Agro touristry is the signifier of touristry which capitalizes on rural civilization as a tourer attractive force. It is similar to ecotourism except that its primary entreaty is non the natural landscape but a cultural landscape. If the attractive forces on offer to tourers contribute to bettering the income of the regional population, agro touristry can advance regional development. To guarantee that it besides helps to conserve diverseness, the rural population itself must hold recognized agro biodiversity as valuable and worthy of protection. There are a scope of other signifiers of rural touristry which are non needfully a portion of agro touristry in the rigorous sense – e.g. ethno touristry, undertaking touristry, wellness touristry, historical touristry, cultural touristry or escapade touristry. The term ‘agro-ecotourism ‘ is by and large synonymous with ‘agro touristry ‘ .

Agro touristry in Malaya

Malaysia began its post-Independence economic system with an agricultural base, which has prepared it good to develop agricultural and commodities-based touristry, the hottest niche in eco-tourism today. Acknowledging that agro-tourism holds a captivation for both Malaysians and visitants likewise, organisers of jaunts these yearss include Tourss to rubber and oil thenar estates, every bit good as Piper nigrum farms, fish farms, flower baby’s rooms and fruit groves. Fruit groves have proven particularly popular with visitants, non least because they get to bask the delightful alien fruits they are at that place to larn about.

Visits are structured around a tour offering penetration into the cultivation, attention, processing and fabrication of these trade goods for sale or export. The industry includes harvests such as corn, chocolate, gum elastic, rice, fruits, oil thenar and a assortment of other merchandises from which many Malaysians still gain a life. Many locals and some adventuresome visitants constantly seek out groves dedicated to the celebrated and sometimes detested male monarch of all fruits, the durion. Sometimes described as ‘hell on the outside and heaven on the interior ‘ , the durion has few ambivalent fans, as you either be given to exhaustively bask it or non.

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A figure of these finishs have stay-over installations with a broad scope of non-agricultural activities to bask every bit good, including fishing, kayaking and nature walks. In many instances, full room and board bundles are available, intending that invitees get to indulge in local home-cooking as good. Agro-tourism has a figure of attractive forces, both to the visitant and the host. While it provides for interesting visits and find, many of these centres besides serve as research and development hubs for the prolongation and betterment of the agricultural industry in the state.

What is it?

In agro touristry, we are concentrating forest. Forest is the country covered by flora of assorted types and sizes every bit good as countries inhabited by birds, animate beings, insects and micro-organisms. There are assorted types of woods in the universe of the equatorial rain forest or tropical, monsoon forest, temperate evergreen wood, temperate deciduous wood, needle foliage forest, forest green Constant Hardwood Forest, Savanna rare, bush and underbrush others. Among the densest woods covered by workss and animate beings is the equatorial rain forest. Forests play an of import function in set uping ecological system of distribution. Organisms can non last in isolation and all beings that are really affected by things animate or non inanimate object ( land, clime, etc. ) . The basic unit is the ecological maps of ecosystems. Ecosystems are a map of the interaction is contained in them all life beings, known as a society ( community ) .

Importance of woods to human life is increasing. Forests non merely as a beginning of lumber, but besides contribute the balance of the forest clime, H2O resources, nutrient supplies, medical specialties, ecological distribution systems, and others. The being of organic structures and associations contending for saving of woods to increase the consciousness to people about the importance of the forest without losing sight of municipal substructure. Therefore, there should be a wood modesty where they can conserve woods and advance forest development activities.

Permanent Forest of adequate and unafraid rubric to be determined. The countries of land necessary as Permanent Forest Reserve for the intent of keeping the stableness of environmental protection, production such as the Forest Policy should be determined and declared it every bit shortly as possible. Permanent Forest Reserve shall be managed so as to supply all types of wood merchandises and other benefits to the populace. Director General of Forestry is responsible to the Federal Government for Permanent Forest direction more efficient and should be completed in order to supply proficient aid, advice and preparation installations to province authoritiess.




The Malayan Agriculture Park, development of which started in 1986, is the universe ‘s first ‘agro-forestry park ‘ . Coveting 817 hectares, the park was opened to the populace in 1988. It showcases the state ‘s accomplishments in agribusiness development and serves as a research Centre for agribusiness, piscaries and carnal farming. Its beauty and singularity have prompted the Ministry to open the general populace that they excessively may enjoy the luster and the wealth of the state ‘s agribusiness heritage. The response to the move has been so encouraging that the park no longer confines itself to merely functioning the local public but caters for a fast turning figure of foreign tourer as good. The development of Agricultural Park along its agro-forestry construct is an on-going procedure. In due class, more attractive force will be developed in conformity with the maestro program for the park.


