Albion Theme Park Ltd Strategic Plan

Albion Theme Parks started in the 1980s as a farm but subsequently on proved to be popular with the local households and kids who frequented the farm to interact with the animate beings every bit good as partake in other activities offered at the clip such as milking, doing cheese and siting on farm tractors and waggons ( Lukas 2012 ; Miller 2012 ) . By 1985, the farm had been converted into a fully-fledged subject park with assorted attractive forces and drives created around three subjects inspired by British history: the Farmland which is a petting menagerie and attractive force where kids can see and take portion in some old agrarian trades and techniques such as milking, St Georges Challenge which has drives and attractive forces that are themed around the fable of St George of England and Robin Hood’s Hideaway which is a wooded country that has an escapade resort area. In the class of clip, more drives and attractive forces have been added to the park, and they have all retained this established theme’s features ( Lukas 2012 ) .

This study will seek to analyze and reexamine the current market place of Albion Theme Parks and to put out recommendations and schemes that will non merely guarantee the continued endurance of the park but besides increase the efficiency and profitableness of the park’s activities so as to promote growing. The study will analyze both the external and internal factors of production that affect the park’s concern and high spot any alterations that need to be made in the concern construction or operating patterns so as to increase its profitableness every bit good as encourage efficiency in the daily running of the park.

External Analysis

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Albion Theme Parks as with any other tourer attractive force in the UK is affected by many external economic and societal factors. These factors affect the profitableness of a concern, and unlike internal influences, the concern may hold small or no control over the tendencies or way of external influences. However, a concern can put up specific systems and policies that will let them to utilize these external influences to their advantage, or if this is non possible, extenuate the negative impacts of these factors while retaining the positive ( Leslie 2012 ) . The two chief external factors impacting the Albion Theme Parks are the predominating socio-economic features of its mark market and the addition in competition in the tourer attractive force and experience attractive force market. These factors originate from outside the concern and they change sporadically due to factors that are non within the control of the concern. However, with proper apprehension of these factors and the development of good schemes for the concern, these external factors can be put to the advantage of the concern.

The planetary economic system is still resuscitating from the 2008 fiscal crisis, and this has affected the touristry industry in the UK and globally ( McLean & A ; Nocera 2010 ) . The sum of resources that people used to give to leisure and diversion has reduced as these resources have been put to alternative usage. This has seen a bead in the rate at which tourer Numberss were turning and in some countries the Numberss have even dropped ( Taylor 2005 ) . The sum of money tourers are passing on trips, nutrient, keepsakes and grants has besides reduced, and this has led to a farther bead in gross for concerns in the touristry industry ( McLean & A ; Nocera 2010 ) . With fewer financess available for diversion, tourers have become more selective with their finishs and their penchants have shifted to more quality, personalized and tailored experiences at the cheapest cost available.

Figure 1: Development of family discretional income in the UK ( 2009-2011, in ? per family per hebdomad )

The demands from the mark market have seen the concern theoretical accounts used in old old ages in the set up and direction of subject Parkss and tourer attractive forces rendered uneffective or even disused ( Vogel 2012 ) . Customers are demanding higher quality services and experiences at low-cost rates. This is apparent in the Albion Theme Park where a batch of clients express dissatisfaction at the long waiting lines and waiting times for the drives and attractive forces ( Vogel 2012 ) .

Government policy is another factor that influences the profitableness and productiveness of Albion Theme Parks. The authorities has increased the cost of ordinance and revenue enhancements on the touristry and leisure industry, and this has had effects throughout the whole sector. The extra cost of runing with the UK authorities policies has been estimated to be over ?3 billion per annum since 2010: about three per centum of the industry’s entire gross for that twelvemonth. This sum is set to lift to about ?4 billion by the twelvemonth 2014. This addition in revenue enhancement agencies that the gross from running a subject park will be reduced ( Vogel 2012 ) .

Industry Analysis

The travel and leisure industry in the UK has seen an addition in growing over the past few old ages. This has farther been fuelled by investings from authorities, foreign and local investors ( Simerson 2011 ) . Several large companies have stated programs to put up amusement Parkss and subject drives in the state such as a subject park in Kent by Paramount studios in partnership with Disney and a proposed amusement park in Nottinghamshire County announced by the local council ; to be themed around the fable of Robin Hood and his set of criminal ( Simerson 2011 ) . These large budget investings show that the experience attractive force industry, of which subject Parkss and amusement Parkss are the most popular, is turning steadily in the state and that there is a good chance for return of investing in the industry.

