Adventure athleticss have seen a enormous growing is the last six to seven old ages and the future looks really bright. The authorities is besides making its spot in order to advance adventure touristry in India. The Indian touristry industry has a batch of myriad participants who want to latch on the chances that beckon in this field of the industry. But the industry and its participants continue to be a house of upset.

This paper looks into the clear and present chance that lies in front of the Indian Tourism Industry in the signifier of Adventure Travel, and analysis the assorted facets that need to be kept in head as the investors go out in hunt for the suited clients to hard currency in on this multimillion dollar check.


“ A adult male can non detect new oceans unless he has the bravery to lose sight of the shore ” , were the words of the celebrated Gallic baronial laureate Andre Gide and the increasing demand for the escapade athleticss indicates that people have entered the twenty-first century with renewed bravery to happen enjoyment in the bangs of the escapade filled out-of-door activities. Therefore, it can be seen like leisure touristry, adventure athleticss is going an built-in determiner behind the touristry kineticss.

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As a topic for academic analysis, touristry can be said has reached a phase of comparative adulthood. A insouciant reappraisal of diaries functioning the capable country reveals a figure that have been in being for over 25 old ages ( e.g. , Tourism Management, Annals of Tourism Research ) , with the Journal of Travel Research printing its 45th one-year volume in 2007. Similarly, the scope of diaries reveals the diverseness of issues considered ( e.g. , Tourism Geographies, Tourism Economics, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, and Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing ) .

With the apparent comparative deficiency of research in the country of Adventure Sports Tourism, it would be reasonable to turn to research in the country of advancing the assorted subjects of escapade athleticss by incorporating it with operations of touristry direction. This research will look into the increasing demand for the escapade athleticss, interrupting with the cultural and geographical conformity of conventional vacations and trips, and will analyze the potency for it to tap efficaciously.


Research in the field of athleticss touristry has burgeoned over the last decennary. In a survey conducted by a celebrated publication, unsurprisingly, the most studied activity was major event athleticss touristry like Olympics, World Cups, etc. ( 40 % of articles ) , with out-of-door and adventure athleticss touristry ( 29 % ) and skiing and winter athleticss ( 15 % ) being the other two important areas.1 This being a clear indicant of the increasing demand for the escapade athleticss, the aim of this paper will be to analyze the feasibleness of selling, carry oning and profiting from such events specifically in India.

This market survey will loosely dwell of two parts which will assist the readers decide the preparedness and the viability of the adventure athleticss market.

Part-1 discusses the constructs and attacks that might inform an analysis of escapade athleticss in Indian market.

And part-2 will carry on a critical rating and the finding factors of puting in this country of concern.

“ If you ‘re non populating on the border, you ‘re taking up excessively much infinite. “ Overall, the reader should after sing a personal position should be able to find the likely success of new merchandise or service thoughts.

PART – 1

THE Service

Landscape and topography of India lends itself to assortment of Adventure Sports activities. Not many people would hold, due to its undiscovered avenues, that India is a topographic point where one can indulge in legion escapade activities, if non all. Definition of escapade is different for different individual and best thing about adventure touristry in India is that it provides adventure athleticss runing from soft escapade to active and utmost escapade. Soft escapades are ideal for household and childs and necessitate really small or no accomplishment and experience. Extreme escapade in India can be physically and mentally demanding and necessitate good experience.

The service which is being discussed here has two facets to it one being the touristry in India and the other being the escapade athleticss. These two complement each other in the manner that for a client the demand for one of the above may frequently take to the demand for the other. For e.g. for person sing Manali, in the Northern portion of India for a Holiday, a opportunity visit to the snow capped Rohtang Pass may promote the seeking of skiing which is promoted in the country. Thus it makes sense to look into both of these facets separately to acquire a holistic position of the service being provided i.e. Adventure Travel.


Tourism for long has promised to be a dawn industry for India. India is blessed with a huge scope of practically everything that a successful touristry offer needs – from mountains to rivers to history to faith and civilization. The economic and political instance for investings is besides politically attractive. Tourism promises an influx of difficult currency and at the same clip besides promotes good will. It creates demand for a assortment of industries like conveyances, hotels, handcrafts, amusement and so on. With improved touristry in India the overall quality of life is certain to better over a period of clip.

And yet India seems to be unusually unenrgetic in doing money out of touristry. The state of affairs is instead pathetic and the undermentioned statistics emphasise that fact:

India ‘s portion of planetary touristry market – 0.67 %

Number of tourers sing India – 2.6 million against China ‘s – 37 million.

