Event direction is the intent of undertaking direction to the construct and development of festivals jubilation, events and conferences.

Event direction consist of analyzing the Immigration and Naturalization Services and outs of the trade name, placing the nonsubjective audience, making the event construct, be aftering the logistics and organizing the proficient features before really put to deathing the modes of the proposed event. Post-event analysis and guaranting a return on investing have become important drivers for the event industry.

The industry now includes events of all sizes from the Olympics down to a breakfast meeting for 10 concern people. Many industries, charitable organisations, and involvement groups will keep events of some size in order to market themselves, construct concern relationships, raise money or celebrate.

Virgo Events Sdn Bhd

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A Virgo Event Management Sdn Bhd was established in July 2011 in Penang, Malaysia, with the mark of organizing first-class events and helps with support clients to successfully advance their messages. Some more our managers got more than 20 old ages of corporate working experience in the events, media, cordial reception and advertisement industries for manage, grip and running the Virgo event direction, our company set to be after and organize events for our consumers that help them accomplish their purposes best.

Our Virgo Event Management Sdn Bhd is a will be a best company in Malaysia, organizing quality, alone and cost-efficient events. With the changeless gap of new tendencies, the incorporate events solutions our company provide, and the ability to pull off in Malaysia and in many other states, we strive to supply our clients with the best service they can anticipate. ( An event direction Malaysia, 2008 )

Our Virgo Events direction work really closely with our consumers and making a strategic confederation with our associate spouses and our nonstop hunt to develop our cognition, resources, engineering and services makes us pliable to be more clients orientated whereas giving proficient, efficient and productive event direction processs solutions and elucidation. Virgo Events module to offer an widespread scope of services that prospers on making progressive solutions that is able to supply any event a diverse but until now, a individualized and customised atmosphere that bear the hallmarks and signature of Virgo Events.

Our gifted general directors watch over day-to-day operational corporate traffics, hence, making a synergism and symbiotic Virgo Events autograph for event production excellence and direction professionalism in our concern in kind to reproduce our strong belief, trust, trust and assurance from our consumers and concern associates in a similar manner. ( Orange Events, 2009 )

2.1 Service overview

A Virgo Event Management Malaysia, we are more of event advisers for our consumers than event directors or event contrivers. Our occupation is to rede our consumers on the most first-class patterns and the most executable attack to make their ends and present their messages efficaciously. And we are able to take on this function thanks to the long and huge experience of our squad in different Fieldss of publicity and production, and to the exceeding relationships we have with our providers and spouses.

A ) General Manager

The General Manager oversees all facets of the hotel operations including: invitee dealingss, front desk, housework, care, fundss, squad edifice, and staff development. The General Manager must possess strong communicating accomplishments, both verbal and written, and show outstanding leading. The director must be able to depute duties, form complex undertakings, and set up precedences consistent with hotel aims.

A hotel director is responsible for the daily direction of a hotel and its staff. They have commercial answerability for budgeting and fiscal direction, planning, organizing and directing all hotel services, including front-of-house ( response, concierge, and reserves ) , nutrient and drink operations and housekeeping. In larger hotels, directors frequently have a specific remit ( guest services, accounting, and selling ) and do up a general direction squad. While taking a strategic overview and be aftering in front to maximise net incomes, the director must besides pay attending to the inside informations, puting the illustration for staff to present a criterion of service and presentation that meets invitees ‘ demands and outlooks. Business and people direction are every bit of import elements.

B ) Selling

Selling is a selling pattern in which the trade name or image from one merchandise or service is used to sell another. It is most conspicuously seen in connexion with movies, normally that in current release, and with telecasting shows oriented towards kids.

Trademarked trade name names, Son, or character images are licensed to makers of merchandises such as playthings or vesture, which so make points in or emblazoned with the image of the licence, trusting they ‘ll sell better than the same point with no such image.

Merchandising, particularly in connexion with child-oriented movies and Television shows, frequently consists of playthings made in the similitude of the show ‘s characters or points which they use. However, sometimes it can be the other manner around, with the show written to include the playthings, as advertisement for the ware. The first major illustration of this was the Television show “ He-man and the Masters of the Universe, ” in the early1980s, but this pattern has been common in kids ‘s broadcast medium of all time since.

