As it is, finding out that you have a terminal disease is a seriously disheartening circumstance. It is a hard hit of realizations that you will be losing your distant future, your personal goals, life becomes frail and subordinate. If you can imagine learning the simple statement that your life is ending much sooner than you had expected due to a disease that will slowly materialize throughout your body and stop the production of everything that sustains life, then you can understand that it would be very rough having other problems spring from here after.

It has been suggested, for the safety of the uninformed, that mandatory registration ake effect for carriers of the AIDS virus. This proposal would put an already problematic individual into more emotional jeopardy. Many things crucial in life would become even more difficult, creating a much larger problem than already present. Discrimination is very hard to prove. Yet is has been reported to the press from patients of the disease that business companies discriminate against aids carriers due to unsure life expectancy and attendance problems.

It is also likely that co-workers may not understand AIDS or be afraid of the disease and this could suggest a problem in comfort or both the victim of the illness and the other employees. Other problems include the issue that companies usually won t look fairly on people with unsure health insurance, and quite often, health insurance companies will not cover pre-existing conditions. Along with the freedom of speech and right to bear arms, there is also a right to privacy.

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Everyone is given the right to conserve personal information, so stated as consumer protection, be it health, criminal records, or financial history. Those who suffer from the AIDS virus are also protected from letting this information out of their hands. Any human being, despite his/her level of honesty, would want the decency of personal comfort. If one s disease, or any condition that would be criticized by society, were known to anyone who inquired, s/he would possibly suffer a degree of pain, discomfort, humility, or depression.

Had there been no controversy for this right, it would not exist. It is well-known due to observation, statements and complaints of millions, that America s government and printing presses, doctors and receptionists, are susceptible to error and mistake. This is a fact of human personality. A misprint or misdiagnosis could ause unnecessary chaos and distress. In my conclusion of reasons, there is not a good one for making the registration of AIDS carriers mandatory.

Along with my argument against this mandatory registration, I have another option for those who still disagree: perhaps instead a specific state of being should be determined for martyrs of the AIDS virus where they are clearly not able to live life as any healthy person anymore, thus would not need a job as do uninfected people. Here the doctor, the only one with right to records of health history and conditions, may recommend the patient to proper standards. This is true with any illness.


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