“Its not the drinking that is to be blamed, but the excess”. Alcohol Is an example of intoxicating drink. Society has viewed people who drink to excess as irresponsible, immoral, and of weak character. We know that alcohol has its consequences. At the same time, people don’t care and disregard its consequences. Alcohol drinking affects the way a person thinks, acts and feels. Many of us are at point In our life where we are searching for excitement and ways to fit in and have fun. For me, alcohol drinking is not the time for us, for a young people. We all know that. But I don’t know why many youth today are addicted to alcohol.

Alcohol Just like many drugs, It changes a person’s ability to think, speak and see things as they really aren’t. Alcohol loosens our Inhibition or our self- consciousness. Because of alcohol drinking too, alcohol sometimes may cause us harmful. We might not control ourselves and we might make bad Judgments. Drinking alcohol also, is very dangerous when people drive cars after they drink alcohol. It is very unhealthy for us, human beings if people abuse alcohol, because they will become addicted and depend on alcohol. Not only does it affect your body but it affects your budget.

Drinking can cost a lot of money. Many people have been reduced to poverty and ruined because of drinking alcohol. Alcohol drinking could not help us to improve our lives still It can affect the way were living If were abusive. “Drug” l, not considering drug as a problem. For me, the problem is the one who are user of it. Drug, substance that affects the function of living cells, used in medicine to diagnose, cure, prevent the occurrence of diseases and disorders, and prolong the life of patients with incurable conditions. Just like drinking alcohol, excess of taking drugs could harm our healthy body.

First time when eared the word ‘drug’ I thought It’s such as Like marijuana, cocaine, etc. And I never thought that the medicine to diagnose, cure our body, etc. Are an example of drug too. We say too much something is bad’ for me it’s Just like that. We must know the limitation of all the things we are taking or using. Drugs are most effective when properly prescribed by the Dry. ‘s and taken correctly by patients. Drugs might be a problem if we use it incorrectly. Like, missing doses, taking drugs at the wrong time of the day or with instead of before meals and stopping drug too soon could decidedly reduce the medical benefits of many drugs.

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