Ad is presentation of some merchandises by agencies of telecasting. newspaper. wireless. hoardings. magazines. cyberspace and movies in order to increase their gross revenues. The chief aims of advertisement are ; increasing the use of a certain merchandise. making new clients and increasing trade name acknowledgment. to obtain feedback from clients sing a certain merchandise and to bespeak debut of new merchandises. However it has both some advantages and disadvantages.

We search the monetary values of merchandises before shopping and we by and large try to acquire the cheapest merchandise with same quality. At this point advertisements assist us by giving information about markets. They besides give information to us about belongingss of merchandises. Ad facilitates a noticeable addition in the sale of the merchandise. It therefore reduces per unit cost of the merchandise and assist the concerns to gain net incomes. In add-on. advertisement additions gross revenues. employment and net incomes. The overall consequence of all this is economic advancement for the state. or more loosely for the universe as a whole.

On the other manus. it has some disadvantages. First of all. people are influenced by them severely particularly kids and adolescents. For case. large companies ever use beautiful misss on their commercials so. kids and adolescents want to be every bit beautiful as these misss. In add-on. advertizements force people to purchase new merchandises even though they don’t need. By this manner they waste much money and their budget is besides damaged by them.

The chief ends of advertizements are inform people by presenting new merchandises and supply benefits for manufacturers. However it has some advantages and disadvantages. At this point people should seek to supply benefits from them. They shouldn’t gravitate and they should take the most suited one for our budget in advertised merchandises.

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