Analysis of a Print Advertisement This ad, for Camel Cigarettes, shows three different Images: In the first picture you see a women smoking a camel cigarettes staring Into the distance with a focused yet, relaxed facial expression, with the word “inspired” written across it; the second image is of a lit match with a red, black, and yellow flame, with the word “passionate” written across it; the final photo is of a crowd of people in a festival setting, with lanterns floating to the sky, with the word “original” written across it.

On the top of the ad is the companies name “Camel. ” On the bottom is the text, “Taste It All” and below that In a white box Is the Surgeon general’s warning written in a skinny font and is washed out by Its colorful surroundings. The thesis for this advertisement Is: Consume our product, and you can “Taste it all. ” The purpose is to convince the audience to smoke Camel cigarettes. The intended audience for this advertisement is young adults. The image of the young female smoking in the ad is what the viewer can relate to.

The transparency of he Image makes it look like a reflection in a widow, as if the woman is sitting out on the beach and enjoying her view. She Is dazing In deep thought, with her hair blowing In the breeze, and a cigarette In her hand. She looks relaxed. The image implies that Camel Cigarettes can wash your stresses away and focus your mind. Furthermore, this advertisement is aimed at young adults still finding themselves. The image of her blowing out smoke, shows she is blowing away all the tension.

This image and the word “inspired” implies that, with Camel cigarettes, you can free your dad and find the inspiration you crave. The 11th match with a red, black, and yellow flame, with the word “passionate” written across It. The colors all have strong meaning: Red Is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love; Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery; Yellow is the color of sunshine.

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It’s associated with Joy, happiness, intellect, and energy; all summarized by passionate, a felling with a strong life. The colors are there to give you the emotion you feel when using their product – energy, elegance, and happiness. This something that would be appealing to someone, who lack this sort of passion. Furthermore, the order shows that when at its greatest, that is when you achieve happiness – which means you have found yourself. At the bottom of the ad. There is a statement: “Taste It All. ” In this image we see Just that, and this action makes the user happy.

Camel cigarettes, can make that happen. The advertisement also suggest that Camel Cigarettes is original, or at least one of the first tobacco companies. In the picture, the release of the lanterns represent the welcoming of something new, and the celebration of new living. There is a gathering of young people for this event. But, if you think about it, this is an old tradition, done back when they didn’t know the dangers of cigarettes. This is construing the truth of cigarettes. Having the floating lanterns represent the welcoming of cigarettes, making Camel Cigarettes more appealing, than it deserves. Pensive brand. You don’t have to worry about the cost of the product. Camel Cigarettes is a habit that everyone can offered, you don’t have to saw off limbs to pay for this product. People are usually more willing to indulge when it’s not a finical burden. This ad is playing off that desire. The words Inspired, Passionate, Original are motives that drives you and you control, it implies that, this product can help you discover these emotions. It makes you feel that you’re doing all this by choice and that you’re calling the shots.

Even though the warning tells you not to smoke, at the end of the day you control your destiny. Nowhere does it say this directly, but it is implied by the features and elements in this image. I believe that this advertisement is effective. It relies on the first image of the young female facial expression to carry out the theme, her inspiration leads to her passion, which leave us with her original thought. The advertisement is amid at young adults, with any fanatical background, who are insecure and looking for their passions.


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