Albert Maslow ever wondered what motivated people, he wanted to how or what motivated a individual. He believe people were non merely motivated by wages, but believed it was a motive system. Maslow has mentioned that people were motivated to make a demand, when they reached that demand they would get down on making the following and so the following. Albert Maslow was a humanistic psychologist in 1943 wrote his paper titled “A THEORY OF HUMAN MOTIVATION” ( Maslow A. H. , 2010 ) . His theory of human behaviour is a hierarchy of demands. Maslow theory of people motive, he believed there were five phases of motivational demands and each needed to be completed to acquire to the following phase of demand. The pyramid was non originally used by Maslow to depict his theory of the five phases, but they are used in text books to give a ocular description of the degrees the hierarchy of demands.

Maslow challenged our basic physiological demands to last is H2O, nutrient, slumber and air this is what he believed were the most of import in his five phases hierarchy of demands and the other phases would neglect and non continue without the basic demands of H2O, nutrient, slumber and air. Physiological phase would be at the underside of his theory the underside of the pyramid. Once Maslow physiological demands were satisfied, you can continue to the following phase of demand. Maslow believed security, fiscal, shelter, and your wellbeing were necessary to continue to the following phase. Safety is the following phase in Maslow hierarchy on the pyramid above physiological demand. Safety demands are physical safety after a natural catastrophe, kid maltreatment. Even experience people may hold like a emphasis upset. Fiscal crisis due to miss of work or occupation security. Maslow believed this was a degree more for kids as they need the greater demand of experiencing safe. The following phase is societal, this phase is belonging and being loved.

Maslow believes this demand is less basic so he stated for physiological. Social demand of experiencing love is related to relationship could be a romantic with a spouse, a friendly relationship, and most of all households love. Besides involves spiritual and community group, societal demand is above safety on the pyramid. Esteem is the 4th phase of Maslow’s hierarchy of demands, you can make this phase one time the first phases have been satisfied. Maslow believed people want to be recognize and feel needed. Self-Esteem reflects accomplishment, assurance and accomplished. Esteem is the 4th phase above societal on the pyramid. We have reached the 5th phase of the hierarchy of demands, the top of the pyramid is self-actualization. Maslow considered the first four staged the lack demands, because are from want. The 5th phase was consider by Maslow as the being demands. He describes it as being motivated and the demand of turning as a individual. Maslow believed that one time a individual achieved the old four phases of hierarchy demands, that people had strong motives to carry through personal growing.

He besides believed one time a individual achieved self-actualization they has less concerns of others sentiments. Maslow’s theory did do sense to me, but there was no existent research performed to back up this theory. Maslow’s hierarchy of demands was found to be true by research workers at the University of Illinois. The research workers conduct a survey in 2011. They discover that it was true with the basic demand people were happy. They besides concluded that people felt positive about their lives with merely the BASIC of nutrient, H2O, money and shelter were non met. After these findings and other surveies that have been conducted, Maslow’s theory was except in the universe of psychological science. Maslow’s theory related to motive, people ever have demands and wants.

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When people need this makes a great incentive. In Maslow’s hierarchy of demands that I find the most ambitious would be safety and security. In today’s clip people have issue happening the safety and security to fulfill the demands. Even though people may hold troubles with safety and securities they are still motivated for self-actualization. At one time other ( and “higher” ) needs emerge and these, instead than physiological hungrinesss, dominate the being. And when these in bend are satisfied, once more new ( and still “higher” ) needs emerge and so on. This is what we mean by stating that the basic human demands are organized into a hierarchy of comparative predominance. ( Maslow A. H. , 2010 p375 )

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