All of the following are true about poetry or the poems assigned for this week:
1. Poems, like essays and short stories, are divided into paragraphs.

 2. Poetry is a highly condensed language.
3. In `My Papas Waltz` the speaker is reflecting back on his childhood relationship with his father.
4. The connotation of words is not the dictionary definition of a word. It is the suggested meaning or associative meaning of the word.
5. We analyze the elements of poetry whether we name the elements or not. Elements are simply the vocabulary we use to discuss the parts that make up the poem. (Points: 1)


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2 All of the following are true about MLA formatting for poetry.

1. Analysis is written in the present tense.
2. Three or fewer lines of poetry are included in the flow of writing.
3. Four or more lines of poetry are indented 10 spaces. No quotation marks are used.
4. The first time we cite line numbers, we use the word line. Thereafter, we cite just the number of the line.
5. We always cite line numbers we quote.

(Points: 1)




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