English IV 20 August 2013 Crash I was so excited to go home after my three month stay in Chile. It wasn’t that I had a bad time rather that I was home sick. I left my uncles house at six am to depart for the airport. Everything was normal; the sun was bright, with no clouds beneath it. I remember the roads in Chile. They were very bumpy, and unpaved. As we neared the airport, I looked back at all of my memories I had while in the lovely country. Time went by so fast during my stay. I entered the airport and went through customs pretty quickly. I sat down in my terminal and waited for my number to be called.

Cosec¶n De UN informer a la terminal nјmere 1 1″, an airport attendant yelled into her microphone. I knew that was my call to board the plane. I walked through the gate and sat down in my seat. An overweight gentleman named Frank sat next to me. He was pretty quiet, but he told me that he was ready to get back to his home in New York. I plugged my ‘pod in and placed a pair of earphones over my head. Room room. I remember awaking to turbulence. It was so strong; the plane shook harder than I had ever felt it before. “We’re having some air troubles, Just sit tight, everything will be k. Flight attendant said, panicking into the speakers. The power turned out in the plane. Everything went dark and I remember praying to myself, that everything would be K. The flight stewardess couldn’t have been more wrong. BOOM. My hearing went out; all I heard was a loud ringing. Time felt like it was dragged to a crawl. I remember every second in detail. The plane’s wing ripped off and all I could do was Just pray everything would be okay. The plane went into a downward spiral. Everyone was screaming. I was disoriented. My feelings were disoriented. I thought to myself, “l am going to die”. I prayed and blacked out.


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