To go a touristry Centre with an ultimate agro-forestry construct


To present TPM as competitory and everlastingly touristry Centre

To support agro-forestry construct as touristry attractive force

To maintain the importance of environment consciousness in touristry sector


To be an incorporate agricultural-based touristry Centre

To be an enlightening agricultural-based touristry Centre in the field of agriculture, aquaculture and farm animal

To be an agricultural-based touristry Centre that could besides be a Centre for scientific researches and surveies in the environmental and agricultural field

To be an agricultural-based touristry Centre with acquisition and diversion installation based on Malayan cultural features

To be an agricultural-based touristry Centre that stresses on the environmental sustainability every bit good vegetations and zoologies


To pull off, program and execute administrative affairs and services at the Malaysia Agriculture Park

To programs, maintain every bit good as behavior affairs associating to finance and history of Malaysia Agriculture Park

To do Malaysia Agriculture Park as one of the recreational Centres and adapt historical elements based on agribusiness that will pull both local and foreign tourers

To do Malaysia Agriculture Park as a mention beginning in the research field


In acknowledgment of the Park ‘s first-class part to the touristry industry in 1992, Malaysia Agriculture Park was awarded the 1992 Malaysia Tourism Award under Government Sector by The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism.


Animal Parkss

The 72-hectare Animal Park is a favorite topographic point for kids. They will be thrilled with the coney farm, mouse deer country, and farm farm animal such as caprine animals, sheep, cowss and many more

Ornamental Garden

Visitors to the glorious formal gardens of Europe wonder at length, the ocular beauty and symmetricalness spread before their enchanted eyes. This expansive botanical prowess has been nurtured by centuries-old tradition in Europe, non unlike the elegant stone and H2O gardens of Japan and other great civilisations. The temperate states have one disadvantage – the four seasons limit the green show to lone portion of the twelvemonth. But visitants to the Agriculture Park can see the alone luster of extended formal gardens at the Ornamental Garden all the twelvemonth unit of ammunition. The cheery tropical clime makes this beautiful life exhibition a lasting affair.A A

4 seasons Temperate House

Snow and ice in tropical Malaysia? Amazing but true. At the Four Seasons Temperature Garden, you will see the four seasons in an indoor house, thanks to human creativeness and engineering. Enjoy the beauty of spring, the heat of summer, the brace fall and the coldness of winter.

Spices and drinks garden

To larn more about alien herbs, medicative bush and beverages workss, the Spices and Beverages Garden is the topographic point to be. You will wonder at the good and healthy utilizations of such workss grown on the hillsides and spread over 16 hectares. Tea, java, Piper nigrum, nutmeg, cinnamons are some of spices and drinks workss available here.

Cactus Garden

Uniquely landscape to resemble a desert in the center of tropical rain forest offered the chance to see the captivation of cacti, the workss that are normally associated with the dry and waterless home ground of the desert. Coverage of 1.3 hectares, Cactus Garden has over 3000 cactus workss from local and imported species. Do non lose this expansive chance to see and research the most well-known and crowd-puller of the elephantine Saguaro that is normally found in Mexico and the United State.

Tropical fruit garden

How would you wish to see assortments of local popular fruits. Crossing an country of 36 hectares, the Tropical Fruit Garden offers the attractive force of rambotan, durian, mangosteen, carambola ( starfruit ) , soursop, doodly-squat fruit, duku lanseh tree, dokong, ciku and cempedak groves. For research convenience, the trees are grouped into a figure of blocks, such as short-run fruits, long-run fruits, commercial assortments, popular fruits and seasonal fruits.


Pay a little fee and walk into an incorporate grove of alien fruits and eat to your bosom ‘s content. That is world when the fruit trees in Bukit Cahaya Seri alam forest semen to bear by the twelvemonth 2000. In the interim the caretakers of the grove are busy fixing the botanical garden for your at hand visit. An botanical garden is a aggregation of life trees, grown in a specific country like a life album to be savored at leisure. At the botanical garden in the Agriculture Park, a 40-hectare sweep of land has been planted with autochthonal fruit trees so that visitants may see a comprehensive assortment of trees whose fruits have delighted Malaysians for ages. In the fruiting seasons the looker-on may see the added admiration of seeing the existent fruits at different phases of adulthood, still turning and maturing on the trees.

Agro Forestry

In switching agribusiness, practiced by the Orang Hulu of the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak, the forested countries are cleared for cultivation with root harvests or rice for a period of clip after which they move to new countries. At Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, agro forestry was introduced as a land-use system in which fruit trees and herbaceous harvests were grown in association with the big wood trees. Agro forestry has productive maps, such as the capacity of the tree constituents to bring forth lumber, fruits and herbs and service maps, the most of import of which is soil preservation and besides zoology and flora preservation. Soil preservation contributes to command of eroding and care of birthrate. With the current involvement in sustainable agribusiness and forestry, the combination of production and preservation of resources on which the production depends, is a measure in the right way.