In footings of touristry grosss as portion of GDP India ‘s Rank is – 124th

The spirit, coherence, and vision that have spurred India to the top of the pile in diverse industries is missing in this sector. The absence of incorporate vision is compounded by a deficiency of enterprise and tardiness in implementing policies.

In a survey conducted on Indian Tourism, it has been stated that, “ while there exists an ability to put at that place besides exists an equal grade of involuntariness to interrupt away from the beaten way and take hazards. ”

The state is sitting on a practical gold mine with a wealth of sights cultural exuberance, diverseness of terrain and that particular something that merely India can present. Tourism has the potency to make something bigger than what IT has done for India.

Precedence should be given for development of tourer substructure in selected countries of tourer importance and for those merchandises which are considered to be in demand in the bing and future markets so that limited resources are put to the best usage


IIndia, one of the most bewitching, uncomparable and inspiring travel finishs all over the universe, is a true hoarded wealth trove for the escapade enthusiasts. India has all the perfect ingredients that enchant its tourers with existent merriment and exhilaration.


The Himalayas offer you some of the toughest and most exciting river runs in the universe. River athleticss in the rapids are the most popular, throughout the summers and can truly acquire your epinephrine pumping.

White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Snorkelling or Scuba Diving if there is a construct of H2O athletics in Adventure you can happen it in this state.


Beginning: World Tourism Organisation

WHERE DO YOU Desire TO GO? You can trek for one twenty-four hours or one month ; backpack all your cogwheel and inquire off in the natural state or amble comfortably with merely a shoulder bag, H2O and camera whilst animate beings transport your bivouacing cogwheel, heavy luggage and logistic tonss. You may put a ambitious gait and travel over hard classs and high base on ballss or merely amble along, basking the wild nature, brilliant scenery, unsophisticated lives of people remaining close to nature, halting when you please, chew the fating with your comrades, hammering new relationships and stashing a fund of intriguing memories to care for.

More utmost ways of trekking are Rock Climbing and Mountaineering. Rock Climbing as a athletics it took off merely about 15 old ages ago. Rock mounting uses a lower limit of AIDSs and the challenge is to happen the toughest path and graduated table in the least possible clip. The handiness of good mounting stones non excessively far from the metropolis gets greater entree and engagement from professionals every bit good as from the amateurs likewise.

Mountaineering takes topographic point at biggest escapade resort area in the universe -the Himalayas. Mountaineering is a serious activity undertaken with the primary end of making a mountain ‘s acme. It requires a high grade of fittingness and experience. Due to its high equipment costs and complexness, it is largely taken up by foreign tourer coming to India.

Himalaya promises every climber their portion of escapade, which lures them to the mountains.

AERO Experience

Merely like on the land, there are assorted adventure chances in the air excessively. Man has for times immemorial, longed to glide and surge like a bird in the sky. Parasailing and Paragliding are so, experiences which combine the admiration of smooth seafaring in the air and the bang of surging high. Once in the air, you experience the aeriform repose of the athletics. It is an experience that is, surprisingly, thrilling every bit good as becalming.

Other Activities

Other utmost athleticss include the likes of skiing which is seasonal in nature and can be merely carried out during the winters.

Another really popular activity is bungee leaping which can be carried out even in the urban countries with the aid of the needed substructure.

The possible MARKET AREAS

Popular Finishs


Himachal Pradesh is a complex mosaic of hills, exuberant green vales and snow-clad extremums. The name itself originates from the antediluvian Sanskrit – hima ( snow ) and achal ( that which can non be moved ) .

This land of captivation and enigma with its antique civilization kindles deep involvement and bids respect. It is full with heavy woods, fast-flowing rivers, terraced Fieldss, snow-clad mountains, little fantasy world small towns and friendly common people – all adding to its appeal! Himachal Pradesh is besides a hoarded wealth trove of ancient humanistic disciplines and trades and rich traditions.

PRO ‘s

Established touristry Infrastructure like Hotels etc.

Abundance of natural resources for carry oning activities.

Excellent govt. Support in puting up of new ventures.

Trained Human resources available.

CON ‘s

Market filled with unstructured net income devising activities.

Overcrowding of popular tourer Centres.

Local opposition nowadays will impact the concern.

Many countries unaccessible.


Goa is a Eden for H2O athleticss lovers and has ever appealed beach partisan and H2O athleticss lovers. The long coastal stretches offer tonss of chances to indulge in all kinds of water-sport activities and besides to seek on some new watery exhilaration. Surfboard the seas or float across the skies, the options of athletics enjoyment is ne’er stoping in Goa. One can ne’er acquire tired of aqualung plunging into the wreckage of the colonial ships. The para-gliding, para-sailing, acquatics athleticss, water-skiing and air current surfboarding will be wholly thrilling.

