When I was shoping the cyberspace. an advertizement caught my attending. It was a Nike skateboarding advertizement. The cartridge holder has a nice soundtrack. proficient fast ones. good gait and nice scenery. When you see that advertizement. it will assist to alter your temper for the twenty-four hours. The picture focuses on the Nike places line known as SB stuff shot. Nike. by understanding its audience. has created an effectual advertizement through the cyberspace.

This advertizement runs for 2 proceedingss. It shows people from assorted states skateboarding and everyplace have oning SB stuff shot. On the pavements in Los Angeles. the skateboarders use the grinding rails to skid with skateboards. In New York. they use benches to make fast ones and slide. In Italy. the skaters play in the park near a beautiful river. and in conclusion the vitamin D shows skateboarders skating down the inclines in the San Francisco country. Most of the topographic points contain graffiti art in their milieus. This gives us the ambiance of a street civilization. The picture besides shows an event that took topographic point in USA where there were tonss of professional and celebrated skateboarders have oning SB stuff shot taking autographs. The terminal of the advertizement shows the Nike SB logo.

Back in its earliest yearss. Nikes merchandise still carried the authoritative Nike logo without the SB at the right underside. However. in 2005. Nike has started altering the logo by adding SB at the underside of the logo. which stands for skateboarding. This could do the people distinguish its skateboarding line from another Nike merchandise such as tennis. association football and even hoops. In an advertizement. the theoretical account are have oning the Nike logo with SB on it. The Nike SB logo that appears in this cartridge holder is white on a black background. I think that this colour is really alone and simple. Both of these colourss are good for advertisement. They are used to mean power and make a sense that the company is professionalThe picture besides uses linguistic communication to appeal to consumers. There are three quotation marks that appear in the advertizement. The first quotation mark is Master Technician. I think that this quotation mark is seeking to state us that when you wear these places. you will get the hang the techniques in skateboarding.

The 2nd quotation mark isSerious Commitment. For most people who purchase these places. they believe that have oning the places will acquire them to perpetrate earnestly to skateboarding. The last quotation mark is. Limited Edition. Most of the people in that advertizement are have oning limited edition places. One of them is called the Heineken SB stuff shot places. which are really limited and the monetary value is really high. get downing from 500 dollars. The colour provided and the form of the places is designed by creative persons in Holland. Until now there are merely 65 types of places. but non all of them are limited. The other limited places that attract my eyes in the advertizement are the jean places. The jean places. more limited than Heineken places and the monetary value are more than one thousand dollars. This great advertizement will pull attending of the childs to purchase the Nike SB merchandise and it could be the enviousness on 6h3e streets among skaters. Skateboarders are persons who desire to stand out among the people. Therefore. they likely love the fact that there arent many others who are have oning the same places.

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This advertizement is aiming adolescents who are skaters. This thought is seemingly seeking to aim male group and non the female. By demoing assorted states. and the autograph session by professional skaters. it is seeking to picture that the places worn by celebrated skaters who are besides famous persons around the universe. If skaters see this advertizement. they will believe they could be like one of the professionals when they are have oning the places. They besides show fabulous skateboarding fast one. Skaters will presume that by have oning the Nike SB. they could execute like the professional in the advertizement. The places are worn by Tony Hawk. Mark Appleyard. Pj Ladd and other celebrated skaters.

Although most of the music in the advertizement features Rock and Hip Hop. which are associated with adolescents and skateboarding. Nike SB promotes its merchandises in advertizement otherwise. Alternatively of Rock or Hip Hop music for the skateboarding advertizement. Nike uses a classical. soft and comfy music for us to bask while watching the advertizement. In this commercial. the beautiful scenery in different states shows that the places are appropriate and comfy to have on in every location.

Nikes top of the line skateboarding merchandise is chiefly places. Nike launched this line in 2002 to come in quickly turning skateboarding market. I think by doing this advertizement. the company could increase more attractive force for the people particularly the skateboarders. Skateboarding still are a comparatively little community. non plenty to pull serious involvements from major shoe shapers while they were combating out in the cherished hoops district. I think that this advertizement gives Nike a opportunity to derive land in the skateboarding market. To pull and set up itself as a major force in the market. Nike. has successfully made this advertizement for skaters.

Work CitedNike SB advertizement. The name of the web site is exclusive salvation. Date posted was 4 February 2006 07:14p. m. Date I looked at the advertizement was 2 March 2006 ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. soleredemption. com )


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