INTRODUCTION As a manager/Leader I have to make portfolio of professional development. So in this portfolio I made evidence which is supported by my own advanced professional development journal. That includes my own personal skill audit, SWOT analysis, my learning style changes, skill acquisition with the help of some online tests like MBTI time management, learning inventory. This also includes material collected to demonstrate achievement of the criteria required by learning outcomes. Task (1) 1(a) I encourage myself to pick up a pen and a piece of paper and note down the goals I want to reach.

Look at each goal and evaluate it. Make any changes necessary to ensure it meets the criteria for SMART goals: S = Specific M = Measurable A = Attainable R = Realistic T = Timely Short- term goals • Personal ? Complete my PGDM. I also want good grades in PGDM so that I will able to get relevant job. Skills I m having ? Hard work ? Active learner ? Curiosity Skills required ? Good learning capability ? Understanding of each and every subject ? Get admission in Msc Business Information Technology. By taking this course I will make good combination of PGDM course and Msc degree

Skills I m having ? Good knowledge about information technology Skills required ? Knowledge of recent advances within field and in related areas ? Ability to recognize and validate technical problems • Professional /Organisational ? I m currently not a part of any organization so I m adding here my professional goal as getting a good and relevant part time job which in one way add to my living and in other way add to my skills. Skills I am having ? Technical knowledge ? Adjustable nature Skills required ? Good communication skills ? Fluent English

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Medium- term goals • Personal ? Get married. I put this in mid term because in 3 or 4 years I have to find a right person whom I can get married. Skills I required ? Understanding nature ? Friendly ? Educated ? Good knowledge about family values ? Adjustable ? Get admission in MBA (part time)I want to do MBA because it might be helpful for my bright future and add to my degrees. Skills I required ? Qualified degree ? Increased learning capability Professional/organizational ? Reputed job of manager (in reputated company) or teacher (in reputated university or college) in UK.

I have to think about my family and my future and my livings to settle down Skills I required ? Efficient knowledge about field in which I have to work ? Team working ? Critical thinking ? Identifying and analyzing capability ? Outstanding communication skills both verbal & written Long Term Goals • Personal ? Visit my favorite destinations . i want to give my self some breaks and relax between busy schedule so I want to travel different palaces or countries. Skills I required ? Savings ability. Fulfill my responsibilities as family member regarding different relations. Everyone expect something from me and I have to fulfill needs of my family. Skills I require ? Management between family and work • Professional ? Establish my self in my field Skills I required ? Required knowledge of business rivalries ? Competition ? Honesty with work ? Tolerance 1(b) Learning “It is important to first validate a student s dominant means of learning if we hope to challenge them to work in a style in which they feel less competent. Student’s” (Mary Ellen mcClanghan)

Learning style “A distinctive and habitual manner of acquiring knowledge, skills, or attitudes through study or experience “ (Neil Fleming, VARK Questionnaire) Traditionally, the three predominant styles are: 1. Visual (reading or seeing) 2. Auditory (listening or speaking) 3. Tactile/Kinesthetic (doing) So to know my learning style I took a learning style test ‘discovering your learning styles’ And found that I am visual learner 50%, auditory learner 35%,tactile learner 10% (http://www. educationplanner. org/education_planner/calc_frames. asp? url=http://www. aessuccess. rg/getting/learning_quiz/quiz. html&pagetype=Preparing-learning+Styles+Quiz&sponsor=2859). So I am visual learner most of the time. To make my learning more effective and valued I have to sharpen techniques for visual learning and also to acquire skills for that . Moreover I can make a right balance between two learning styles visual and auditory to make my learning affective for long use. Techniques (skills) for visual learning are as follows:- • Creating and displaying banners which can be visualized later on. • Using or creating simple symbols are easy to remember. Using colors is also an effective technique using different colors for headings paragraphs, and lines can make me arrange my projects or data more effectively • Watching videos and presentations I can encourage my self moreover creates creativity in work. And in other way I can join the skills for auditory style with visual learning to make my learning more reliable and efficient and smooth. Techniques for auditory learning:- • Singing and listening to music is helpful in reducing stress during working hour. • Small group discussion.

Group is said to be gathering of new ideas and view people can suggest, advice better. • System diagrams can help me visualize the links between parts of a system within organization, there workings structure people involved. So I plan for adopting some skills for learning in future to make my leaning best for me ? Making outlines-making outline of everything is a helpful technique through which I can remember useful instructions, my own projects, and presentations. ? Color code words and research notes is a beneficial technique that can be used to remember important points in presentations and report Whispering new information when alone is useful technique to improve my memory. ? Take notes, making lists is an effective technique to arrange work. ? Diagramming, reading maps, essays showing a process is good technique to organize, manage, learn things. ? Repeating facts with eyes closed is a effective technique that can be helpful in learning process ? Reading passages and writing answers about them in a timed test is helpful in sharpening your memory and learning Task 2 Skill audit Helps you to evaluate your current strengths in relation to key skills.

