Markus Sake Implies the definition of conflict through the characterization In his novel, as two opposing concepts or forces that are presented In the same bluntly and cannot coexist. A variety of issues are illustrated through the use of characterization and conflict in Markus Auk’s The Book Thief. ‘ The text is a coming of age story of an adolescent German girl, Lies Mingle, who lives through extensive trials and tribulations in a hostile environment, a world war and her complex relationships with her friends and family.

Sake uses the inner conflict of his character Lies to explore how individual’s pop with the loss of loved ones, and their impacts on characters. The relationship between Max and Less Illustrates the Importance of friendship during hardship and Hans Is employed to highlight the negative effects of the Nazi political regime. Sake uses the Inner conflict of the character Less to explore the internal struggle after losing a loved one. The death of Lies;s brother causes her great suffering and results in her having nightmares. Still in disbelief, she started to dig. He couldn’t be dead. He couldn’t be dead. He couldn’t,” Sake employs repetition to enforce Lisle’s stressed disposition and to highlight the inner turmoil she faces. The characterization of Lies demonstrates the internal dilemma an individual faces when the death of a loved one occurs. Sake uses the relationship between Lies and Max to demonstrate the Importance of mate ship In a difficult situation. Max gives Less the book, The Stationed Man, on his birthday after Less hugs Max.

The hug, at that point In the novel, Is more out of pity than love; however, The Stationed Man changes the dynamics of the relationship. Sake uses an allegory In the novel to show this, The Stationed Man, to epics their lives, “Now I think we are friends, this girl and me. On her birthday it was she who gave a gift to me. ” The importance of friendship is shown using two main characters, Lies and Max. And the shifting dynamics of their relationship as a result of hardships.

Sake shows the war to teach audience about the politics during Nazi Germany using his character Hans. Hand’s punishment for feeding a Jewish man some bread is conscription to the army. However, he does not get put on the battlefield, rather, he Is given the Job of cleaning the wreckage and dead bodies after air raids. “The rain was tanned”, Sake employs the symbolism of the stained rain to demonstrate the negative Impacts of war under the harsh Nazi Regime.

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The oppressive nature of Nazi Germany Is highlighted through the characterization of Hans and the conflict he Markus Sake uses characterization and conflict in his novel ‘The Book Thief to educate the responder about three of the key issues presented: importance of friendship, hardship and inner conflict due to the loss of a loved and the politics during the time of Nazi Germany. Sake uses his text to subliminally educate and enlighten the reader about taboo topics in the era of World War II.


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