Acting is a Drug, and I’m Addicted When that spotlight hits your face, it is a better feeling than going to the beach on a breezy day. The feeling of nerves radiating throughout your body while you have the entire audience’s attention is exhilarating. There is no other feeling like it. I chose acting because I have been in plays for competitive and fun since I was eight years old. I started off in small church plays and worked my way up to larger competitive acting that went all the way to Austin, Texas.

For me, acting is a passion and an art. Even though acting is not for everyone, it is my favorite topic because acting has many pros and you have to want to act. The origins of theatre date back so far that many of the records of the art have been lost. “Little information about the origin of theatre has survived. The information we do have comes from wall paintings, decorations, artifacts, and hieroglyphics that show the importance of successful hunts, seasonal changes, life cycles, and stories of the gods” (Robinson Web).

The ancient artifacts seem to show pictures of ceremony, and rituals with a group or an audience surrounding the main ‘actors’. “These rituals are accompanied by myths. The myths enter the story telling tradition, gaining a life beyond the original rites” (Robinson Web). Mythologists seem to believe that these performances were acted out around myths or legends of famous epics spread around orally. When performing these epic tales, the performance featured supernatural creatures, victories, and heroes. “These acting/leadership roles were often filled by elders and priests” (Robinson Web).

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Even though not much about theatre has survived the earliest recording is from ancient Egypt 2800 to 2400 B. C. Most of the dramas were about sending the dead pharaoh off to the underworld as he entered his ‘new life’. The recounting play was of the story of the god Souris. “There is also the Emptied Drama, recounting the story of the death and resurrection of the god Souris, and the coronation of his son Hours” (Robinson Web). Though Souris was the first recorded, it was not the most important. “The most important Egyptian drama was the Abodes passion play.

Like the Emptied drama, the Abodes passion play concerns the story of Souris. The paramount Egyptian myth, this drama was enacted at the most sacred lace in Egypt; Abodes means the burial site of Souris. Performed annually from 2500 to 550 B. C. , this passion play is the first of its kind to ever be recorded and is the first example of theatre” (Robinson Web). “In order to become an actor or an actress, you must first have a passion and a drive to learn your craft” (New York Web). Acting is an easy dream to have, but not to achieve. Many things go into your to do list if acting is what you want to do.

The first of course is to have money supply. Moving into a new city to pursue acting as a career can be terrifying, but it can even scarier if you’re completely broke. Have money, and research banks in the area so you have a safe place to put all the ‘dough’. A quick way to make money would be to apply to an acting company. “Look into Joining a temp agency to earn extra money’ (New York Web). Working as a temp, you may have the opportunity to be near actors so always be kind and they can put in a good word for you. When a Job is in place, put yourself out there. Acting in a student film is a valuable way to gain both experience and exposure” (New York Web). Student films or Independent films are lower budget movies with new directors and new actors. Furthermore, awards for these films are even out annually and fresh talent is always discovered in these types of movies. One of the most important tips is to get your taxes on order. “Hire an accountant… A good accountant may be able to save you money year after year… Keep careful records of expenses and save receipts” (New York Web). Money is a pro to a career in acting.

There are several pros and even cons if acting is your future. Every situation that has been carefully planned out has had a pro/con list. “If you organize a debate on the topic ‘Acting as a career choice’ there will be as many opinions for the topic as against it” (Acting. Mom web). Many people have their own opinion about acting and if it is a good choice for a career. Mimi become a demigod… People see you as a perfect person and look up to you with high reverence. ” Therefore, when you’re an actor, you’re immortal. The day you die will be remembered.

Many people aspire to be actors because they crave this attention. “Money… An acting career can make you a lot of money… Basically do whatever the money allows you to do” (Acting. Com web). Money is a big plus to the acting industry; it makes this world go ’round. Even more people want to act Just for the money and the attention. As an actor you have the power to make others laugh, cry, fall in love, scared, or feel any other emotion by your ability to emote on the screen” (Acting. Com web). I love the feeling knowing that I am creating a character on this stage for the audience to decide if they like them or not.

Every Job has its ups and down, even acting. Today anyone can get hired in the industry Just on plain stupidity. “It’s not all about talent… ]just having raw talent is not enough” (Acting. Com web). You have to be exactly what the director is looking for. You could be smart, talented, and everything else, but if you don’t fit the director’s arterial, then you won’t get the Job. It has been that way for many years. If you get hired on this big production and your dream has come true, watch out for paparazzi. Muff have to let go of the little Joys of life” (Acting. Com web).

