| Advances in Technology| University of Phoenix, Axia College | | John Morrow| 2/20/2010| | Advances in Technology This world goes through a lot of changes as time goes on. Changes in technology can make a brighter future for individuals. Because of advances in technology, this world is becoming more efficient and saving us money in the long-run with fuel, electricity, communication, etc. The social lifestyle of an individual involves technology in some way. Technology has become a necessity in these modern days and it is going to become more advanced as time goes on.

With these advances in technology, the social lifestyles of individuals can be simpler. A social lifestyle of any individual can take a lot of energy to keep up with. With the use of the technology that we have today, that energy can be used for other tasks in life. The advances of electronics every year are for us to take advantage of to make things simpler and save time. Saving time in someone’s life is important because they can use their time to spend on something enjoyable. A quick e-mail for communication can be done in minutes rather than sending out a letter to get a response.

The possibilities of technology and what they accomplish for a person can save not only time, but also save money in the long-run. Electronics can get expensive, but it can be worth it in time when it makes a lifestyle convenient with tasks to do. Saving money in this type of economy is very important and the advances in technology will help with saving this economy from expenses over time. Another advantage for these advanced gadgets is the mistakes that individuals can make can be reduced by the use of technology. We all make mistakes in our lifetime.

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Do you sometimes forget to pay a bill? We now have the technology to have automated bill pay so tasks do not get stressful when it comes to managing finances. There can be all types of advantages when it comes to using technology and the advances that we achieve every year. These advantages with electronics cannot be without the disadvantages that can arise. One of these disadvantages is that technology can take over positions that people used to get paid to do. It saves companies payroll, but these people lose their jobs and cannot support themselves or their family.

One advantaged mentioned above was the expense of technology can be worth it in the long-run. But for some it can be too costly and they can never be able to use that advantaged of saving money over time. When new advances in technology come out, the older model of an electronic product gets reduced in price. Eventually, these products become affordable to everyone, but the disadvantage is not everyone can have the chance to try these new advances at the same time. Not every type of technology can be user-friendly to everyone and so it does not have the ability to appeal to everybody.

To some it can be too difficult to understand so it can be an inconvenience instead of giving a less stressful experience. If someone does not want to take the time to learn the advances and learn how to use it then technology is not an advantage for them. Understanding the advances in technology and how the world relies on it will depend on the outcome of how someone lives their lifestyle. Communication is done in so many different ways that we have more than two ways to communicate now. Cell phones are believed to be a necessity by the majority of people.

It now has become affordable to have one even if someone’s income cannot afford a house phone. The capability of a cell phone can keep you connected in ways other than just communication. Internets, GPS, personal applications, etc. are a few that change the way we live. Some are using the internet for communication to meet others like Facebook, MySpace, and even online dating websites to find a perfect match. The iPhone was released June 29, 2007. It was a big breakthrough in advanced technology taking communication to a next level. Technology takes a big part into the medical field.

The research and development costs money to save lives for the next medical breakthrough. These advances help our doctors do surgeries with more precision than humanly possible. Medical robots are used for surgeries to help surgeons. Without these robots, it would be more difficult to perform these procedures. According to ScienceDaily. com, “The design of a robotic test, of an anatomic model that behaves in the same way as a person’s arm, enables repetitive, systematic methodology to be applied to quantify the independent measurements of external factors.

With tests like these, surgeons can learn how to improve surgical procedures. In this case, the aim is to identify the most suitable stitching method”, explained the researcher Alicia Casals, who is the leader of the IBEC’s robotics research group. ” The advances in medical technology will allow us to live longer lives. The advantages of the medical technology can save lives, but the disadvantage is it can be expensive. The research and development and the cost to the doctor and patient to use, some might not be able to afford.

Until we can make the cost affordable or reasonable, the advances should not be available to the public. Another disadvantage could be the medical robots can make an error just like a human surgeon can. If it were the robot, the error could be fatal and more difficult to repair. A surgeon can use his knowledge and expertise to repair immediately when with a robot it could take some time. This pie chart illustrates how much the total world spends in research and development for medical advancements in technology.

The United States is in the lead, with Japan following in second for spending billions of dollars on R&D. Advances in technology also bring advanced weapons for warfare. These weapons are created to protect us as much as possible. The advantage to these weapons is they keep us safe. If these weapons were not created then we would be at risk at war without the protection we would need. The disadvantage to these weapons can be if they fall into the wrongs hands of terrorists, thousands of people can be killed from them.

Nuclear weapons are the biggest threat and have to be closely watched because of the destruction that they can cause. The research and development of these weapons can be just as costly as the medical technology. Do the advantages out-weigh the disadvantages? A nuclear bomb can level an entire city and is a fear for every country in the world. One of these bombs can keep peace and order between countries because of how devastating they are. Everybody wants a cleaner environment and the only possible way for that to be possible is for technology to help out.

The advances that we create help out to save the planet from too much pollution. As transportation becomes more advance, the pollution from these machines will decrease. The technology that we use to recycle is another factor on how we keep the earth clean. The cleaner the planet the cleaner the air we breathe in everyday. Technology is here for us to advance in so we can live longer lives and keep our planet healthy. Many things that we have accomplished over time would not have been possible without the help of these advancements in electronics.

It is interesting to see what humankind can come up with when being involved with technology. With breakthroughs in medical, communication, and military just to name a few, our lives can be in a better lifestyle. Next time you decide to purchase a new product of technology think about how much easier it makes your lifestyle. Like I said before, technology has become a necessity in these modern days and it is going to become more advanced as time goes on. With these advances in technology, the social lifestyles of individuals can be simpler. References: . Kim, Jim Sun. (2008, July 13) Advantages and disadvantages of advanced technology. Scienceray. Retrieved from http:www. scienceray. com 2. Mobil06. (2007, April 29) Modern technology has created more problems than solutions in society. WordPress. Retrieved from http:www. wordpress. com 3. ScienceDaily. (2009, June 16) Advances in Medical Technology. What does the future hold? Retrieved from http:www. sciencedaily. com 4. Graham,B. (1995. Feb. 22) Pentagon planners try to keep up with high-tech revolution. Retrieved from ProQuest database.


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