Modern science and techonology are getting increasingly popular in education today, ranging from personal computers to intellectual science labs. On my part, they are undoubtedly beneficial to students rather than detrimental. It’s undeniable that the Internet brought human beings to a whole new world, where people can exchange information freely and rapidly, so why don’t we draw upon it as a way to guide the students through learning?

Thanks to the Internet, we no longer have to carry the tedious dictionarys or textbooks. Instead, online searching websites especially Google and Wikipedia begin helping both the teachers and the youngsters to collect information effectivey. Another advantage of techonology practised in education is the convenience of contacting your classmates and professers at all times and places, maybe with the help of a social network or simply emails, witch enables us to discuss problems in studys.

Thirdly, downloading the vast amout of shared resources, including videos, ebooks, music and podcasts, is also a grow trend among modern-day school boys and girls. Who ever thought of watching a Harvard lecture right here in China at your home decades ago? Distance education is drawing attention around the globe just in recent years. We could indeed describe modern technology as a significant contribution to nowadays education.

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Millions of students, no matter young or elder, have apparently adapted to this innovative way of acquiring knowledge, for exemple my own friends. Charline, the top student of our class, excels in all especially english. “I practise reading and listening on foreign websites, such as BBC, New York Times, and National Geographic,” She said, “Exploiting techonologies of our time appropriately can be an ideal way to enrich ourselves…” Despite all these, we should still acknoledge that modern technology education is not perfect.

A collective case of cheating with advanced intellectual mobile phones was unveiled to public in one of the most prestigious high school in the US, which blemish the reputation of “technology”. Besides, the Internet or the Apple cop. products may distract students from their works on hand, which would be very annoying of course. Consequently, schools should launch programmes restricting these activities, and make sure technology is placed properly in daily education.


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