Beginning: Ministry of Tourism, GOI

PRO ‘s

105km of coastline provides ample chance for implementing advanced thoughts.

As shown above, Goa has the largest turnover of tourers in India.

Easy handiness with good route and rail conveyance and to the full functional Intl ‘ Airport.

CON ‘s

Lack of jurisprudence and order.

Poor conveyance installations within Goa.

Untrained cordial reception staff.

High costs due to black selling.

Untapped Finishs

North-East Region

The rich natural beauty, repose and alien vegetations and zoologies of the country are priceless resources for the development of ecotourism. The part is endowed with diverse tourer attractive forces and each State has its ain distinguishable characteristics. North East India presents some really outstanding and ambitious escapade athleticss in India for the escapade enthusiasts coming from all over.

PRO ‘s

Untapped Market.

Ideal Terrain for escapade athleticss.

Readily available human resource which can be trained harmonizing to the demands.

Government of India attaches great importance to the development of tourer substructure in the North Eastern part in position of its huge touristry potency.

CON ‘s

Lack of substructure.

Climatic appendages are difficult to get the better of in some parts.

Social unrest can be upseting.


This UT does non hold any other competitory advantage that comes even remotely close to touristry, because of the beauty and copiousness of its natural resources. There ‘s enormous range for escapade athleticss, aqualung plunging & A ; snorkel diving, swimming, sun-bathing, trekking and merely soaking in nature at its most beautiful. However, till now, in the absence of a specifically stated touristry policy and a strategic execution program, and any additions accruing are more through serendipity instead than witting attempt.

PRO ‘s

Popular amongst both local and international tourers.

Tourism is the chief stay of the part, therefore all the development is centred towards the substructure for tourists activities.

Easy handiness of human resources.

CON ‘s

Not an accessible part as going from mainland takes tonss of clip and money.

Dearth of basic substructure in countries except for the capital Port Blair.

Therefore the analysis of the assorted parts indicates that Indian Tourism has tonss of untapped potency. Apparent deficiency of policy or vision from the authorities has resulted in its inability to scale up substructure. If that is taken attention of there can a rush in the figure of tourer indulgence in escapade travel.

Target Customers

Over the last 10 old ages, India has witnessed significant alterations in its leisure and travel picks and demands. This can be attributed to the quickly turning economic system, supported by globalization and denationalization, which has lead to increased disbursement power and greater leisure clip. Now, alternatively of passing a vacation being herded around in a circuit coach, the sophisticated Indian traveler wants ‘experience-oriented ‘ holidaies. This has made adventure touristry a peculiarly exciting field to be in. Harmonizing to Pranav Kukreti, Director, Marketing, of Treks ‘n ‘ Rapids, “ The psychological science of the modern Indian traveler has changed wholly. Gone are the yearss when they were happy with merely remaining in a resort in Shimla or Nainital. Now, they want exhilaration and escapade, ”

The touristry industry fetches two million escapade tourers and is turning at over 35 per cent yearly. It is estimated that India has the possible to pull another half a million foreign adventure tourers. The domestic market is besides set to see a tenfold growing in the following five old ages. This rise can be majorly attributed to the altering consumer behavior of the urban population.

It will be appropriate to split the survey of the clients into Domestic and International.


The cardinal socio-economic tendencies which have contributed to the addition in demand of the escapade athleticss can be listed as follows:

Middle Class – The size of the in-between category households have stated shriveling with turning industrialisation, while their pockets have grown bigger and bigger. With the acceptance of construct of atomic households the size of the households has gone down from 8-4 and 4-2. The leisure clip that the members of the household acquire to pass together is sooner spent on quality vacations. Therefore, escapade travel offers an first-class chance for the people to do their childs have fun while they rejuvenate themselves from the crazing office agendas.

Urban Youth – Young persons have ever had a strong impulse to be non-conformist, and this behavior is apparent in their disbursement determinations excessively. Now with this impulse being supported by ample disbursement power, Indian young person is raring to bask the bangs of escapade athleticss. Jawaharlal Nehru had talked about India ‘s Tryst with Destiny at the shot of midnight hr, India ‘s latest rendezvous with fate, BPO, is every bit connected to the midnight hr. This rendezvous is besides approximately independency: the independency of the Indian young person. To the delectation of the sellers, the ‘youth ‘ market they ‘ve been trailing all these old ages eventually has a recognition card with no supervised disbursement bound.

