Abstract-some parents consider cell phones for their immature kids as indispensable tools for remaining in touch and maintaining that line of communicating unfastened. The intent of this exploratory survey is to better understand the current state of affairs and to happen out age bound is necessary for utilizing nomadic phone and if yes what should be the age bound. This paper presents the consequence of a study on age bound for utilizing nomadic phone.

  1. Introduction

Mobile phones give the chance for societal contact, and for many this is the chief ground for desiring their ain phone. Mobiles offer many different possibilities and amusement experiences: Games, camera and picture maps, mp3 participant and wireless, storage of music and images and surfing online ( wap ) . These are maps many immature nomadic users want. Kids and media recommend that parents speaks with each other about the possibilities and challenges that can originate, and to believe through what possibilities and boundaries you want your kid to hold before you choose a phone. [ 2 ]


Overview of methods

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In order to roll up a generalised information that represents the whole population from the samples. Questionnaire study was adopted as a information aggregation method. The inquiries are prepared in such a manner that it targets audience of immature, in-between aged and old age group, so it covers broader subdivision of the society [ 3 ] .

Subjects and Procedures

The informations used in this survey was collected via online ego administrated study. The informations were collected from populace of immature, in-between aged and older age group every bit good. The questionnaires are designed in such a manner that it is easy understood by everyone. The options or the replies

Of the questionnaires can be easy understood by all respondents. [ 3 ] At the terminal of the informations aggregation procedure entire figure of 100 responses has been collected successfully.

    1. Should at that place be a Age bound for utilizing nomadic phone

More and more kids get their ain Mobile phone at an progressively younger age. What is an appropriate age kids to acquire their first nomadic phone. Yet other argue that cell phone acceptance among childs prematurely opens the door for menaces like cyber bulling and inappropriate cyberspace usage. [ 3 ] There’s room for argument and both sides present valid points, but the behind the discourse, the issue still begs- when should pull the leg of acquire cell phone? Harmonizing to study bulk of people agree that there should be age bound for utilizing cell phone.

Fig 1. Ratio of people agrees that there should be age bound.

As from the figures we can reason that harmonizing to bulk of people there should be age bound for utilizing nomadic phone.

  1. what should be the age bound

Unfortunately, there’s no cut-and clear reply. Family fortunes, a child’s adulthood degree and the existent demand for a cell phone all contribute to when the right clip is.

Fig 2. Age bound.

10 – 15


29 %

16 – 19


28 %

19 – Above


42 %

  1. Advice on nomadic phone for parents

1. Choose a call program with defined economic bounds, for illustration a pay-as-you-go service or a set monthly rate. This protects against overexploitation.

2. Most operators offer the possibility to barricade net surfing entree, adverts for pealing tones or screensavers and entree to premium phone services.

3. Be cognizant when you choose a telephone for a immature kid:

Should it hold a image camera or picture camera?

Should it hold Internet entree?

Should it hold an mp3-player and wireless?

4. Talk with your kid about healthy ideas and good attitudes:

  • Use of image camera and picture camera
  • Money usage,
  • Bullying,
  • What’s okay to hive away on the phone
  • How to make a good Mobile and net community amongst friends and school friends.

5. Teach the kid that it’s a good thought to hold some interruptions from the Mobile now and so. The nomadic usage mustn’t disturb their concentration or remainder and the Mobile should be turned off during school hours and after bedtime.

6. Talk with other parents about specifying bounds together, and about when you think it’s O.K. for kids to hold their first Mobile

7. Be a good illustration when it comes to positive usage of Mobiles. Children learn a batch from our ain media wonts.

8. Invite your kid to speak with you if they should see anything uncomfortable via their nomadic phones.

  1. Shoping with your Mobile phone

Mobile shopping Mobile rivers can be used for a batch more than merely naming. It’s of import to be cognizant of this, both for kids and parents. Children can, for illustration, easy order nomadic contents services which are paid for through the phone measure. Often, of import information is given in little authorship and explained in a manner that limits children’s apprehension of the effects of their contract. To avoid economical dissensions over children’s Mobile usage, there are several schemes which parents should do usage of. Parents can take to barricade these services wholly on the history, or put up an economical bound to a certain amount. By doing usage of these options, along with registering the kid as the user of the nomadic history, you can be certain the measure won’t acquire out of manus. In add-on, your kid will be protected against having unsuitable content.

Fig3. Shows the ratio of “Should at that place be different phones/computers with limited map for kids with no age bound? ”



67 %



30 %

Fig.4 Shows ratio of “Age bound should be decided by parents? ”



60 %



40 %

Fig 5 Shows the ratio of “Age bound should be decided by children’s/ pupils? ”



36 %



64 %

Fig 6 Shows the ratio of “ Should age bound be decided by school instructor? ”



40 %



60 %

Fig.7 Shows the ratio of “ Use of Mobile and computing machines leads to addiction? ”



69 %



31 %

Fig 8 Shows the ratio of “ If age bound is non at that place for computing machines and Mobile, so should rear supply cyberspace installation? ”



26 %



74 %

Fig 9 Shows the ratio of “School traveling pupils should let maintaining a phone? ”



44 %



56 %

Fig 10 Shows the ratio of “ What type of phone should be allowed to utilize to kids? ”



54 %



46 %

  1. Decision

From all the above information analysis we can reason that there should be a age bound for utilizing nomadic phone. There are so many factors from the informations collected we can turn out that usage of nomadic phone with no age bound means at younger age is non acceptable by the society and needs a mandatory age bound.

From the collected informations analysis we can besides reason that if children’s are utilizing phones or computing machines the functionality should me obligatorily limited, the age bound should be decided by parents or instructors and non by children’s, simple phones should be allowed to be in usage by children’s, they should non take phones along with them in schools, internet installation can turn out to be unsafe, and eventually, phones are the major issue with respects to dependence.

  1. Mentions

[ 1 ] Should at that place be an age bound on cell phone by AnDrew15, South Dayton, NY

[ 2 ] Child and nomadic phones-kids and media

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[ 3 ] What is the best age to acquire your kid a cell phone

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  1. Recognition

Thankss to all friends and instructors for aid.


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