So I carried out my own skill audit. That demonstrate evidences that I m having that skill how I m going with that skill and improvement if needed |Skills area |Description of Specific Skill |Evidence of skill |How I am |improvement | | | | |doing | | |(1)Communication skills |Demonstrate effective verbal |Presentations and |good |better | | presentation techniques |report given | | | | |Good English fluency |Given presentations |I am good |Need to improve much | | | |in English | |more | | |able to defend my point |Prepared projects, |I m well |Need to improve | | | |feedback of | | | | | |colleagues | | | |(2)teamwork/Networking |I understand my behavior |Worked in groups |good |better | | |And impact on others when working in| | | | | |team | | | | | |Co operative |Feedback from |better | | | | |friends family and | | | | | |relatives | | | | |Good listener, receive feedback and |Colleagues feedback |well |Need much to improve | | |respond prospectively | | | | |(3)Personal effectiveness |I am able to learn and acquire |aim to set some |good |Little to improve and | | |knowledge |basic ‘to do’ lists | |manage | | | |every day | | | | |I manage my workload |aim to set blocks of|well |Need a lot | | | |time aside to work | | | | | |on specific tasks | | | |Creative, innovative and |I aim to give my |good |Techniques need to be | | |original in approach |best | |improved to do task in | | | | | |effective way | | |I use IT appropriately for database | | | | | |,recordings and presenting | | | | | |information | | | | SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis is an effective tool to know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It tells about where you are now and what you should do in future to improve your skills organize your opportunities and identify your threats. <> Hard Working Person, very ambitious. I want to give my 100% in my work . I am honest in work try to give my best. Eager to learn something new. I like to gather any kind of information from any source.

I can change my self according to surroundings or conditions. I prefer to organize my work making schedule for anything I do. I am good in spoken English so I can easily communicate with people. I have learned some basics of business from my uncle so I am able to manage small business or I can do job. One of my biggest strength is that I m positive thinker. I always boost my self by saying I can do this. I have done many presentations during my Msc I have good presentation skills. <> Worked in oracle, VB. Made a project in VB. i can work in IT environment. Moreover I know pursuing POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT later on I can do MBA as well. Then I can have more specific job goals. <>

Stress of doing many things or tasks at same time carefully make me to think unkindly about the situation and people involved and who created that task. Become very impatient sometime. Time pressure causes stress. Can’t work properly under deadlines. Can’t do multiple tasks simultaneously. Lack of work experience. Weak job finding techniques. <> Negative trends in field that can diminish jobs like downsizing and obsolescence. Many students are doing same course what I m doing my colleagues can give me tough competition. Competition is increasing, today is era of competition, and competitors can be superior then me having high knowledge in field.

Lack of training and experience can be another obstacle. Companies is not hiring people with major/degree this can be threat to my career. After taking online learning style inventory (http://www. learning-styles-online. com/). I came to know about my learning style inventory. And the results are displayed in table and graph. Style Scores |Visual |17 | |Social |11 | |Physical |15 | |Aural |14 | |Verbal |13 | |Solitary |15 | |Logical |10 | (http://www. learning-styles-online. com/inventory/results. asp) [pic] (http://www. learning-styles-online. om/inventory/results. asp) Through this test I am made able to discover my preferred learning style. I am visual learner most of the time as the test results says so I can acquire visual learning techniques to make my learning more effective. Moreover inventory also shows some another preferred learning styles which I can use like solitary, physical, and aural. Being solitary learner I will work alone think and concentrate more effectively on given project. Being social I will prefer to learn from others what people advice and suggest me. Time management log After going through time management (http://www. mindtools. com/pages/article/newHTE_88. htm). nd my score is 40 and I need to improve on some issues. So to manage my time more properly I have to:- 1. I have to set some goals. Goals can be short listed (for a week or month) or for years. 2. I can give some works more priority . what are more important to do make list which are to be done first which can be left to do later on. 3. Making schedule for my work is also effective to my work properly. My daily time management log 1. I woke up at 6 a. m. 2. Then I get fresh in half hour. 3. I make breakfast in about 1 hour. 4. Watch News for one hour look for business news, entertainment News etc for half an hour. 5. Then go to shop for households (vegetables etc) it may take two or three hours. . Read books or surf internet for two or three hours. 7. At 9 p. m I have to prepare dinner. 8. Until 10 I have went to sleep. PERSONALITY (MBTI) |Your 4 Personality Type Letters | |I | |N | |F | |J | | | (http://www. personalitypathways. om/type_inventory. html) To know my personality type I undergo through Myer Briggs online personality test. and I got result as I-(introverted)-I require some private time to think about situations my goals future plans and daily objectives. I properly before doing anything. I m motivated by my own mostly N- Intuitive- I think about future most of the time. Like to use imaginations use to make new possibilities work on them. I have to memorize to recall patterns, contexts and connections. I learn theoretically most of the time F-feeling-I am concerned to my personal feelings. Depend on people for any decision. I seek for consensus and popular opinions.