Corporate Promoted Activities – Another windfall for the industry has been created by the corporate sector with about 70 per cent of the demand for escapade Tourss arising from here. Tour operators have particular two to three twenty-four hours bundles for corporate squads. The thought here is to associate athleticss with accomplishments like clip and stress direction or working under force per unit area. The exercising is meant to rejuvenate every bit good as re-skill.

Datas of Foreign Travellers

Beginning: MoT, GOI, Annual Report

Adventurous Kids – The childs at present have more autonomy and act uponing power in the household. They are good networked ( read societal networking ) , good informed and societal. The ability of the childs to peck their affluent in doing them buy material for them is known as “ pester power ” . This pester power is besides enabling them to set about assorted school trips and escapade cantonments where they enjoy with their single societal groups.

International TOURISTS

India is emerging really strongly as a trade name. With the curiousness about India lifting all over the universe, more and more foreign tourers are coming to India to see its vibrant civilizations. But while they visit the popular finish it can be a good value add-on for their trip if they can be offered an experience of river rafting in the rapids of the Ganges or a paragliding experience may attach to their Sun tanning on beaches of the Goa.

The foreign tourers have high disbursement power and if the substructure and quality escapade athleticss installations are available to their discretion, the boosters can be rest assured of a important part to their balance sheets in dollars.

The planetary meltdown combined with the Mumbai onslaughts have spelt catastrophe for the touristry industry with foreign tourer reachings dropping by 2.1 % and foreign exchange net incomes down by 12.5 % .A

Staggering from these statistics, the touristry ministry is sing several sops for the cordial reception and travel industry. Amongst these include offering free air travel and adjustment to foreign tourers who visit India for the 3rd clip. “ This move, if approved, will intend encouraging echt Indophiles and is in line with our attempt to promote repetition travelers, ” an functionary from the Ministry of Tourism said while turn toing the media.

Bespeaking the Significant growing of the in-between category

Increasing Spending Power of the Domestic Market

PART – 2

Now that we have looked into the assorted features of the escapade travel in India, it will be propitious to look into the assorted profitableness and marketability facets related to the concern of Adventure Travel.

Sing Adventure Travel to be a trade name, the selling mix ( given in footings of 4P ‘s by Philip Kotler ) of trade name Adventure Travel can be:

Product – Adventure travel should place itself as one of the competitory options when it comes to pulling tourers. Marketing escapade travel needs particular focal point on act uponing the psychological science of the position clients by act uponing them with its nucleus competences of bang and adrenaline haste. A synergic attitude between the authorities bureaus and the private parties can take the quality of escapade athleticss to a universe category degree and advance a rush of tourers to see its exhilaration.

Collaborating with Major media houses to advance Adventure Travel in IndiaPrice – Hotel monetary values in the U.S start at around $ 300 ( ) whereas the mean rate for a gilded room in India is about $ 100 merely. Therefore if the installations for escapade athleticss are produced at a big graduated table in India its monetary values will certainly be low, due to the low labor cost and fabrication costs. Within the sector the competitory pricing of the escapade travel will depend on the coaction between the service suppliers and the service facilitator. i.e. the parties which are able to supply a complete bundle to its clients including, travel, adjustment and the escapade activities will be more in demand as their operations cost will be significantly low and at the same clip degree of convenience really high.

Place – Though we have so far talked about the tourer finishs as being the ideal topographic points for supplying this service, it may non be a bad determination to hold such activities in the countries in the locality of the metropoliss. By supplying such services at a comparatively accessible distances the rate of new clients coming to see the new and the talked about activities will be more. And it may besides be easier for the working executives to take out some clip from their agenda, like an jaunt on the weekends. This though will be a wholly strategic determination maintaining in head the rivals and the assorted options in manus. While this scheme may non work in a metropolis like Delhi which has assorted hill-stations in the locality but may work rather good in metropolis like Ahmedabad where the people have a important disbursement power and non many similar options either.

Promotion – If escapade travel in India has to be established as a planetary trade name, foremost the communicating needs to travel out to the primary audience, i.e. the one billion people of this state. If the authorities, the media and the trade organic structures are able to act upon a portion of the population, they can distribute the word, which in this age of networking will certainly distribute like fire. Collaborative selling attempts affecting the bargainers, the media houses, authorities and a good web of trade name embassadors can supply a structured and a long term attack to trade name development of Adventure Travel in India. For e.g. join forcesing with the GOI ‘s Incredible India! Campaign and prosecuting the celebrated Hindi films star Akshay Kumar ( who is good known for his action and stunts ) will travel a long manner in set uping a trade name image in the heads of the Indian clients.


