides for the state. It increases the per centum of guest/tourist visits and it will most likely retain base on balls clients that had no pick but to return and do your hotel are restaurant their first pick among other rivals.

The difference between service Delivery in the Hospitality industry and the service bringing in other concerns is that:

service in the cordial reception industry includes supplying services for the guest face to confront by people employed to make so every bit good as when they are been served the merchandise are service is used at the present clip. It include motels, beds, hostel etc

As for the service bringing in other concerns the process is simple and less complicated because persons purchase whatever they choose without any cognition of who produced it are how.


Community based touristry is touristry in which local occupants ( frequently rural, hapless and economically marginalized ) invite tourers to see their communities with the proviso of nightlong adjustment. ( community based touristry, 2009 ) community based touristry can be good for a community every bit good as the state it enables tourer and allows them to detect all the wildlife animals and local home grounds among other things that the community might hold to offer.

Most times the community do non acknowledge the importance of the natural heritage nor value the unusual and autochthonal species that are endangered and excessively high to set a monetary value on the tourer taking an involvement will let them to acknowledge the value of these resources every bit good as their civilization therefore implementing conservative methods that will keep the resources within the community. There are many pros and cons to community based touristry some pros are that it provides:


That will use persons in the community increasing their criterions of life and doing life easier for them. The CTO cautiously estimated in 2002 that more than 900,000 individuals worked straight in touristry, with 300,000 in hotels entirely ( ehow ) . It will see to supply occupations for persons who are skilled and non skilled and for those who lack formal makings and would ‘ve been unable to acquire a occupation elsewhere are otherwise.

Better Infrastructure

The addition in touristry activities in the community will assist to develop the schools, roads, houses therefore supplying better living conditions for everyone including the community members, visitants, households every bit good as for the tourer. It will besides better the criterions of transit services and featuring installations, it will increase the quality of life for the community who should be the figure one beneficial.

Foreign exchange

This generates income into the community that would be able to buy nutrient and apparels every bit good as set uping new and improved engineerings and be able to buy medicine and develop the wellness attention services that would non hold been readily available to the local community.

Environmental benefit

This would set up ecotourism within the community it would assist to break maintain or implement schemes on continuing the environment and conserving the natural resources so that they will be about for a longer clip.

A varied economic base

Many tourers traveling into the community will make new concerns and occupations, them making this will cut down the figure of persons migrating to urban countries to settle. This will cut down the opportunities of them being highly overpopulated and the state losing control over its metropoliss and town due to over crowdedness.

Cons of community based touristry could besides be referred to as the disadvantage of community based touristry every bit much as they ‘re many pros to community based touristry it could non be balanced without the cons because with every action there is a reaction. Some cons of community based touristry are that it provides:

Very low benefits

Such as the absence of insurance, periphery benefits, no occupation security and no health care where as if these were given it would do locals life better and easier.

Cultural devastation

Often times tourist Begins to see more often and overtime the resources begins to deteriorate, the communities biodiversity are frequently destroyed if they are non proper conservative methods put in topographic point to continue the resources and civilization of the community.


This is the taint of Earth ‘s environment with stuffs that interfere with human wellness, the quality of life, or the natural operation of ecosystems ( populating beings and their physical milieus ) . ( Microsoft Encarta Premium 2009, 1998-2008 ) . This could be H2O pollution, Noise pollution, ocular pollution and Ecological break of natural countries by tourer. This would be so because of them littering the community and non holding proper disposal methods.


This is the extended remotion of trees from nature for agribusiness, building or for other personal grounds. This is really unsafe it obviously causes landslide, implosion therapy, eroding: coastal, H2O, and air current. The trees and grass service as parkas they decrease the velocity of the air current in an country and this is really of import particularly for the Caribbean that is within a hurricane prone country. Tourist cut down trees for building of hotels and concerns non taking into consideration the negative impact it as on the environment go forthing the community in danger and put on the lining their lives because of the landslides and bare mountain sides that would hold been at that place to cut down hurricane air current velocities.

What are the chief factors that attract tourers to the Caribbean? 500words.

They`re many factors that attract tourers to the Caribbean. Attract means to be appealing to do people want to see a topographic point and or pass their money ( Microsoft Encarta Premium 2009, 1998-2008 ) . Tourist means traveller for personal advantage ; person who travels in order to take advantage of a peculiar service or benefit that is non available at place. ( Microsoft Encarta Premium 2009, 1998-2008 ) .

There are many different types of Travelers such as: Organized Mass Tourist: these tourers normally have no interaction with the host community. Individual Mass Tourist: they wish to see some sites that are n’t apart of the usual bundle. Explorers: do independent travel agreement they wish to see the societal cultural facet of the finish. So they are different tourers that are attracted to different things.

Tourists come to the Caribbean for illustration Jamaica for the


we have a alone manner of making things, we love people and we value and appreciate the smaller things of life, though we still have imposts that are the norms, basking our yearss by hanging out with friends and running a boat ( cook ) is one of the things that make us unique we tend to party everyday of the hebdomad with friends and households even aliens feel free to dance and show themselves nevertheless.


States in the Caribbean have similar nutrients because we grow and produce chiefly the same things: sugar cane, yam, taro, banana and we fish. Foods are normally spicy since our ingredients are prepared personally and taken really earnestly.


is a figure one factor among many, tourers from other states such as England, Canada and United States experience cool and high temperature all twelvemonth unit of ammunition as for the Caribbean we have tropical climatic conditions all twelvemonth unit of ammunition enabling us to be able to suit tourer any twenty-four hours of the twelvemonth.

Sun, Sea & A ; sand / Resorts.

The Caribbean is surrounded by white flaxen beaches, warm sea zephyr and H2O, the unusual unusual and beautiful corals beneath the sea and across the shore lines. This is a figure one factor for tourers because some states are non near the sea or ocean so coming to the Caribbean where these factors are so common it is a one time in a life clip experience for them.


Jamaica every bit good as many Caribbean states have beautiful sceneries the Sun set and Sun rise over the sea is a brilliant, breath taking position that can non be captured by picture taking are by painting it has to be experienced firsthand and this is a ground why tourer visit the Caribbean non merely one time but on a regular footing.


Reggae a distinguishable manner in the Jamaican music, Soca and Calypso ( music ) , signifier of common people music developed in Trinidad, West Indies, and originally sung at carnivals. ( Microsoft Encarta Premium 2009, 1998-2008 ) .

Though they are many other grounds they besides come for prestigiousness, to shop for keepsakes, apparels, jewellery and other accoutrements and besides for meeting and or convention. The Caribbean has many states and so they have a batch to offer travellers and for this we try to develop our cordial reception industry and supply the best service we perchance can to do their experience a worthwhile one.


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