One of the main aspects the producer uses to attract the consumer is the need for attention. They provided a picture of a woman who supposedly uses this product along with many other attractive images and statements. In the ad the woman skin is completely flawless and the lighting of the picture was smoother than usual. The picture is an extreme close up of the woman’s face, which makes it unbelievable for her skin to be completely smooth, unless t. Eye have on make up or the picture is photo shopped.

The actress in the ad stated “she has nothing to hide” and because of this product her skin is clean and smooth. This statement, along with her beautiful picture, would make consumers want to purchase this product so that their skin could look natural looking and beautiful. Also the black bold font used in this ad attracts the reader’s attention to the facts being stated about the product. Then there’s the color scheme of the ad which matches the color of the product and draws the reader’s attention to this ad. It also brings up the need for aesthetic sensation.

If a consumer that suffers from facial break outs see this ad and the stricture of the woman in it they may consider using this product to beautify there skin. Also the woman in the ad is smiling and she seems happy about the results of this skin product. This would make consumers believe this product will make them happy and satisfied with their skin. However, according to a website review on this product one woman stated that she loved the results, but another woman mentioned that the product did nothing for her skin.

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That specifically proves that this product may not work for every ones skin texture. This ad also caters to the consumers need for satisfaction because in the ad it says that “Cleaner pores today equals less breakouts tomorrow’ meaning that once the customer uses the product her pores would be clear of break outs the next day. The fact that the producers of this product are promising consumers’ fast results makes them want to try the product. Who wouldn’t want the satisfaction of having breakout free skin within a day or so?

Although there is no proof of this theory, some readers will believe it anyway. This ad also gives off the need for prominence since the woman in the picture is a celebrity and sometimes people feel the tendency to want to be like a celebrity or to be seen. This is the main reason why celebrities are used in ads, because many people would like to live the life of a celebrity. Therefore they buy the things celebrities’ use, especially if it’s an affordable price. Also being able to brag about the fact that you use a product that a celebrity may use makes you feel important.


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