J-Judging-I use to plan details in advance before I have to do any thing or take any action. Mostly focus on actions related to task. I prefer to complete segments and then to do main task. I try to reduce and control stress while doing any work. Usually I set targets. So after making my skill audit, doing my personal SWOT analysis and taking test to know my learning style, time management, and personality style test I came to know about skills I can acquire for effective management and leadership. Task (3) Task3 (a) I carried out personal development plan which shows creative and actionable. Regarding my current achievements my skill acquisition . resources I can use and skill acquisition . ow they are effective. |Career mission statement:- I want to establish in my field | |Current achievements:- | |1. Good and qualified msc computer science degree. | |2. able to use computer can work in windows,oracle,unix environment | |3. Currently pursuing PGDM (post graduate diploma in business management). | |4. Good presentation skills. | |5. Good network of friends which can give me help when required. | | | | | | | | |Major career goals(what I need to accomplish in the medium term to further my mission) | |Goal |Target date |goal |Target date | |1 complete my PGDM course with good marks |By up coming January |5. get married |by October | |2 get job in reputed company or be a teacher in |By upcoming march |6. Have some savings for better future. In two years | |university or college subject area business | | | | |management or computer science | | | | |4. get admission in msc business information | | | | |technology |In September | | | | | | | | | | | | | Skill audit | |A: I have accomplished this skill/I demonstrate high competence. | |B: I have this skills/competency but some improvements could be made. | |C: I need to improve this skill/competency. | |D: I need to put in considerable work to develop this skill/competency. | |E. I need to acquire this skill/develop this competency. | |Skills/competency |rank |Skills/competency |rank | | |now |6 m |1yr |3yr more | |1. mprove my communication skills |read books regarding |29-july-2010 |My time, arrangement |Friends feedback my| | |vocabulary, communication | |of fee |own confidence | | |skills | | | | |2. Get part time job |Look for advertisement, |By next month |Lower ness in job |My selection for | | |arrange references and | |hunting technique |particular | | |approach | | | | |3. mprove my learning skills |By identifying my learning |In one month |boredom |Successful and | | |style, working over it | | |efficient worker | TASK 3 (b) |Learning before |Learning and developing now |Learning and |Changes in knowledge |How they are beneficial for | | | |developing in future |attitude and skills | | | | | | |organizational |personal |team working was not |I learned how to impact others how to|I will continue with |Now I can work in team|I can manage my group, |I can organize my | |much effective I |make them listen you by showing |my visual learning |manage my and my teams|take a lead, and make |work and easily | |really was not able to|figures,graphs,diagrams etc and |style and will try to|work properly. |presentations. Suggest |remember keywords,| |put my view points |moreover as visual learner it my |enhance my skills | |my colleagues |make my reports | |before others |useful for my self to use different |with this style | | |more effective. | |color pens or markers for headlines | | | | | | |and keywords and look attractive to | | | | | | |others | | | | | |work management was |By goal setting now I am able to |In future I will make|I am able to do my |I can work under strong|I can make working| |not good I was not |manage my work I can make balance |schedule for work, |work at a time |deadlines, manage my |and personal life | |able to work under |between official and personal life. I|give priorities to | |time |balanced | |deadlines and not was |learned techniques to control reduce |important tasks. se | | | | |to work under pressure|stress caused by deadlines given for |techniques to reduce | | | | | |certain task |stress level | | | | | |By listening to music ,by making your| | | | | | |work more create for you sometimes | | | | | | |group discussions also help me so I | | | | | | |like to discuss my problems with | | | | | | |friends and elders in family | | | | | |My leadership qualities|Now I am trying to adopt some |I will enhance my |I am able to stand |I can work as manager |I can make | |were low I was not able|leadership qualities like |effectiveness in this|before others. and learn more |decisions at m own| |to motivate and |cooperation, control , |field and learn core | |managerial objectives |level | |encourage people |Taking a lead, working with |capabilities that a | |and manage my staff | | | |responsibility making people to |manager can have | |members properly | | | |follow me | | | | | |I was dependent on |I am able to take decision at right |I will make my self |I can analyze thing |Helpful for me when I |I m self confident| |others to make |time |more specific about |,reflect it and then |have to work as manager| | |decisions | |decisions |take decision | | | CONCLUSION To summarize, in this portfolio I demonstrated my skill acquisition techniques . how I Overcome my weaknesses and identified threats and obstacles coming in my way to achieve my goals. I also analyzed my current situation , the ways to improve and also how I identified my learning style and personality type and how I can use them in my skill acquisition . So, here I came to know about my learning style, goal settings and time management. [pic]


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