To repeat Fitzgerald’s predication of Antony Patch’s messed up life. “…As winter approached it seemed that a kind of lunacy seized upon Anthony. He awoke in the forenoon so nervous that Gloria could experience him trembling in the bed before he could rally adequate verve to falter into the larder for a drink. He was unbearable now except under the influence of spirits. and as he seemed to disintegrate and coarsen under her eyes. Gloria’s psyche and organic structure shrank off from him…CITATION Fit02 p 111 cubic decimeter 1033 ( Fitzgerald. 2002. p. 111 ) ” This is a word picture of a despairing man’s life that has turned to alcohol after sing multiple defeats in life all through his maturity and a married woman who is drawn off from him for this ground. How Antony Patch’s character is molded and developed in the novel is merely but a contemplation of the messed lives of many uber-rich grownups who were lucky plenty to be born in rich households but ended up blowing up lifetime chances in uneconomical adventures of munificent disbursement during the inordinate imbibing and partying Jazz Era of the 1920s.

Ideally. The Beautiful and Damned is about Anthony Patch who is married Gloria Gilbert and they are hypnotized with the party life. They lead an excessive life where they enjoy throwing and go toing parties which finally develops to a wont of imbibing o a day-to-day footing. Such was the life of Anthony Patch who had mastered the art of indolence taking a valueless life merely eager for his gramps to go through on so as to inherit his multimillion lucks. Patch’s imbibing wonts were picked while at school in Princeton where his initial life was tied around books but due to peer influence channeled through his classmates who thought of him as being dull and a hopeless romantic. he besought to imbibing merely like the remainder of his equals and vowed to research the universe and party utilizing his household luck. At some point in life. Anthony Patch is enrolled into Camp Hooker during the war old ages but he proves to be mentally disoriented as he spends his yearss in the cantonment acquiring rummy and to crest it all picked up a kept woman. Though the move of enrolled into Camp Hooker is considered as a loyal 1. his friends at the cantonment are another worthless batch who gratify and back up his imbibing inclinations by indulging in the same with him. His imbibing rendezvouss make him a favourite among his cantonment brothers for he is treated regard for the ceaseless parties he throws while at cantonment therefore seting to light baseness and stupidity of his friends CITATION Mau22 cubic decimeter 1033 ( Maunsell. 1922 ) .

Spot so meets Gloria Gilbert who beauty is faultless and he is rapidly swept off is pess as he vows to prosecute his romantic desires to his life’s decease with Gloria. Gloria herself is a reproduction of Antony for her tenet is satisfaction of worldly pleasances as she altruistically puts it herself. “If I wanted anything. I’d take it… I can’t be bothered resisting things I want… ( Fitzgerald. 2002. p. 235 ) ” It is with the same credo that she detests her husband’s inability to continuously prolong her munificent and countless cocktails. Just like everyone else. this twosome turns to alcoholism to camouflage their life defeats to the extent that Anthony can non make without a gustatory sensation of the bottle described in Gloria’s ain words. “Oh no. he doesn’t demo it any longer unless he can barely stand up. and he talks alright till he gets aroused. He talks much better than he does when he’s sober. But he’s been sitting here all twenty-four hours drinking-except for the clip it took him to walk the corner for a newspaper… ( Fitzgerald. 2002. p. 398 ) ” This entry at towards the terminal of the novel shows how ugly and reliable Antony patch’s life has been on intoxicant after losing out on his grandfather’s luck and the same being directed towards a retainer.

Possibly. Patch’s party and imbibing wonts were fueled by the fact that he was heir to a rich imperium built by his instead rigorous disciplinarian gramps who gave no room to unappreciated ethical motives. An event where he walks into one of Gloria and Antony’s strident wild party at their flat is a representation of his disgust and smear for irresponsible behaviour. His organic structure linguistic communication and events that transpire after this speaks volumes about his disciplinary jokes ; at the party. he stares at a white-faced Antony with disgust and in incredulity and utters five denouncing words to the immature adult male in forepart of him. “…Well travel back to Suttleworth. . ( Fitzgerald. 2002. p. 235 ) ” The temper in the temper is all somber. both Gloria and Patch are frightened by Cross Patch’s presence but he mutely walks out of the room after his plant. Repercussions that follow are that gets disinherited of his grandfather’s luck and it is directed towards a retainer. They contest the determination after his grandfather’s passing but it merely makes them more suffering as they entrenched deeper into alcohol addiction to submerge their sorrows. The Damned and beautiful stopping points as tragic narrative of an person who had it all but wasted the chance through munificent parties and alcohol addiction to stop up in a wheel chair by age 30 three.

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