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Preciousness is a narrative that goes beyond the battles of a teen-aged miss? s

life, but it besides portrays subjects of basic life. Subjects like, ? allowing travel?

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and? cultural differences? use to about all people in one manner or another.

For that ground, Preciousness is non merely a narrative about a immature miss? s life,

but it? s a narrative about all of our lives. Throughout the narrative, the reader is

presented with a series of struggles the miss faces. Her chief job was that

she had a job with work forces and male childs. She felt that they were immoralities and merely

wanted one thing. I feel that she lived in her ain universe, where she made all the

regulations. ? & # 8230 ; she swallowed her java which the amah, rubing herself in the

somberness of the kitchen, had reheated. She barely touched the staff of life which the

butter failed to soften. ? 1 This was highly unhealthy for her, physically

and mentally. Not eating healthily will do a individual weak and can take to many

diseases. She did this to hold work forces and male childs avoid her, which was besides unhealthy.

Man or adult female, one can non avoid life and its people. I don? T feel it is

possible to be psychologically fit if a individual can non interact with a certain

group because of a fright they have. Being scared of a certain individual in that

group is normal, but the full group is a spot utmost. Life is a acquisition

experience, but you can? t to the full experience life if you avoid certain things in

it. One has to confront world at some point in life, it can be done the easy manner,

by accepting world, or done the difficult manner, by denying the truth. The chief

character of the narrative decided that it would be better if she did things the

difficult manner. The lifting action, when the two male childs were nearing here on an early

forenoon, lead to a major job. At the flood tide, the two male childs groped the miss.

At that minute, her bubble, malignantly protecting her from the universe of

world, exploded. The devastation of her bubble led to an astonishing disclosure

that changed her life. She was no longer a miss, but a immature adult female. I feel that

this was when she started accepting the truth about life and about whom she had

become. She so understood that you couldn? T avoid life. I think that there

was more than one chief subject in this narrative. Prejudice, fright, and hatred are three

subjects that can be closely linked together. These factors play a big function in

the narrative and in our lives. Like the miss in the narrative, we tend to do

premises about other people before we really know it? s true. The chief

character assumes that all work forces and male childs want that one thing. She feels that it

is her topographic point to sort other people, in this instance, work forces. ? Afraid they would

? say something to her, ? would look her up and down. ? 2 Even though the work forces

didn? T attention about her, she still had a fright of them. Peoples fear what they

Don? t understand and have no control over. The miss had no control over the

work forces and male childs, so she feared what they might state or make to her. She is fearful of

seting trust into work forces, scared of how they might take advantage of that trust.

As the yearss built up, she developed a hate of work forces. She knew that they

? knew. ? I believe that neither side truly knew anything genuinely important

about each other. The miss couldn? Ts have known what the work forces knew and what they

were believing. The work forces likely didn? t know much about the miss either. I

think that the miss surrounded herself in a bubble that was much worse than

world. Repression was besides a really considerable subject. For the whole clip, she

repressed her true ego. She tried to conceal what she was going, which was a

adult female. She had to larn to allow travel of her childhood and get down accepting the

duties of being older and more mature. This is something everyone has

either gone through, is traveling through, or will travel through in life. It? s a

force of nature, like a hurricane or temblor. It happens when it wants to,

all we can make is seek to be every bit prepared for it as possible. There is nil that

can keep it back. This force will devour the old personality and convey out a

new, more experient personality. It? s portion of the life procedure and everyone

has their bend. ? Until, merely as a individual grows fat, she ceased, without

cognizing through which procedure, to be cherished. ? 3 This quotation mark shows that she had

changed. Sometimes in life, we don? t realize we are altering, until the

altering procedure is all done. The miss had changed, but she didn? T want to

face the realisation of it, so she ne’er realized that she had changed. The

quotation mark, ? I need some new places! ? showed that she had eventually accepted her

muliebrity. She admitted that her places made excessively much noise and a adult female can? t

where those sort of places. Preciousness is a narrative about life. Not merely the

miss? s life, but besides all of our lives in general. Everyone, at some point in

life, has felt uneasy about being around certain people. We all have changed

from a unworried kid to an grownup who has many duties. We all carried

a cherished gem of artlessness as a kid, but some of us have heedlessly given

them off or had it taken off. Prejudice, fright, and hatred are factors in life

that the bulk of people have to face and overcome. The fact that the writer

didn? t give the miss a name made it obvious that the miss? s jobs could

be applied to the reader, whether they are male or female.


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