Alienation and Invasion Technology is the knowledge, modification and usage of tools, techniques and systems to perform a specific function. Humans started using it since the prehistoric times, from the discovery and learning the ability to control fire and converting raw materials into simple tools. People explored and discovered it further until it came to its modern usage. From the first communicative carvings to globe-spinning communication networks, human attempted to use it to improve the length and quality of life.

However, not all reduces of it are used for practical and functional purposes. Some products continuously poison and weaken the mental and physical aspects of the people. People all over the country are growing up in the society with internet, cellophanes, text messaging and other technology dominates their communication and is an integral part of everyday life. But, people tend to depend and rely everything on technology. They found laziness and developed it with themselves. People misuse and abuse its advantage. They pertain using it for their personal repose even if it sometimes abides the law.

Cyber and Pornographers are the most common problem of the online world. To answer this problem, the Philippine Senate approved Senate Bill 2796 or the “Cybercafé Prevention Act of 2012 (SPACE) . The proposed law focuses on punishing “Computer Related Fraud” which can include “content related offenses” including child pornography and “cyber”. SPACE will authorize the monitoring and logging of online activities. In some parts of the world, particularly Korea, they have a law called the “Shutdown LaW’ or the “Cinderella LaW’.

The law blocks online gaming sites at midnight for kids age 16 and under. However, kids can easily create gaming accounts with their parent’s information to continue playing past midnight. Even if it could block some gaming sites, it is not that all sites are block. In wealthier and industrialized nations, the average lifespan of human has increased dramatically. With their new methods and equipment in the field of agriculture and in producing better medicines and discovering more effective treatments, people can survive to the diseases that would have once easily killed hem.

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The era, beginning in the late 20th century has been dubbed by some historians as “The Information Age”. It begins with the invention of the printing press in the 1 5th century and the proliferation of the internet in the ass’s wherein it allowed more people to have an access to an amount of information that would have once been impossible. Yet, while technology has produced and enormous number of benefits for mankind, it has been responsible for a number of pernicious effects as well. Technology also afforded the meaner of killing more people in a shorter period of mime.

Meanwhile, using nuclear weapon is still an ongoing debate. The humans provide the meaner tot bringing themselves to a rapid extinction. Technology is also the major cause of isolation of the people. It reduces the amount of the face-to-face interaction among people. They now settle using the comparatively pale pleasures of computer social networking. We may be enjoying using the modernized products of technology, but do you also know that we are enjoying their side effects? Technology also has a number of unintended consequences.

It meaner that new genealogy also meaner new unpredictable side effects that may either be good or bad. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” as stated by Sir Isaac Newton in his third Law of Motion. We are developing our technology and the equivalent counterpart of it is gaining benefits from it. But the opposite, it will be the one that will be bothering us. Technology extends the lifespan of people but, it will also be the one killing us. Philosophical debates over the present and future use of technology in the society arises.

With disagreements over whether technology improves the human condition r worsens it. There are many movements criticizing the persuasiveness of technology in the modern world. Indeed, until now, we are still having a doubt whether if it would make the life better or it will only be a cursed. All we know is that we embraced it because of its features. If most of the people would also do the same, we could clearly figured out that technology invade the world. We do not know, if only technology slowly taking its steps in engulfing the whole world, releasing its venom’s and led the people to it’s destruction.


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