Walking down the street is now difficult because you’re being swarmed by photographers and people begging for autographs. You could have Just had the biggest breakup or death in your life and you wanted to walk around to blow off steam, well you better slap on a happy face. Muff have to wear a mask sometimes… For example, you have to act happy and hurtful when you’re not” (Acting. Com web). Even though acting is not for everyone, it is my favorite topic because acting has many pros and you have to want to act. Acting is more than getting onto a stage, it’s a drug.

Once started you can be addicted and want to place yourself in the situation over and over again. Acting is an old ‘sport’ and is so old there is no specific time as to how far it goes back. In these present days, money is a big issue with this industry and cannot be avoided. But at least there are several pros and cons to this career. I am certainly addicted to this subject. Acting has me on a high every time I walk on that stage, and I never want to get off my cloud. Works Cited Acting. Com. “Acting. Com – Your Online Acting Community. ” Acting. Com – Your Online Acting community.

N. P. , 09 cot. 2009. Web. 08 swept. 2013. This article was pulled directly from an acting website for people who are curious of acting careers. This is about the pros and cons of acting. The article has four pros and three cons, so the pros outweigh the cons to acting. The first pro is that you will be immortal, not literally but people will remember your name even years after your death. People will follow your every move, especially paparazzi. The public will place you on a higher pedestal and your face will be recognized more quickly. The second pro is all the money.

With all of the money you make from gigs, you can get whatever you want and do anything the money will allow you to do. Getting started in an acting career is difficult, but once you receive your first paycheck, everything should be okay. The third pro is an interesting work profile. Every day will be something different, and interesting. You will not be bored in an acting career. And the final pro is the influential power. Being an actor you have the power to make people laugh or cry. People will probably copy the way you walk, speak, and dress. You will make a statement to someone and they could become obsessed with you.

But acting isn’t all glitz and glamour, there are cons. The first con is that not all actors are talented. You could be the most talented person in the room, but if you’re not the ‘look the director wants then you won’t get the Job. The second con is that all the little Joys in life may be taken from you. You may want to walk in the park but tens to hundreds of fans could ask for pictures and autographs. And the final con is that you have be fake at times, you could have had the worst day of your life, but fans could be asking for pictures and you have to slap on the biggest smile of your life.

Always be happy even when you’re not. The article is very helpful in deciding if this is the right career for you. There is always two sides to every coin and this article goes into detail of each side. The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. “Pursuing A Career In Acting. ” Pursuing A Career In Acting – Starting An Acting Career – Tips On Acting As A Career. N. P. , 2008. Web. 08 swept. 2013. This article is from a dramatic arts school website. The article is like tips for people who are dreaming of becoming an actor or actress.

It says that if you want to be in the Hollywood industry, you have to passion for it! If you don’t love it, don’t do it. But if you’re going to pursue this as a career, you have to have the money, you can’t go in broke. The article says you should take the time to research banks and note interest rates and fees. You also should have a budget, you don’t want to have unpaid bills. The article states that starting off in an unpaid student film acting Job could keel get you discovered, or being a temp for an acting businesses. You have to get yourself out there to get discovered.

The article highly suggests that you hire an accountant; so that you can save your money and figure out what your taxes are. You also have to keep records of all of your documents and save receipts. When you finally get yourself a place to stay and have enough money, make one of your rooms an office, not only is it professional looking, but it creates a physical focus for your dream career. And finally, the director has final say always! If you’re stubborn, then this career is not for you. It’s the director’s movie, not yours. If they say to wear a chicken suit the whole movie, do it!

You’re being paid to make their vision a reality. The article ends stating that you shouldn’t waste time arguing with the director, crew members, and other actors, it’s not professional. Robinson, Scott R. “Origins of Theatre. ” Origins of Theatre. OCW, 2000. Web. 11 Swept. 2013. This article is about the origins of the art of acting and establishing theatres. There is little information about the beginning of acting because not much has survived. I really liked this article because of its easy to understand material and very detailed information.

The article states theatre emerged from myths and legends spread orally throughout societies and cultures. Eventually ancestors wanted to act the stories out, thus theatre was born. These rituals were related to the three basic concerns: pleasure, power, and duty. Pleasure because the ritual of acting and/or watching this spectacle brought Joy to that person. Power was for influencing and controlling events and duty because this ritual became a tradition making it their duty to put on a show. The earliest recording of this example of ceremony came from Egypt.


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