Drugs in athletics is an issue that is ever in the limelight. particularly during major athletic events such as the recent and extremely controversial. Tour De France. However. now the issue has risen to such an extent that athletics itself is about a side issue.

There have been legion drug flops over the old ages as more and more jocks succumb to the enticement of an easy win by utilizing steroids and assorted other performance-enhancing drugs. The defeat of continuously losing and the choler of happening that a drug-using jock had been banned. merely to come back and darnel once more. makes those who do non utilize illegal drugs wonder about the credibleness of the athletics.

There have besides been instances. where even though the jock was banned. they did non look to endure financially. This was proved in the instance of Ben Johnson. who was banned in 1988 for illegal drug usage but still had adequate money to purchase a fleet of athleticss autos.

Athletes would so inquire themselves. ‘What is the point in viing if the opposing jocks can utilize illegal drugs and frequently escape the effects? ’ This was proved in the recent Tour De France. where the Festina squad was expelled for drug usage. However shortly after that. a member from the Festina squad was chosen to

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All performance-enhancing drugs have some side effects. Some are potentially fatal. while others can do bosom or liver jobs. When jocks take these drugs. they frequently do non cognize the sum that they can take ‘safely’ . and as a consequence. many die from overdose. This was proved when cyclist Linton. died as a consequence of trimethyl overdose in 1886. Give modern illustrations.

There are merely two solutions to commanding or halting illegal drug use ; the first is to increase drug proving to cover every possible performance-enhancing drug ; and the other is to do all performance-enhancing drugs legal. The first solution is non feasible as it would necessitate an huge sum of support and at least 10 old ages before drug testing can go every bit sophisticated as the freshly made drugs. The latter solution. nevertheless. would non necessitate any of these impracticable techniques.

By doing performance-enhancing drugs legal. jocks who do non utilize drugs because of the hazard of acquiring caught. can now make so. They so would besides hold a opportunity of winning against the jocks who used to utilize drugs.

Because these drugs would be legalized. states would be able to transport out scientific research on them. This would let physicians to order ‘safe’ doses of these drugs to jocks and therefore they would non run the hazard of possible decease from drug overdose. The jocks do non recognize the dangers involved with drug pickings and physicians can assist them by stating them which drug is ‘safe’ and how much they should take of that drug.

Not merely that. it will eventually let us to acquire back to basking the athletics instead than debating the moralss of performance-enhancing drugs in athletics.


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