Lyric Music is an commerce company that provides web services to music AR tests. Among its services are offering imp and Real A audio files for download, selling CDC, and developing promotional materials for artists. Lyric Music Data A database can be described in more than one way. One technique is to simple y list the rows and columns of each table. These are shown below. Artists The Artists table holds information about each artist. An artist could be a ban d or group.

It could also be a solo artist. Members The Members table holds information about the individuals who are member s of each artist group. See the table on the facing page. Assertiveness’s An artist (band) may have several members. But also a member may be part of more than one artist group. For instance Band X may have four members, one of whom also works as a solo artist. A correspondence (grief ) table is needed to maintain this complex relation unships between artists and members.

Assertiveness’s is that table. Its primary key is a co ambition of Member and Artistic, so it can match any artist with any member and vice eras. The Respiratory is a Yes/ No field that identifies which of each artist’s members is the person responsible e for paying bills and receiving official correspondence from Lyric Music. Titles The Titles table tracks information on each CD title produced by each artist.

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A artists is a foreign key that relates this table to Artists. Tracks Each CD title can have multiple tracks. The primary key of this table is the com venation of Titled and Tracking. The imp and Re-laid fields are Yes/ No fields that indicate whether that track is available in imp or Real Audio formats. Genre Each title is classified according to its genre. The Genre table is a simple look p table that lists the valid genres.

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