The only voice that matters is yours. ” ” It cost you more than you think. ” These are all well known slogans that the above the influence campaign has used to grab the attention of teenagers and young adolescents. There are very few people who have never seen above the influences adds, or there public service announcements. The purpose of this campaign is to help teens stand up to peer pressure, and negative influences that they may face in there life’s.

The Above the influence campaign mainly focuses on the pressure to do drugs, drink, or articulate in any activities that go against who you truly are. This campaign wants you to be knowledgeable and up to date with the latest facts on any of these substances that can impair your Judgment and you as a person. They want teens to be enlightened on these substances so they can make their own decision whether to live above the influence or not.

I found this add in Common Girl magazine witch Is a perfect magazine for an Above the influence add because there target audiences are both teens and young adults. The reason that teens are the target audience is because they are the ones who are he most prone to experimenting with drugs and alcohol. The advertisement I was attracted to is pacifically based on the use of marijuana. This campaign Is exceptionally good at knowing how to get the attention of there target audience. This add caught my eye because of the true or false questions placed Inside of tar covered lungs.

The argument that this advertisement makes Is that smoking marijuana can Influence teens negatively and lead them to make poor choices. The true or false statement says ” A teenage marijuana user Is twice as likely to drop out of school than a non user”. Then the advertisement states that this fact Is Indeed the truth, however many people may question this fact to be true. I believe this argument Is affective for non marijuana users because the campaign takes a fear based approach with this advertisement.

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On the other hand I find It to be Ineffective for those who do smoke marijuana because they are going to be skeptical about this statement, and not care about what the advertisement Is trying to say. The Above the Influence campaign uses pathos as the mall Ingredient In most If not all of their advertisements. This campaign uses the pathos appeal frequently because emotion Is one of the most effective ways of capturing an audiences attention. In the advertisement that I chose the campaign uses pathos by showing the effects of marijuana with the picture of the distorted lungs and the fearful true and false statements.

This advertisement appeals to the audiences emotions by opening their eyes to the consequences of the choices they make. This campaign uses the logos appeal extraordinarily well because the logic behind the argument there trying to make Is very clear and easy for the audience to understand. Overall they want to prove the point that smoking marijuana causes changes, and this advertisement makes It very obvious that It Is not a change for the stay away from marijuana by using startling facts and disturbing imagery.

By using the fact that teen marijuana users are twice as likely to drop out they are making the point that smoking marijuana can alter who you hang out with, who you are, and the choices that you make. The above the influence campaign uses ethos primarily to show the audience that they can trust them because they are a credible source of information. The author of this add has automatic credibility because they are the ones writing the advertisement, therefore they should understand the topics there talking about, and they should have researched these topics.

However in the add I chose the campaign does not cite the source for the true or false statements, therefore they can lose credibility because the audience does not know where this information came from. This is the main reason my add is ineffective for teens who do smoke marijuana, because they do not trust that this information is correct. The campaigns main goal is o help teens understand how dangerous marijuana can be, however they provided no evidence to back up the claims they have made.

On the bottom of the advertisement the campaign advises you to visit there web site. After looking around on the web site, I discovered that the web site still did not mention where there information was coming from. I could not find any evidence that backs up this campaigns argument. Also on there web site I came across a facts section’. In this section the audience is capable of viewing many more interesting facts about the affects of marijuana and alcohol. Another fact they state is that “when you smoke a Joint, you inhale four times as much tar as a cigarette. Again this campaign is trying to frighten the audience by persuading them to stay away from marijuana. All in all I believe that the rhetorical technique that the Above the influence campaign chose to use is for the most part effective. This campaign is very good at persuading its given audience into thinking twice when it comes to smoking marijuana. Also the campaign is consistent throughout all of its advertisements when it comes to incorporating rhetoric into their arguments.

It is obvious that this aiming certainly achieves there goal of helping teens and adolescence further understand that drugs are dangerous, even though the author shows no research to support these facts. In the advertisement I chose the producer uses the pathos and logos appeals in the most effective way to capture the audience. On the other hand the ethos appeal is not used as well, because the author fails to identify any creditable resources for their claims. I believe that the Above the influence campaign has done its Job by informing their target audience about the negative effects of smoking marijuana.


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