Pride plays a great function in the drama. “A Position from the Bridge” . The biggest victim of pride is Eddie. who loses both his pride and regard throughout the drama. And this gradual loss to a great extent affects the characters’ behaviours. However pride does non look to be the lone factor that dictates the advancement of the drama. In the beginning of the drama. Eddie is full of pride. He is respected by both Marco and Rodolfo every bit good as the community. The quotation mark. “I want to state you now Eddie – when you say travel. we will travel. ” shows that Marco and Rodolfo regard Eddie.

The quotation mark in other words means that Marco and Rodolfo will be making whatever Eddie tells them to make. The fact that this is Marco’s foremost important line in the drama shows how of import Marco thinks of Eddie. Besides the dash in the center of the sentence gives consequence. which emphasizes the message Marco is seeking to direct to Eddie. The pride Marco and Rodolfo give Eddie in the household allows Eddie to take down his guard and gives him a opportunity to esteem Marco every bit good. This position can be seen from the undermentioned line. Eddie says. “You’re welcome. Marco. we got plentifulness of room here. ” He addresses Marco. which shows that Eddie is in favour of him.

Then the 2nd portion of the line. “we got plentifulness of room here. ” . non merely shows the Eddie is welcoming Marco. but it besides shows that Eddie has given Marco his regard. A “Room” in their house symbolizes regard. At first. Eddie and Marco both have each other’s trust and regard. giving them both pride which brings the two to a peaceable relationship. Subsequently as the drama progresses Eddie begins to lose his pride. Marco says. “Here. ( the chair raised like a arm over Eddie’s caput – and he transforms what might look like a blaze of warning into a smiling of victory ) ” The simpleness of the sentence emphasizes Marco’s loss of regard for Eddie.

The phase way. “Over Eddie’s head” besides symbolizes how Marco has overcome Eddie. Besides the “glare of warning” shows that Marco no longer thinks of Eddie as person he should esteem. The narrative continues as Eddie loses his pride. Pride is really of import to Eddie. He says “Yeah Marco! Eddie Carbone. Eddie Carbone. Eddie Carbone. ” His name symbolizes his pride and the repeat of it shows the importance of his name in Eddie’s bosom. Besides he does non merely state his first name but besides his last name. which besides emphasizes his name – his pride. The community’s reaction is another event that comes from pride.

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“ ( Lipari and married woman exits… Louis hardly turns. so walks off the phase and exits down right with Mike. ) ” is a phase way that shows the community’s reaction to what Eddie had done to Marco and Rodolfo. Lipari and his married woman. Louis. and Mike represent the community. The fact that they have “walked off” and “exited” indicates that the whole community has turned their dorsums on Eddie. From at that place. we can see that Eddie has lost his pride in his community every bit good as his household. Although pride is a chief factor behind the patterned advance of the drama. trueness and household relationships. besides play a really of import function.

Family relationships play a really of import function. This could be seen from Beatrice’s line. “Eddie. listen to me. Who could give you your name? Listen to me. I love you. I’m speaking to you. I love you. ” The short sentences make the sentence feel existent and have a existent impact. as if Beatrice is truly seeking to speak to Eddie. Furthermore. the repeat of the phrases. “listen to me” and “I love you” emphasizes how much Beatrice truly cares about Eddie. Pride and household relationships play a immense regulation in the patterned advance of the drama.


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