Advertising is an evolution of techniques and human interaction and Is helped with the technological advances and the creation of consumer and customers relations; I believe that advertisement has created awareness In the new advanced world we live in that connects all the people. I will discuss the advertisement piece throughout the essay and emphasize its aspects throughout the research done the advertisement I chose is about BP, it is a multinational company that provides oil and gas.

It is known to be one the strongest and most trusted companies in the whole world due to the feet amount of shares in the world economy and the large revenue It produces every year. An employee that works in the company promotes BP graduate program. Lastly does the advertisement; he works In the Procurement and Supply Chain Management. Lastly promotes the graduate program by talking about his own experience. He was recruited normally through regular process and now he is in the place where he feels appreciated.

He came through the normal recruitment cycle and he is one of many that talked about their experience in this BP campaign to promote the graduate program. BP in the advertisement asks the viewers if they are up for the challenge to become part of the graduate program. Advertisements has transformed in the past years into interaction between the customer and the producer which allows for more efficient results with a variety in the target audience reached.

The AID model can be applied for this advertisement, the advertisement attracts attention by beginning with a powerful statement which states that ” everything we do In the society depends on how much energy we have, it underpins the growth of the economy worldwide”. By getting Lastly in the picture and stating that he has applied in a normal procedure and talking about how he developed gains the interest of the viewer and helps the viewer listen to a trusted source about his experience in the company.

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As Interest and desire are both connected in the AID model, Lastly talks to the viewers has promote the Idea of applying In the graduate program Like what he did. The mall goal of the advertisement Is to promote BP In general, to emphasize more about this point, Lastly states that BP are Like a family and the working environment is an experience that will help you achieve your goals. The last part of the AID model Is action, after Lastly talked about his great experience in the company and with interest and desire raised; the ending of the advertisement asks the viewers a question ” Are you ready for the challenge? This question helps the viewers to talk action and apply for the graduate program. As Shank (1999) stated that models such as the AID model Is a catalyst for a number of academic research and it is still used till the moment in different advertisements. The use of AID model is clear especially in the last part where BP directly asks if you re up for a challenge like this. The advertisement target audience is Important and well constituted; the advertisement Is clearly for graduates that are seeking a well-established future by a essential in our lives by stating that everything we do is connected to energy we consume.

Consumers usually look at the advertisements for symbolic resources (Mock and Bull, 1992). Life projects are created through self-development and power to increase your knowledge. In the advertisement Lastly talks about how he is achieving and planning to achieve more in the next 5 to 10 years, which reflects life rejects. This advertisement is lacking data analysis, as it is not possible to measure the scores for genders that view this advertisement.

The use of the city fast forwarding in the beginning of the advertisement reflects on what’s said that energy is essential in our lives. The design of the picture off friendly environment and by saying that employers helped with all they can creates the picture that BP wants to show. The advertisement can be considered as a post modern as it uses visual media and connect with the viewers in a more emotional indirect way. Advertisement reduces the appearance of use value (Proctor 2002); the visual media is delivered through images and visual language.

The interaction between the consumer and the producer is vital in this way of advertisement as it creates a relationship with the consumer. As there is no specific story line for the advertisement, the consumer is focusing more on Lagoon’s life experience in BP than what is really the graduate program gives the consumer. This way is to get the consumer to be played in terms of emotions and get them to apply to experience this attractive life style that Lastly is going through. The style of this advertisement is different than other way to advertise the company’s graduate program.

As it is normal to talk about prices and what the company gives the graduate in terms of education, its twisted in a way that someone like the target audience is giving the interview and how good this company is. The advertisement due to technological advances will always be available for everyone to watch owing to the fact that everyone is connected and the Internet is essential to everyone; which is an advantage due to its long time this advertisement can be promoted for, as the Internet is always available.

The advertisement had different purposes, it was giving information and promoting a service, but in general it was promoting the company as a whole. There was no specific product promoted. The advertisement opens with a view of the city and a narrative, it was words that are considered wise to give to the advertisement this depth needed for trustworthiness. The advertisement shows the facilities of the work place to show legitimacy of the advertisement. It shows that the working environment is friendly and work-oriented.

Halfway through the ad a close up to Lagoon’s watch, which shows that it is highly, ricer watch. This shows that people coming through the graduate program can make it and become rich which is one of the main objectives of the graduate program. It is sort of a preview of what will happen to the target audience when they take the move and begin working for the company. The advertisement contains a dialogue prepared by one person throughout the whole advert.

Lastly stated in the advert that the most important factor in BP that the employer are making them feel valued which is reasonable due to how large the corporation is. People tend to work harder when they are valued. The advertisement is to change the state of mind of corporate life which is a part of the post modern era in advertising. As stated in (Proctor, 2002) how advertising works focus on What people do with the advertisement’ rather than ‘ what advertisement do to people’.

Proctor (2002) also advocated that the production of the advertisement should give a symbolic meaning for people to always link it with the product or service. The language used is crucial as Lastly describe his experience in the company in the most emotional way, and with the visuals that show the happy experience of the employees creates the atmosphere that any co-worker or employee needs in the working environment. The link between what the company does which is deliver oil and gas on daily basis to customers all over the world reflects the atmosphere of the company. Learning and being able to develop personally’ this was stated by Lastly when he was talking. Viewers must link that important word said by him because they viewers need to be more interpretive in this advertisement. The use of these words as well should be linked emotionally to the people watching. The manipulation through the use of the emotional words with the slow music at the background is a major quinine of convincing the viewers toward the graduate program. The advertisement is a non-traditional one due to the way it is showed to the people.

BP does not provide an offer to the people by stating that they have the best of something, but they are getting what the people interested are more interested in which is the employee’s satisfaction, which is clearly stated that the Job experience is one of a kind. It’s a risky way of promoting the service they offer, but effective because they connect with viewers and show it as a short documentary or a short personal experience story. The advertisement in general is a new way of promoting a service produced by a multi-national company.

Creating a non-traditional advertisement is a risky way of promoting a service. I believe the advertisement suits the target audience but in my opinion due to the views counted on the website, the advertising campaign seems to not have reached a reasonable amount of views considering the size of a company such as BP. Communication in the market allowed a connection between the audience and the producer to create a wide reach of customers through technological advances, which dedicated more time into developing resources and operation itself.

Thus, it can be understood that throughout the evolution of advertising techniques, communication between viewers and producers helped ease the way for the firms to know the market needs and apply it for the consumer satisfaction. In this piece of marketing communication, BP have connected with the viewers through a marketing campaign and created the picture they needed to show in a non-traditional way of advertising. The practice of marketing communication are developing by businesses and consumers and new techniques of advertising are transforming and


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