C ) Program

In computing machine scheduling, event-driven scheduling or event-based scheduling is a programming paradigm in which the flow of the plan is determined by events i.e. , detector end products or user actions ( mouse chinks, cardinal imperativenesss ) or messages from other plans or togss.

Event-driven scheduling can besides be defined as an application architecture technique in which the application has a chief cringle which is clearly divided down to two subdivisions: the first is event choice ( or event sensing ) , and the 2nd is event managing. In embedded systems the same may be achieved utilizing interrupts alternatively of a invariably running chief cringle ; in that instance the former part of the architecture resides wholly in hardware.

Event-driven plans can be written in any linguistic communication, although the undertaking is easier in linguistic communications that provide high-ranking abstractions, such as closings. Some integrated development environments provide codification coevals helpers that automate the most insistent undertakings required for event handling.

D ) Promotion

Online event direction tools besides offer great support for merchandising and administering your unrecorded event tickets. What is interesting about us, is that you do n’t lose any money in instance you do n’t sell any tickets or cipher shows up. In fact, web-based event direction tools by and large charge you merely when a ticket is sold. While there can be some little extra fees that cover recognition card payment processing or optional premium characteristics you use, if you do n’t do any money this event direction and ticket merchandising services will non bear down you any money either.

Another positive facet of pull offing your events online via these services is that you are the lone 1 who is in charge of puting up your event. You have entire control from the name of your event to the colour of the tickets. You can make up one’s mind virtually anything and orient the event in a manner that absolutely fits you, your trade name and your organisation.

In general, these on-line event direction tools are characterized by this set of basic characteristics:

i?? Registration: Organizers can put up customized online enrollment signifiers to assist people confirm their presence and purchase tickets to go to the event.

i?? Invitations: Organizers can pull off contact lists to direct e-mail invitations and agenda of import communications with attendants to advise if the event has been canceled, moved, delayed, or else.

i?? Ticketing: Organizers can manage on-line payments utilizing different solutions like recognition cards, cheques, PayPal ( if supported ) , and besides offer price reductions, particular offers and promotional tickets to drive purchases.

Tocopherol ) Cordial reception

Hospitality direction is both a field of work and a field of survey. In the work sense, it refers to direction of hotels, eating houses, travel bureaus, and other establishments in the cordial reception industry. As a field of survey, it refers to the survey of the cordial reception industry and its direction demands. Peoples who are interested in callings in cordial reception direction may choose to prosecute it as a field of survey so that they can get down their callings on solid terms.

The cordial reception industry is huge and really diverse. Any clip people travel, stay in a hotel, eat out, travel to the films, and prosecute in similar activities, they are sponsoring constitutions in the cordial reception industry. The direction of such constitutions is really ambitious, as directors need to be flexible plenty to expect and run into a broad assortment of demands. They must besides manage undertakings such as preparation employees, managing staff, scene criterions, and so forth.

F ) Selling

Marketing refers to publicity and can besides affect pricing, merchandise arrangement and distribution when relevant. Promotion can be limited to a specific mark group, or it can be aimed at the general populace. Although selling is frequently interchangeably used with the word advertisement, selling can be more specifically described as the game program by which the advertisement will be carried out, as in a selling scheme.

Marketing schemes differ depending on the merchandise, mark market and budget. Many selling schemes for persons, squads, charities, nines and even little concerns can go around around free and low-priced advertisement. An illustration of free advertisement might be to include a hyperlinked signature line to your web site in all of your on-line stations. An on-line mailing list ideally an opt-in list to avoid spamming can besides be a signifier of free advertisement. Imperativeness releases are yet another. Low-cost selling schemes include points like customized mouse tablets, pens, spines and tee shirts. Circulars and local newspaper ads can besides be portion of a low-priced selling scheme.

