a) What systems should Brian implement in order to start changing the human capital practices in the Beachside Hotel? * In order to start changing the Human Capital practices at Beachside Hotel, there needs to be a serious shift in the culture there. Since Brian did not have any human resource background, he does not get involved in hiring, training and ensuring that these functions are used to build a stronger service culture. That is why Mary the human resource practitioner was put into place because she couldn’t work with customers yet now she is in charge of the employees.

Hence Brian needs to get involved in building stronger culture by making sure that he works with Mary to make sure that she is focused on people and creating a positive atmosphere through training and development of people currently employed at Beachside Hotel. * Brian should start out by learning more about the human capital in his own hotel first and getting himself immersed in the people of the company. The service profit chain starts internal to the organization and then looks to the external guest. Brian could then observe some of the human resource practices that are being used at sunrise hotel and apply them to his own hotel.

For example Joe gets involved in all the hiring at sunrise hotel as well as training. Brian can do this by focusing on the top management at Beach side Hotel and also taking pride in people that work for him. * Brian needs to focus on hiring the correct people for the various jobs at the Beachside hotel and should then work with each person to determine what it would take to get them to be satisfied in their jobs. Training and development not only gives people the skills that they need to be successful in their jobs hence creating a sense of connection with their jobs and hence customer satisfaction. Brian’s job is to fix the beachside hotel, there will be need to be an initial investment in order to get the human capital practices to a point where there are some significant improvements. These improvements will hopefully drive the service level up at the hotel and thus drive occupancy and repeat customers.

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* Regular and thorough performance reviews, this will help Brian in appraisal of his employees which will in turn help him in human resource planning incase of promotion of some workers or laying off redundant labour. Brian should also have round table discussions with employees to focus on their needs in order to get to know what they think can be done to improve the performance of Beach side hotel since it is the employees that interact with the customers this in turn will not only boost the performance of the Hotel but also the customer satisfaction. * Brian should also hold incentive programs to reward employees for positive performance toward the objectives of the organization this will help to keep employees in the loop regarding performance and hence boosting the performance of beachside hotel.


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