Air pollution is a serious and severe consequence towards people not using natural resources correctly and effectively. Air pollution refers to the introduction of chemicals and biological materials or any particulate matter that can cause harm towards humans and other living organisms. Air pollution in Beijing is especially severe. The air quality in Beijing is already very bad. According to the U. S. ir pollution monitor, tests shows that the air quality index of Beijing has already reached the hazardous stage, and recently the test results did not even show on the index bar, because the figure reached a number that is even higher than the maximum number on the index. (AIRNow, 2011) Figure 1 (Chart shows the different levels of pollution. ) (AIRNow, 2011) From the chart you can see that levels 301 to 500 is considered as hazardous.

The numerical value that the U. S. air pollution monitor detected was even higher than 500. That shows the disastrous effects of air pollution. Air pollution effects people from all ages. Children gets affected by air pollution the most. It is because children often exercise in maximum levels, such as during a soccer game, they take in 20 percent to 50 percent more air, which is more air pollution, than would an adult in comparable activity. (South Coast Air Quality Management District, 2005)

Air Pollution can be solved using several methods. One method is that people now are starting to buy electric cars instead of normal cars that only uses petrol as the fuel. http://www. airnow. gov/index. cfm? action=aqibasics. aqi http://www. npr. org/2011/12/07/143214875/clean-air-a-luxury-in-beijings-pollution-zone http://www. howtodothings. com/home-garden/solutions-to-air-pollution http://www. aqmd. gov/forstudents/health_effects_on_children. html

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