Water Sport & A ; Adventure Tourism at Indira Sagar

Madhya Pradesh has a broad scope of adventure athleticss such as wildlife sanctuaries, mountains, rivers that make MP an alien topographic point to see, which is pulling the domestic every bit good as the international tourers.

Apart from these natural parts the Government of MP is meaning to advance other parts such as Indira Sagar H2O reservoir for touristry. The GoMP has proposed to come-up with the Adventure Tourism Zone at Indira Sagar in Khandwa territory.

This Zone would hold two stages wherein one stage would be developed near the mentioned reservoir and the 2nd stage would be developed on the island formed near the dike.

The Zone would hold assorted H2O athleticss, trekking, mountaineering installations along with the traditional adjustment installations.

The undertaking is expected to pull tourers chiefly from the State and other parts of the Country.

The proposed location is good connected with the major metropoliss of the State through route and rail.

Private Players have been invited to set about the proposed undertaking wherein the Private Player would construct, ain, maintain and run the undertaking.


The premier ground for addition in demand for adventure athleticss is the growing young person touristry which has been identified as one of the largest sections of planetary and domestic touristry. The turning figure of immature travelers is being fuelled by a figure of factors such as increased engagement in higher instruction, falling degree of youth unemployment, increased travel budget through parental part, pursuit for exciting and alone experiences and cheaper long distance travel. These immature travelers form a major contribute to gamble touristry gross.


The State Government would help the private investor in identifying, immediate blessing and clearance of the suited land for the undertaking. Further, the Government would besides do basic substructure available at the site such as H2O, electricity, route etc. The State Government has identified adventure/ eco touristry as cardinal section of touristry and gives some inducements specific to the industry.

This instance survey gives the clear indicant that this is an approaching country of concern and has immense potency and the best manner forward is join forcesing the attempt towards successful trade name edifice.



Entry of transnational bureaus to rule the concern.

Lack of Govt. Support

Low operational cost for the unorganized sector

Generic competition with other tourers attractive forces.


High growing rate of leisure travel

Rising influence of Indian Middle category

Vacationing going a position symbol.

Corporate support to gamble Tourss and travels

More ingestion power.


High infrastructural cost.

Low degree of selling

Psychological opposition to gamble athleticss in Indian outlook.

Lack of coaction and networking among the bing participants.


Offering something new and exciting to the immense Indian Population.

Success abroad can be emulated domestically by coaction.

Increasing involvement of foreign tourers in India.

High growing potency

The market prosodies can be analysed by making a SWOT analysis of the escapade travel in India.



The per capita income of the Indian citizen rose by 12.7 % during the financial twelvemonth 2008-09. ( Reserve Bank of India ) .

The foreign tourers arrival in India registered a growing of 5.6 % during the twelvemonth 2008. ( Ministry of Tourism, Annual Report 2008-09 )

Both of the above mentioned statistics indicate an addition in the demand for the escapade travel services. While the domestic travelers will go on to direct their of all time increasing net incomes, the foreign tourers will go on to venture out to the lesser explored states like India.

Therefore, it is now in the custodies of the industry participants to tap the clear and present chance and move proactively with or without the coaction of the authorities governments to derive caput on advantage in the approaching field of concern in the touristry industry.


High Monetary value

High Quality

Low Price

Low Quality

As their state ‘s growing and recent success might propose, Indian consumers are among the most optimistic. A June 2008 Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index among 48 states found India to be the 2nd most optimistic state behind Norway with an index of 122 ( planetary norm was 88 ) .

They are besides greatly value-driven, with an outlook that values should be customized and adapted to Indian culture-not an easy undertaking when idioms change every 100 kilometers and about

three-fourthss of the population lives in hard-to-reach rural countries. Not surprisingly, the companies most likely to win with Indian consumers are those with the highest degrees of forbearance, resiliency and local apprehension.

But this assurance surprisingly non enjoyed by the Adventure Travel service presently available in the touristry market as it is being offered to the clients at a quality which is nowhere near to universe category and is comparative expensive option for the Indian consumer. The industry needs to join forces amongst itself and with the

support of the authorities attempt supplying extremely satisfactory Adventure travel to its clients at an low-cost monetary value. Merely so will it be able to market its merchandise convincingly and efficaciously to the clients, guaranting a growing oriented sustainable hereafter.


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