According to the
dictionary, human nature is defined as those qualities of a psychological and
social quality that are unique to human beings as opposed to other animals (, 2017). These qualities need
to be common and ordinary among humans. Defects in those qualities are the
faults or shortcomings in human behavior. Many of us do bad acts against
individual others or against humanity for various reasons. There have been
arguments as to whether human nature is defective because this is something
that has been a part of human all through evolution. But because a defect is an
imperfection, and no one is perfect, it is safe to say human nature has

Examples of defects of human
nature include greed, arrogance, ignorance, power, guilt, envy, being
inconsiderate, insecurity, rebellion, fear, violence and dependence. These defects
make us do bad and harmful things to our fellow human beings or ourselves.
Through greed, we find human beings going through great lengths to get what
they want and keep it. This is irrespective of the consequences to these actions
on themselves or fellow human beings. A lot of us put ourselves in dire
situations because of our ignorance as to the consequences of what we are
doing. This is especially visible on teenagers who all too often are ignorant
of what would happen because of the decisions they make. Arrogance can be
defined as thinking of oneself as very important as compared to others. This makes
one look down on other fellow human beings and see them as not worthy. Power
too often corrupts an individual into thinking they can get or do whatever they
want and be able to get away with it. It is also an opportunity to use it to
enrich oneself at the expense of the responsibilities of the said power. Guilt
comes about when a person feels bad because something bad has happened as a
result of that person’s actions. This is a powerful emotion that can drive one
to harm himself or others either because the person thinks the harm is deserved
or as a way of making amends. Envy is being jealous of someone’s success, good
tidings or positive outcomes in their lives. We are envious when our friend
gets better grades in school than we are, or when our neighbor’s child is
better in sport than our own kid. Being inconsiderate is not considering what
our decision or action will affect others. Insecurity comes about when we feel
someone else is better than us. Rebellion is when authority is not recognized
and is resisted. These are just some of the defects we as humans have and are
part of our daily lives. As a society, the defects we have reflect the defects
of human nature (Maryanski, 1992). We
have rich people living side by side with poor starving people. Nations are
waging wars against one another even though war does not benefit anyone.
Governments are making decisions that are not in the best interest of their
citizens, and so on.


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