Although clash may look like a minor issue. its absence would opportunity life as we know it. There would be many negative effects of this like non being able to derive grip on any surface and your iPods earplugs ever falling out. Besides. there would be many positive effects. such as extinguishing the demand for coolant in engines and lubricator in machines. Furthermore. the absence of clash would be both bad and good.

Without clash. many obvious things which we take for granted would non work the manner we like. Shoelaces would unbrace themselves. slide fasteners would ever unzip ( unless they were inverted ) . nails. prison guards. nuts and bolts would work themselves loose. and driving as we know it would be impossible. Objects would be unable to derive grip on any surface. Therefore. the lone manner to travel without clash would be through force of reaction. One would necessitate to force something to acquire gesture in opposite way. Then even to halt. one would necessitate to clash with something. In short. one would necessitate some mechanism like projectiles have to command gesture. A larger job would be that the menace of meteorites would be multiplied vastly ( Goulding ) . Since there would be no opposition as the meteorite entered Earths atmosphere. even little meteorites would be able to perforate our ambiance and cause huge harm ( Goulding ) . The harm a big meteor would do would be ruinous.

Several branchings that likely dont come readily to mind are the effects on the human organic structure. thermodynamics and home base tectonics. Without clash. many maps of the human organic structure would non work. Procreation would be impossible as clash is necessary for the male climax. Digestion would be impossible as the human organic structure uses clash to digest and travel nutrient throughout the organic structure. Under conditions where the coefficient of clash is 0 on all surfaces. the Torahs of Thermodynamicss would be useless ( Goulding ) .

Since clash creates heat. without clash there would be no heat. hence. no Torahs of Thermodynamics ( Goulding ) . Plate tectonics would besides be drastically altered in the absence of clash. Presently the home bases that make up the surface of the Earth are skiding over each other at an improbably slow rate. Without clash. the motions of these home bases would quickly speed up. Continental impetus would be accelerated and continents would clash and this would take to catastrophe.

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Not all of the alterations brought by the absence of clash would be bad. nevertheless. As stated above. some advantages of a frictionless universe would be that engines and machines would no longer necessitate coolant and lubricator ( Goulding ) . Besides. whatever traveling vehicles that were invented in this frictionless universe would non hold to postulate with retarding force and air opposition. An interesting alteration that would come approximately is that all metals would go superconductors ( Krim ) . Superconductivity is a phenomenon happening in certain stuffs by and large at really low temperatures. characterized by precisely zero electrical opposition ( Superconductor ) . Since clash creates heat. there would be no heat so the really low temperatures would be present. Besides. no clash means there would be zero electrical opposition ( Krim ) . Since there are many applications of superconductivity. this would be good.

Overall. the absence of clash would do many alterations: some good. and some bad. On the whole. nevertheless. life would likely be more hard without clash. The biggest job would be the absence of heat. Without heat. worlds and most species of life would decease. Aside from that. motion would be hard and the human race would decease out finally anyways due to the fact that we could no longer reproduce. I would non desire to populate in a universe without clash.

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