Discrimination People with disabilities may be discriminated against for many reasons for example some people may think that if someone is on a wheelchair and can’t walk like others, so they are worse. This can effect on individual feeling not wanted and make them feel anxiety, and have a lock of confidence to show round other people. Employment Employer may not employ on individual on a wheelchair or with any other disability because they may think that people with additional needs can’t do certain job, which person without disability could do. Cultural barrier

As individual with speech loss from different country , who doesn’t speak English has to go to the hospital, but there may not be a person who speak their language and know sight language so that service user and providers wont be able to communicate. Social model of disability Social model of disability sees the issue of disability as a society created problem, this model is a complex of conditions created by the social environment. The management of the problem requires social action to make the environment acceptable for the people with disabilities in all areas in social life.

Holistic approach is put together to make sure that all individuals with disabilities have a good life, and everything what they need is provided for them , so that means service providers work together. Physical access – if there’s only stairs in the building, and no lift person who finds hard walking the stairs or is on a wheelchair won’t be able to get on the higher floor. Stereotypes- Some people when they see a person on a wheelchair think that they have a mental health so they talk to a person like they are a baby, without thinking that they may had an environmental accident

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Klaudia Blaszczyk http://www. disaster-survival-resources. com/image-files/handicap-icons. jpg Fetal alcohol syndrome is caused when a pregnant woman drinks a lot of alcohol during her pregnancy, this effects child’s entire life mentally and physically on their intelligence and behavior. Environmental disability is caused by environmental accident without any help of genes or birth problems. Example: Accident at work when an individual falls from height and break spinal , this accident will affect their entire life life in a long term health problems, and end up on a wheel chair.

Genetic disabilities accrue where there is a problem with an individual’s DNA. Example: Angelman syndrome is a chromosomal disorder caused by an absence of gene. Individuals with this syndrome little or no speech, developmental delay and even walking or balance disorders. Genetic fibrosis is an inherited disorder which effect organs like lungs and digestive system by clogging them with sticky mucus which makes it hard to breath and digest food. Developmental disabilities is a long term disability which affect individuals in their early age.

This includes physical disabilities, both of them can be genetic or caused by any other reason. Example: Down syndrome is passed by genes, individual with this disability needs a lot of medical attention because DS causes delays in the way individual develops mentally and physically. Medical model of disability Medical model of disability is viewing viewing disability a problem of an individua. This makes sure that medical care is provided according to their needs by professionals . In the medical model , medical care is viewed as the main issue. Sensory difficulty is problems with touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight.

For example autism, people with autism are really sensitive for many different reasons, even a bright light on the wall can cause a problem for them neutral_bro_inside Physical difficulty are needs when person with a disability may need specialized equipment with them all the time to help them get through the day for example orthopedic impairment, brain injury will need special services or education according to their need. Additional needs can have cognitive , physical or sensory difficulty . Cognitive difficulty are intellectual needs which are mostly learning difficulties for example dyslexia. Additional Needs


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