Facilities ( Village and Chalet )

Kampung Idaman, Kampung budaya and Camar rimba

The Malayan husbandman ‘s dream homestead, the houses feature traditional architecture at its best. The small town comprises houses peculiar to the different provinces of Malaysia. Designed by experts, the houses are as follows Rumah Negeri Sembilan, Rumah Melaka, Rumah Kedah, Rumah Kelantan, Rumah Perak, Rumah Terengganu, Rumah Pahang, Rumah Pulau Pinang, Rumah Johor and Rumah Perlis. Each house is broad and can comfortably suit big households. It is furnished with indispensable equipment and barbecue cavities are available nearby. The houses are besides perfect adjustment for participants of conferences or societal maps.



For those who are tough, TPM offer a broad choice of bivouacing sites with more than 100 picks. This topographic point can suit big households or groups and is an ideal encampment site for school kids and societal groups. These sites environing a big lake for a field day. Topographic point for barbeque is besides available nearby. Other installations are provided near the amphiteter, supplication room and jungle trekking paths.

Sky trek

Sky trek Adventure Park offers many chances for those who like escapade activities. Among the activities that can be done is participate in the challenge across the way in the trees. Big bang, escapade and utmost small challenge is the way that will dispute awaits visitants who love escapade activities. Big bang has 23 challenges to be faced by each participant to be completed within 1 hr and a half to 2 hours with a fee of RM35 ( age 12 old ages and above ) and

RM 25 ( 12 old ages ) . For the small escapade, there are 15 challenges to be finished in half an hr to 1 hr with a fee of RM25 ( all ages ) . For the challenge is utmost, there are 21 challenges to be carried out within an hr and a half to 2 hours to bear down RM40 ( all ages ) .

Paintball and fly fishing

This activities is presently being updated and in advancement


Agro touristry is quickly carving a niche in Malaysia, particularly as the state has a wealth of merchandises to offer locals and visitants likewise. Agricultural touristry, as it is officially known, helps by bettering incomes and economic potencies of little farms, rural communities and agro-based ventures throughout the state. There is much more to happen in Malaysia. Visitors can besides assist with the locals ‘ day-to-day jobs, feeding the ducks, be givening to the veggies and see how the local communities thrive in today ‘s fast-paced universe. There are besides place corsets where visitants can detect more of local agro touristry patterns. There are besides fruit farms and Parkss where locals and visitants can larn more of agro touristry in Malaysia.

The altering demographics and life styles of Malaysia offer chances for more closely linking agribusiness to consumers. Exploiting these chances requires a new set of accomplishments that are slightly different from those typical of more conventional agribusiness. Agri-tourism is direct selling. Educational plans can help in advancing the passage to this new agribusiness, is lending to the development of agro-tourism and the new agribusiness.

Agro-tourism is an branch of ecotourism, and allows visitants to see agricultural life first-hand. There is increasing involvement in how we manage our resources and prolong ourselves globally, and tendencies in touristry reflect larger cultural tendencies in general: societal responsibility/altruism, aging travellers seeking a wider scope of experiences and “ active ” travel, and involvement in how food/beverage vino is developed both from a wellness and culinary point of view. While there will ever be demand for traditional rubber-necking trips, in recent old ages at that place has been an addition in holidaies that allow participants to do a difference or give back to the planetary community. Peoples can volunteer on archeological digs, aid reconstruct places, clean/repair countries devastated by natural catastrophe, etc.

Agritourism can be successful. It involves a batch of work on the husbandmans ‘ portion, and they must derive many new accomplishments. Agritourism is a win-win state of affairs if all the cardinal people are involved from the start.

Suggestions and Remark

Legislation of touristry policy, scheme drafting and action planning to promote developments of national touristry industry.

Checking on execution of National Tourism Policy which has correlativity with the facet of organisation construction, merchandises, selling, human resources, transit, touristry guidelines, societal civilization and macro economic system.

Carry out research and development sing touristry sector.

Planing for building of new touristry merchandises such as wellness touristry, instruction touristry, athleticss touristry, canvas boat touristry, small town touristry, specific touristry with particular involvement and many more.

Develop and migrate touristry informations and satellite history of Tourism Malaysia.

Promote two manner communications, local and international incorporation of touristry and touristry publicities.

Attend many national and international forums to develop of import in Malaysia for the touristry sector.

Agreement for the application of foreign citizens who wished to remain in Malaysia under the Malaysia My Second Home ( MM2H ) plan which will work as one halt Centre to promote the foreign citizens to obtain information about the plan every bit good as service and advice about the life conditions in Malaysia.

Giving input and suggestion to the Ministry / Department / Agency sing affairs affecting touristry field particularly about the facets of incoming foreign tourer to Malaysia.


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