Here in the United States. there are a assortment of bureaus that focus on different facets of safety and protection for our fatherland. Some are easy recognizable. such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. or FBI. the Central Intelligence Agency. or CIA. and so on. But one of the lesser known bureaus. and the 1 I will be discoursing in this research assignment. is Alcohol. Tobacco. Firearms. and Explosives. or ATF for short. However. do no error that the ATF performs an of import map in keeping safety and security in the United States.

The ATF. started is a federal jurisprudence enforcement organisation within the United States Department of Justice. Formed on July 1st. 1972. its duties include the probe and bar of federal discourtesies affecting the improper usage. industry. and ownership of pieces and explosives ; Acts of the Apostless of incendiarism and bombardments ; and illegal trafficking of intoxicant and baccy merchandises. The ATF besides regulates via licencing the sale. ownership. and transit of pieces. ammo. and explosives in interstate commercialism. Many of the ATF’s activities are carried out in concurrence with undertaking forces made up of local and province jurisprudence enforcement officers. The ATF besides operates a alone fire research country. where all-out mock-ups of condemnable incendiarisms can be reconstructed.

The ATF was originally portion of the United States Department of Treasury. holding been formed in 1886 as the “revenue laboratory” with the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Internal Revenue. When the Volstead Act. which established prohibition in the United States. was repealed in December of 1933. the unit was transferred back to the Department of Treasury. where it became the Alcohol Tax Unit. The ATU included several members from the “Untouchables” . such as Elliot Ness. From 1942 to 1973. the ATU was given duty over implementing federal pieces Torahs. federal baccy revenue enhancement Torahs. and incendiarism and bombardment discourtesies. In 1968. with the passing of the Gun Control Act. the bureau was officially renamed to ATF. or Alcohol. Tobacco. and Firearms. They were still a division within the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) . In 1972 ATF was established as a separate agency within the Treasury Department. The duties of the ATF division of the IRS were transferred to the new. separate ATF bureau. and Rex D. Davis oversaw the passage. officially going the bureau’s foremost manager.

In the aftermath of the terrorist onslaught on September 11th. 2001. President George W. Bush signed into jurisprudence the Homeland Security Act of 2002. This jurisprudence shifted the ATF from the Department of Treasury to the Department of Justice. The agency’s name had one time once more changed to Bureau of Alcohol. Tobacco. Firearms. and Explosives. but was still referred to as ATF. Additionally. the agency’s responsibilities of roll uping revenue enhancement from intoxicant and baccy was transferred to the freshly created Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. These alterations took consequence January 24th. 2003.

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The ATF employs some of the most advanced methods and techniques related to the ordinance and control of pieces in the universe. Their Comprehensive Crime Gun Tracing Initiative is the largest operation of its sort in the universe. They use a web-based system. known as “e-Trace” . which provides jurisprudence enforcement bureaus with the capableness to firmly and electronically direct and have hint petitions. and behavior hint analysis in existent clip. Over 2000 bureaus use this system. including 33 foreign bureaus. ATF besides provides fact-finding support to its spouses through the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network ( NIBIN ) . which allows Federal. State. and local jurisprudence enforcement bureaus to image and compare gun offense grounds.

ATF besides trains the U. S. Military in grounds recovery processs after bombardments. All ATF agents are trained in post-blast probe. However. ATF maintains a group of about 150 extremely trained explosives experts known as Certified Explosives Specialists ( CES ) . ATF/CES agents are trained experts sing Improvised Explosives Devices ( IED’s ) . every bit good as commercial explosives. ATF agents work closely with province and local bomb disposal units within the United States. ATF is considered to be the taking federal bureau in most bombardments that occur within the United States. with exclusion to bombardments related to international terrorist act ( which is investigated by the FBI ) . One of the most noteworthy probes successfully conducted by the ATF sing explosives was the tracing of the auto used in the World Trade Center bombardments of 1993. which led to apprehensions of the individuals involved in the confederacy.

The hiring procedure for particular agents for the ATF is ferociously competitory. comparable to the choice procedure of many other specialised bureaus. Far less than 5 % of appliers. those possessing a 4 twelvemonth bachelor’s grade and competitory work experience. are hired. ATFs engaging procedure has a nondisclosure understanding. so the inside informations of the procedure are non wholly revealed. However. appliers must go through a strict background cheque in order to accomplish. at lower limit. a top secret clearance. In add-on. there are multiple written trials. physical fittingness trials. interviews and medical tests to even be considered to be selected for preparation.

ATF particular agents must finish a 27 hebdomad preparation plan at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco. Georgia. It is one of the longest preparation plans in the United States. far longer than any other preparation plan for any other bureau ( FBI. DEA. USMS ) . This plan consists of 1 hebdomad pre-basic. 12 hebdomad basic Criminal Investigator Training Program. and a 14 hebdomad Particular Agent basic preparation class. Merely so are particular agents released to a field office to get down a three twelvemonth provisional circuit.

In decision. the ATF is a alone jurisprudence enforcement bureau that protects our communities from violent felons. condemnable organisations. the illegal usage and trafficking of pieces. the illegal usage and storage of explosives. Acts of the Apostless of incendiarism and bombardments. Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act. and the illegal recreation of intoxicant and baccy merchandises. They spouse with communities. industries. jurisprudence enforcement bureaus. and public safety bureaus to safeguard the populace.


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