The addition in the figure of rivals both direct and indirect has affected the productiveness of Albion Theme Parks ( GruI?nig & A ; KuI?hn 2011 ) . The touristry industry in the UK is turning and there are many attractive forces, subject Parkss and other tourer sites that are being developed and these are in direct competition with Albion for visitants ( Bonnici 2011 ) . With a good conveyance and communicating system such as in the UK, travellers have entree to many locations all over the state and are taking advantage of their development to acquire the best experience suited for them. There is besides a batch of indirect competition for Albion from other concern theoretical accounts that are besides geared towards bringing of unique and gratifying experiences. Such theoretical accounts have been geared towards offering tourers with more individualized and catered for experiences as persons or little groups and these are the traditional subject park clients ( GruI?nig & A ; KuI?hn 2011 ) .

Internal Analysis

The internal analysis of Albion Theme Parks Limited reviewed the internal systems and activities that go on within the concern on a daily footing and whether these activities were bring forthing the most efficient consequences for the company. The reappraisal of the administrative procedures of the company showed that although the proprietor and former director, Tom, had done a good occupation of puting up systems to run the farm, many of these were now turn outing to be disused in the current market. The battle between the two directors was another negative facet of the administrative construction of the company ( Taylor 2005 ) . Changeless combat and a deficiency of clear deputation of duties has led to a state of affairs where of import determinations were non being made expeditiously, and the employees themselves had come to a point where they did non swear the authorization of the appointive directors. These leading factors affect the profitableness of the concern as it reduces the efficiency of work, intending that either the services offered at the park will endure holds or bead in the degree of quality. With the deficiency of a good solid leading, the overall efficiency and work moral principle of the employees will bit by bit endure ( Taylor 2005 ) . This can already be seen at Albion where the workers were noted to hold low moral every bit good as small or no dedication to their work.

Another internal factor that affects the productiveness of Albion subject Parks is its substructure and the attractive forces it presently offers and besides those it is be aftering to offer in the hereafter. Presently, the debut of a new roller coaster drive, The Dragon’s Tail, has improved the trade name of the park: pulling many new visitants every bit good as repetition visitants. However, with the debut of new drives and attractive forces, the logistical challenges addition with the figure of people sing these drives ( Taylor 2005 ) . This can be seen in the long lines and dissatisfied visitants waiting to acquire on to the attractive forces.


The recommendations for bettering the efficiency of Albion Theme Parks Limited focal point chiefly on the internal factors impacting the company. This is because it is over these that the direction has influence or a grade of control over. Albion Theme Parks limited demands to put up a solid and well-thought direction program that has clear deputation of responsibilities every bit good as a efficient hierarchy system that will let for both perpendicular and horizontal communicating and decision-making. With an betterment in the direction system, there will be an addition in the employee morale and work ethic as they will be able to experience a better sense of ownership and belonging to the company. This is because they will be able to pass on their jobs every bit good as suggestions to higher degree direction and the whole decision-making procedure will hold them involved. The park should besides concentrate on the betterment of the quality of service that they offer in footings of logistical issues every bit good as waiting times. Bettering the quality of service that they provide will non merely give their current clients a better experience, but will besides better the trade name image of the company: efficaciously bettering its market place. The company should besides seek ways of cutting costs so as to buffer the blow dealt by authorities revenue enhancement and other financial policies. These cost film editing steps will liberate up more resources for development and company growing.


The leisure industry in the UK is a good investing chance particularly for a concern that has already set up and is ready and willing to turn and accommodate to the market needs. The three factors that Albion Theme Park Limited direction should hold are:

  1. A strong focal point on invention: Keeping at the head of digital invention to tackle new Internet and nomadic engineerings ( e.g. in nomadic gambling, nomadic money etc ) , and invariably puting in new merchandises and experiences to maintain the client offering fresh meeting customers’ of all time higher outlooks for extremely individualized service.
  2. Excellent trade name direction: To construct echt demand and resonance with their clients, and guarantee sustained loyalty even as consumers grow more selective in their leisure disbursement ( e.g. trueness coders and other client wages plans ) .
  3. Exploiting international chances to force their merchandises and trade names – edifice on strong domestic public presentation to gaining control parts of the abroad leisure market.


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