According to my plan on
December 10, 2017, I visited Casa Loma in Toronto. I went on the GPS directed
tour. The purpose of choose this place y interest in history, as Casa Loma
stands elegantly on the ridge of the Davenport Hill in the center  of the modern and busy city of Toronto. On the
entrance of casa Loma there was written a history of it .It was built over a
period of three years from 1911-1914, this beautiful old palace has demonstrate
to a long period history of romance, determination, unknown and desire. Casa
Loma has saved a unique combination of historical autobiographies, ghost
stories, military secrets, architectural marvels and Hollywood influences for
its intrusive features. The history behind the castle is Henry
Pellatt was the ‘King of Casa Loma’. It was his love with architect that led
him to spend millions of dollars to build this outstanding castle including 98
rooms, 30 bathrooms, 25 fireplaces and much more. Sir Pellatt was a prominent
financier, industrialist and military officer of his time and organized around
25% of Canada’s economy. To fulfill his desires for a lavish home, he appointed
Toronto’s brightest architect, E.J. Lennox, to design Casa Loma; it took 300
men three years to complete. In 1882, Pellatt married Mary Dodgson, who came to
be called Lady Pellatt. Lady Pellatt encouraged and pays for the Girl Guides of
Canada and arranged parties at Casa Loma for these girls. Unfortunately, landlord
of Casa Loma when financial difficulties required them to withdraw from their
home in 1924. Since then, Casa Loma’s possession has altered
hands a number of times. Currently, Casa Loma is in the responsibility of the Authorization
Entertainment Group and helps as a magnificent breakout for the people of
Toronto. To stay on track with magnificent history and building I took picture
as a data.

            The observed the 3 stories castle with secret pathway which
was secret passages, also usually bring up to as secreted ways or secret underpasses,
are unknown paths used for silent transportable, escape, or association of
people and goods. Such pathways are occasionally confidential buildings leading
to serval stealthy rooms. On ground floor there was the famous library with the
imprinted covered ceiling with the print of the Pellatt family hand engraved
into each spandrel.  The library was
built to hold 10,000 books and then you walk on corridor to formal dining hall
with its hand carved Circassian on walnut wall, then smaller dining area for
close guest dinner get-togethers. Sir Henry’s Study leads secret passages up to
the upper landing stage and down to the wine cellar. Further we went to second
floor , there was  Lady Pellatt’s beautiful
rooms, all painted in her symbol Wedgewood blue. The notorious “Round Room” constructed
in an Adams-style with curved doors made for the corners. Then I went to the
top floor where there was also big huge room and finally I went to lower level
which is basement, as in the lower level there was a gift shop and a swimming
pool. There was a lot of tourist visiting the castle. So for all this factual
data there was a tour guide at the entrance of the castle who gave me as the
recording was given to me and he also explains the whole story behind each
room. Moreover, my main interest is world history and I love world history
because I get to learn how civilizations worked, how people work together with
each other, how rules were ruled, and about the beliefs of countries.

             Through this field
trip I observed all ancient style of living as it fantasized me a lot, in
addition there furniture which was so elegant and beautifully made for each
room so the everything for use can fix properly. Most of the furniture was so
remarkable and hand carved made with expensive wood, which was the reason that it
does still look nice. I also saw people were so intrigued to see the setting,
how was the inside of the castle set up. There was Christmas decorations were
up with lights as it was so appealing to see it. Last but not least we can see the
beautiful view of Toronto from the castle, there was also beautiful water
fountains and astonishing decorated gardens. Moreover the place can be rented
for events and also popular for films and T.V shows like X-men, strange brew, Chicago,
The tuxedo, descendants and many more.

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