Management of events has traditionally been alluded to as a station selling activity and assigned the authoritative production duty as in any fabrication house. The term direction of events therefore carries a wholly different intension when used in the context of events. Management theory would propose that selling is besides a portion of direction. Management of an event encompasses all activities involved in planning, forming, staffing, taking and rating of an event. In fact, all operational undertakings for an event such as the land work, viz. , locale choice and phase design, set uping the infrastructural installations required, affair with creative persons performing artists and networking with other activities such as advertisement, PR, ticket gross revenues, etc. , autumn under the horizon of event direction.

Hameediyah Restaurant, a century-old feeding house founded in 1907 is among one of the oldest eating houses in Penang. The eating house proprietor name is Ahmed Kabeer and the eating house with a xanthous frontage located on Campbell Street serves South Indian culinary art and is good known for its nasi kandar. Those who have tried the curry dishes in Hameediyah are hooked by its intricate spirits

Having stood the trial of clip and steadfastly established its name in Penang, the proprietor has since embarked on the following phase with the gap of another mercantile establishment two doors off. The new mercantile establishment, Hameediyah Tandoori House is decidedly a friendly vicinity eating house. It has moved off from the traditional expression.

The New Tandoori House store has a broad and cleaner environment, with pleasant nutrient presentation ( merely white home bases are used ) , while still retaining the spirits of Hameediyah that many of us grew up with. This eating house is to the full air-conditioned, so diners need non sudate it out while dining.

They had the Kambing Kurma ( mutton kurma ) and appetizing side dishes of sambal nyior ( coconut sambal ) and cili jerok ( pickled chili ) with white rice. The mouton cooked with many spices and thick coconut milk, was really acrid and goes good with the sambal nyior which was subtly hinted with dried-out coconut and natural Mangifera indica. The chili jerok on the other manus was spicy yet rancid. Other than that Pasembur besides was served with the peanut sauce and more crushed peanuts in the sauce with salad makes a nice side dish.

Over the decennaries, Hameediyah is known for its signature dish Murtabak. The stuffed staff of life comes with picks of fillings minced beef, poulet, mouton or veggie.

They had the murtabak daging ( minced beef ) with pickled onions and attach toing curry gravy. This piece of soft staff of life with minced beef and chopped onion filling is encased in a bed of egg. The murtabak is merely delectable.

The most celebrated dishes in hameediyah is nasi byiyani. The nasi briyani was flavourful with alien spices and were done with such wonder. A home base of poulet briyani cost RM8.Apart from that their drinks for the repast were the reviewing Hameediyah Special Bandung ( rose milk sirup ) , Barley Ais ( ice barley ) and Rose Syrup bing RM1.80 and RM1.50 severally.

The complexness and gustatory sensation of the dishes in both the new and old mercantile establishment are scented with tonss of spices and herbs, giving each dish its distinguishable tasty spirit to accommodate the dinersi?? palates. Nostalgia and history lives big at Hameediyahi??s original mercantile establishment. Dining at this 100 -year-old mercantile establishment truly bestows a sense of heritage, or some would even state it makes the dishes taste better.

SWOT analysis is a tool for scrutinizing an organisation and its environment. It is the first phase of planning and helps sellers to concentrate on cardinal issues. SWOT stands for strengths, failings, chances, and menaces. Strengths and failings are internal factors. Opportunities and menaces are external factors.


Strength is properties or features within the organisation that are considered to be of import to the executing and ultimate success of the undertaking. The Hameediyah eating house is placed in really celebrated and suited country which ever busy with workers and aliens. This because the Campbell street is usually full of tourer and stores like apparels store, places shop, belt and cap store, retail store and etc. The overall possible figure of clients that the Hameediyah eating house serves besides around 50 1000 clients per twelvemonth. So they have good gross revenues for every twelvemonth. The Hameediyah eating houses have twelve staffs and one foreman. The some staffs of eating house Hameediyah are from India and local. The foreman of eating house Hameediyah took really experient and well-trained staffs to keep the nutrients natural plus traditional gustatory sensation. The monetary values are cheaper if compare with other rivals near the Hameediyah. Otherwise, the monetary values and the bill of fare remain the same as those of the old clip eating house, together with celebrated nasi kandar with 20 over dishes to take from. All these dishes complement to the nan, roti canai, briyani or even plain white rice.


