Catalogued Most serial killers have certain behaviors and personalities like torturing animals and troubled childhoods. Desalts had a rough childhood growing up. His father was an alcoholic who would beat Alberta mother In front of him. He was also known to torture animals when he was a child. Albert started to get in trouble with the law in his teenager years. Statistics: Most suffer from: Alcohol and substance abuse. Psychological abuse during childhood Sexual events in childhood Bed-wetting to an older age

Being lonely while growing up Torturing animals as kids Modus Operandi Albert Dissolves Modus Operandi was strangulation. He would break into his victim’s homes and sexually assault them first. He would then strangle them with their own pieces of clothing. Desalts lived in Chelsea, Massachusetts at the time of the crimes. Massachusetts did have the death penalty at the time but Albert did not receive it. He received life in prison but murdered by another inmate. He was stabbed to death in 1973 at the age of 42.


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