After Erasmus laid the egg for Reformation, Martin Luther came along to hatch it. Martin Luther was a monk in the Catholic Church. He also was a professor at the University of Wittenberg, where he lectured the Bible to his students. While studying the Bible, Luther got answers to a question he had always wanted to know, and he also discovered that for him and other protestants that the Bible was the only valid source of religious truth. Luther’s question he had been asking himself his whole life was about the certainty of salvation.  In the Catholic religion they believe that faith and good work are what determine wether or not you end up in Heaven or Hell. However Luther did not agree with this. He thought that people could never do enough good work to earn salvation from the almighty God. He figured that salvation was determined solely through faith, meaning that by the time someone is born, where they end up is already decided by God. This whole idea was called justification by nature. It became part of the Protestant Reformation. Some people saw Luther as a rebel against the Catholic Church, but he himself did not. He was very fed up with the abuse of selling indulgences in Church. He didn’t want people thinking that by donating money they were doing good work to help their salvation. Since this had angered Luther so much, he ended up posting his Ninety-Five Theses on the door at  Castle Church in Wittenberg. Many people were stunned by what he had to say. Thousands of copies were printed and contributed all throughout Germany.  A little after Luther posted his Ninety-five Thesis, he began to break more and more away from the Catholic Church. He was doing many things that people of the Catholic Church did not like. He called German princes to overthrow the papacy, he attacked the church’s sacraments, keeping only baptism and Eucharist, and he also called for the clergy to marry. Finally the pope, Paul III, excommunicated him. He was also given the opportunity to take everything he had done back and conform back to the Catholic Church ways, but he was too stubborn and refused. The edict of worms declared Luther to be an outlaw. All his work was to be burnt, and he was to be found Abdul sent ti the emperor. However Fredrick III didn’t want to see his subject killed so he sent him into hiding.


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