The failings are features that place the house at a disadvantage relation to others. The Hameediyah eating house have so many installations job like people hard to acquire parking in forepart or nearby the eating house because the Campbell street is little route and got individual xanthous line. If people park at that place besides they will acquire fain. Some more, the clients have to go further to acquire to the hameediyah eating house because there are no houses near the eating house. The Hameediyah eating house non yet publicize their eating house so much because their eating house already celebrated from old clip. Erstwhile clients have to wait for the topographic point to sit and line up for the nutrient. The eating house besides has hapless disabled installations like doni??t have manus drier excess tabular arraies and chair, excess topographic points and etc. Other than that the staff besides turn over because period clip of visa terminal and they want to travel back to see their household.


The chance is an external opportunity to do greater gross revenues or net incomes in the environment. The hameediyah eating house got so many chances that traveling to hold like there is new office is opening shortly and got opened new shopping complex nearby there is called i??1st Avenuei?? . Other than that got some many lodging development is being built nearby the hameediyah eating house. Apart from that a chief rival eating house suggests to spread out their eating house because the edifice following door has became available so enlargement may be an option. The hameediyah eating house is traveling to increase a bringing service in a hebdomad with some offers to develop the gross revenues of the eating house.


The menace is external elements in the environment that could do problem for the concern. There are so many menaces that traveling to harm the Hameediyah eating house like high street trade name store is traveling into this country shortly. And some of the chief rival besides has lowered their monetary value and started a monetary value war with the Hameediyah eating house. Otherwise the Hameediyah eating house besides be aftering to increase their operating costs shortly because the cost of the things that the Hameediyah eating house bargain is get downing to raise monetary value already. Other than that the nutrient points monetary value besides will increase if the cost of rent move up. The Hameediyah eating house will give publicity if another eating house has started offering similar merchandises with a lower monetary value.

a ) Strength

-Does your location suitable?

-How many staffs that your eating house have and does your employee good trained staffs?

-does that your eating house monetary values are cheaper than your rivals?

-What is the possible figure of client that you can function per twelvemonth?

-How many types of dishes that you supply?

B ) Weaknesses

-Did your eating house have hapless disabled installations?

-Does your eating house provide parking topographic point?

-Do you of all time publicize your eating house?

-Does your client have to go further to acquire to your eating house?

– Make your staff turnover or non?

degree Celsius ) Opportunity

-Does any new office composite is opening nearby?

-Are there any new lodging development is being built nearby?

-Does your chief rival have closed down?

-What go on if the edifice following door has become available so enlargement may be an option?

-Do you have increase a bringing services?

vitamin D ) Menaces

-Is that a high street trade name stores s traveling into the country?

-Does any chief rival has lowered their monetary values and started a monetary values war with you?

-Did your operating costs are set to increase shortly?

-Does your nutrient points monetary values will increase if your rent moves up?

-Did any other eating house has started offering similar merchandises to your ain, at a lower monetary value and you are unable to fit this?

It is non merely adequate to place the strengths, failings, chances, and menaces of a company. In using the SWOT analysis it is necessary to minimise or avoid both failings and menaces. Failings should be looked at in order to change over them into strengths. Likewise, menaces should be converted into chances. Last, strengths and chances should be matched to optimise the potency of a house. Using SWOT in this manner can obtain purchase for a company ( Marketing Strategy, 1998 ) .

As can be seen, SWOT analysis can be highly good to those who objectively analyze their company. The selling director should hold unsmooth lineation of possible selling activities that can be used to take advantage of capablenesss and convert failings and menaces. However, at this phase, there will probably be many possible waies for the directors to prosecute. Due to the limited resources that most houses have, it is hard to carry through everything at one time. The director must prioritise all selling activities and develop specific ends and aims for the selling program ( Contemporary Selling, 1992 ) .

First of all I like to thank my lector Ms.Oh. I had do two inquiries, from first inquiry Management theory would propose that selling is besides a portion of direction. Management of an event encompasses all activities involved in planning, forming, staffing, taking and rating of an event. Second inquiry is the SWOT analysis it is necessary to minimise or avoid both failings and menaces. Failings should be looked at in order to change over them into strengths. At last I successfully finished my assignment by understanding the event direction and grind analysis.


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