Activation Blizzard is very profitable due to many reasons. One of those reasons is contributed by the subscription game of World of Warrant, which has 10. 2 million subscribers as of December 2011. It is published by Blizzard; World of Warrant wasn’t Just a groundbreaking game, but also a business accomplishment. Its impact on the business industry is huge. Many other gaming companies have tried to replicate World of Warrant’s success since the game’s 2004 launch. This game had and still has so much potential.

Blizzard is able to bring in revenue every month and has knowledge of its customers. With this information, Activation Blizzard is better than any of its competitors that will try to replicate its success in the future. Another reason why Activation Blizzard is so profitable is that, in order to maintain recurring revenue, you need a product that customers will want to return to again. The issue that games run into is a short lifestyle or they Just get old. That’s no problem for games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Statecraft II, which are owned by

Activation. They take hours to finalize their single player campaign mode and have longer lifestyles thanks to their multilayer game modes, which are even then always updated with downloaded maps and content for purchase. Due to this, games like these never get old and customers will always go running back for the new game of these series to release. Call of Duty: Elite, an annual subscription with downloaded content available to the most customers of Modern Warfare 3. Activation Blizzard stated that 7 million customers have signed up and there are 1. Lion paying customers since February 2012. This is Just the beginning, there will be more to come and make


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