Abortion, there are two ways to look at it, for it or against it. Both ways offer different points that make people want it, but I think that pro-choice meaning you have a choice to keep an unborn child or not is the best way to go. For now abortion is legal in the US at any time during the nine months of pregnancy, and there are many organizations petitioning to change or bend these guidelines. Shouldnt every child be wanted, is a slogan for the popular Planned Parenthood, but There are many views to this quote. Yes, every child should be wanted but many arent and most unwanted children are probably going to be abused when they grow up.

A lot of the time parents blame their troubles on their unwanted child. What about a rape victim that becomes pregnant and she doesnt want to carry the rapist baby what should she do, shouldnt we aloud abortion for this reason. The majority of all abortions 95% are done as a means of birth control, and only 1% because of rape, and 4% because of mother health problems. So 1. 5 million babies are born each year and 4000 babies every day. That means 1 baby every 20 seconds and 40 million since 1973. Most babies are born to teenagers and their welfare costs are outrageous, 13,900 for a first birth to a teenager and 8,400 if she is over 20.

Over 1 million teenagers get pregnant each year and only 280,000 are married and 100,000 get married after pregnancy, which leaves 620,000 unmarried. For the girls under fourteen 9,650 every year. Sometimes gender is the reason abortions are wanted, in studies girls are the ones mostly being aborted. Of 100 pregnant women that knew the gender of their baby 46 had with females and 53 had males. Twenty-nine chose to abort the females and only one chose to abort the male. If abortion is performed I think that the parent should be legally notified but they arent.

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What happens to a young teenager that becomes pregnant but financially cant support her baby and abortion is outlawed. She thinks about suicide, takes drugs and abuses the child and in many cases becomes homeless. There are many bad things that would happen to the world if abortion were outlawed. First there would be many more homeless people and children on the streets, taxes would go up for their welfare, the world would become overpopulated and poverty stricken. There are many things that are wrong with the world to day and we dont need any more. That is why I think Pro-choice should stay in effect.



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