Alexander The Great Leader Essay, Research Paper

Alexander & # 8220 ; The Great & # 8221 ; ( 356 & # 8211 ; 323 B. C. )

King of Acquisitions and Amalgamations

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His Childhood

Alexander was born in 356 B.C. His male parent was, Philip, the King of Macedonia and his female parent was Olympias, girl of King Neoptolemus I of Epirus ( Albania ) . Philip was really proud of his boy Alexander, but they had a really stormy relationship. Philips multiple matrimonies took a toll on Alexander. Olympias was really covetous and vindictive towards Philip & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; lesser & # 8221 ; married womans. Alexander had a half sister named Cleopatra ( non the celebrated Egyptian Queen ) and a stepbrother named Arrhidaeus. Arrhidaeus was brain-damaged, it was rumored that Olympias had given the male child drugs in retribution and fright for Alexander & # 8217 ; s heritage.

Philip made certain that Alexander was good educated. He sent for Aristotle to be one of his coachs. Alexander became friends with a male child named Hephaestion, they would stay loyal to each other for life.

Early features of a leader:

& # 183 ; He had a thirst for cognition

& # 183 ; He was highly observant

& # 183 ; He was straightforward

& # 183 ; He was weather

Life As the Prince

Philip frequently left Alexander in charge when he was taken off from Macedonia on concern. At the age of 16, during one of his male parent & # 8217 ; s absences, Alexander led an ground forces to repress the rebellious & # 8220 ; savages & # 8221 ; ( Maedi ) . He managed to travel the Maedi out and renamed the metropolis Alexandropolis, after himself. After this, he became the general of his male parent & # 8217 ; s ground forces.

During the jubilations for Philip & # 8217 ; s matrimony to his concluding married woman, a falling out occurred between Alexander and his male parent. The bride & # 8217 ; s uncle toasted the twosome, stating that he hoped that a legitimate inheritor to the throne would ensue from the matrimony. Alexander became angered shouting & # 8220 ; What about me? Am I a asshole? & # 8221 ; and threw a goblet at the uncle. Philip, who was intoxicated, drew his blade and lunged at

Black lovage. He lost his balance and fell on the floor. Alexander sneered and publically insulted his male parent stating & # 8220 ; the adult male who makes readyings to go through out of Europe into Asia, overturned in go throughing from one place to another. & # 8221 ; ( Plutarch, 1952 ) ( Philip had been be aftering on occupying Asia Minor ) Both Alexander and his female parent were banished.

They subsequently reconciled, but Philip continued to distrust his male parent. Philip was murdered during the jubilation of his girl & # 8217 ; s arranged matrimony. It was rumored that Olympias and/or Alexander were involved, but many historiographers believe that they were guiltless.

Leadership features as a Prince:

& # 183 ; While King Philip was off, Alexander handled his male parent & # 8217 ; s personal businesss with preciseness and efficiency.

& # 183 ; He had a passion for celebrity & # 8211 ; he lamented over his male parent & # 8217 ; s triumphs, worried that there would be nil left for him to suppress.

& # 183 ; He was determined to seek action and glorification, instead than pleasances and wealths.

King And Conqueror

After H

is father’s slaying in 336 B.C. 20-year-old Alexander became King Alexander III of Macedonia. He proceeded with his father’s programs on suppressing Persia. In a few old ages he managed to get and unify half of the known universe.

After suppressing Bactria, Alexander spotted his soon-to-be married woman amongst the prisoners. Roxane was the girl of the King. He fell in love with her at first sight and went through all the proper Bactrian ceremonials for official matrimony out of regard. This matrimony was really good to Alexander, as it endeared them to the & # 8220 ; savages & # 8221 ; . Alexander began following foreign imposts and frock to the displeasure of some of his Macedonian followings. His ground forces began to resent his alteration.

Black lovage could see the strengths of the Persians and the Macedonians, he tried to mix them consequently. It was his belief that they should portion the imperium. He allowed the foreign leaders to regulate over their district.

Although Alexander was really patient and just with his follower & # 8217 ; s errors, he could non digest them in himself. After murdering Clitus, a good friend who had saved him earlier during a war with the Persians, during a het statement Alexander was devastated.

Subsequently, Alexander went on to occupy India which took several months. Many died in the path through the desert including his darling old war Equus caballus Bucephalus. Alexander built a metropolis on the topographic point where his Equus caballus died and named it Bucephalia.

Fortunately, Alexander had put over 30,000 Iranian male childs into Grecian military preparation & # 8211 ; by the clip they got back, these male childs were warriors & # 8211 ; the Macedonians became covetous.

In 324 B.C. Alexander & # 8217 ; s best-friend Hephaestion died of febrility. Alexander was devastated and reeked mayhem on the physician who had treated his friend. He ne’er genuinely recovered from his friends decease. He drank to a great extent and caught fever. On June 10th, 323 B.C. he died at 33 old ages of age. His dreams of a united imperium were shortly to crumple.

Leadership features as a King:

& # 183 ; He respected all and treated people reasonably, he was generous and compassionate.

& # 183 ; He was a maestro at integrating & # 8211 ; of people and their civilizations

& # 183 ; He easy adapted to environmental and cultural conditions

& # 183 ; He ruled by illustration

& # 183 ; His wars were non personal blood feuds

& # 183 ; He was an expert in strategic planning.

& # 183 ; He had a policy of assimilation and became swayer of half the known universe in a manus full of old ages.

& # 183 ; He ruled with the people, non over them.

& # 183 ; He was highly loyal to his friends

Discussion Questions:

1. Why was Alexander such a & # 8220 ; great & # 8221 ; leader?

2. Did Alexander hold any failings as a leader? If so what were they?

3. Be the integrity of Alexander & # 8217 ; s imperium destined to neglect after his decease? How could he hold ensured the endurance of this integrity?

4. Can you believe of some contemporary illustrations of leaders that have similar features to Alexander the Great?


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