Last week I posted an item about The Whole Wide World, this week I’m looking at the old Thriller series , which went off the air 45 years ago after only two seasons (1960 – 1962).  This series drew stories from a number of writers and sources, including Weird Tales.  A lot of us have seen the “Pigeons From Hell” episode, which is recognized by fans of the series as one of the best.

“Pigeons From Hell” originally aired on June 6, 1961.  The episode starred Brandon DeWilde, Crahan Denton, David Whorf, and Ottola Nesmith.  It was directed by John Newland, and adapted for television by John Kneubuhl.  If you would like to learn more about the history of the series, you will find it here. Sadly, there is no DVD collection of the series currently available.  But if you ever come across it on late night television, don’t miss it – it is indeed a real Thriller!


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