1. What does Twain carry through by utilizing Huck as storyteller? When Mark Twain uses Huck as storyteller. it allows the reader to derive an penetration on Huck Finn’s emotions and what his mentality is on a subject. The reader so can larn more about Huckleberry Finn and how he thinks.

2. What is the significance in the brush with the spider? The significance of the spider is to demo the reader that in older times. people were far more superstitious than they are in present­day. When Huck flings the spider into the candle’s fire. he sees it as a bad portents. which besides may bode for the coming struggle in the book.

3. How is Jim introduced?
In. ? The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? . the slave Jim is foremost introduced when Huck is mousing out of the widow’s family with Tom Sawyer and through the garden. Huck trips over a root by the kitchen. Within the kitchen is Jim. one of Miss Watson’s slaves. Jim hears the sound of Huck tripping and he goes to look into. Tom and Huck so crouch down on the land to conceal. Jim so announces he will remain until he finds out what made the noise. but so finally falls asleep.

4. What contrast between Huck and Tom is established?
In chapter’s 1­4. the contrast between Huck and Tom that is established is that Huck is more of an foreigner and Tom is popular. During the talk in the cave. Tom is the considered the leader within the group. whereas Huck is more of an castaway since he has no household. 5. What is important in Jim’s narrative of the enchantresss? The significance of Jim’s narrative of the enchantresss is that everyone lies. At the beginning of the first chapter. the reader establishes the fact of how everyone has lied some point or another. When Jim speaks of how enchantresss rode him across the state. it gives the reader an illustration of how person lied.

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6. What wit is involved in the usage of the word “ransom” ? During Tom’s gang’s treatment in the cave. they debate the significance of the word ‘ransom. ’ Since Tom has read robber books. he speaks of keeping adult females in their cave until their ‘ransomed. ’ Finally. the boys semen to the decision that ransom means decease. and that they will maintain adult females in the cave until decease.

7. What two facets of faith are presented?
In ? The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? . Twain nowadayss satirizes the two different facets of lip service and use in faith.

8. What is the significance of Huck’s comment that rubbing his “magic” lamp and ring had “all the Markss of a Sunday school” ? The significance of Huck’s comment is that Sunday School was let downing for him and the “magic” lamp wasn’t truly charming. Since the lamp didn’t have any thaumaturgy. it disappointed him.


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