“Allowing our tiny patients to leave their footprints on our heart.” Having the ability to make families lives are such a blessing of a neonatal nurse. A neonatal nurse is a specialist or practitioner who works with newborn infants who were born with problems ranging from prematurity, birth defects, infections, cardiac malformations, and surgical issues. The changes for the families start with the nurses. Having the opportunity to work with infants health problems, growth development, and being able to live a healthy life with the technology, math, and families support is outstanding.As a neonatal nurse you will experience different challenges daily. The importance of working in this field is that, you must love babies, be able to tolerate crying, the ability to change diapers, and deal with the tense emotions. Also, you will work in a fast-paced environment at either a hospital, doctor’s office, birth center, etc. There are three different areas of the hospital a neonatal nurse works at; A Newborn Nursery, Pediatrics, and The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). All babies must be monitored, on multiple medications with intravenous drips. The responsibilities that you will be responsible for in the NICU are: changing the feeding tube, able to use monitoring device, administering medications, and performing intubations. You may also, hold and rock the babies, feed them bottles, and change their diapers. As a nurse you should always inform the family about the care the baby needs before leaving the nursing facility. In order to become a nurse you must become a registered nurse by obtaining a associates or bachelor degree, become licensed, have on the job training, and become certified. The challenges that you will face will help you overcome them as you go. It may be overwhelming pressure, emotionally stressful, and having to dealing with ethical issues. Working in an environment like this is very stressful, because you never know if something bad may happen. To find out whether it will be difficult or easy to find a placement, you must learn the specific of that specialty, because it is different from other practice areas. There are different levels of hospitals that you have to be trained to work in. For example, level one is the well newborn nursery, level two is the special care nursery, level three is the nicu, and level four is the regional nicu. In addition, the amount of hours that should be dedicated is 40 hours a week which is broken down into, 5 days and 8 hours, or you can do 4 days with 10 hours. If you are coming in at the entry level your yearly salary will start at about $40,000, median/mid salary is about $58.5,000, and high level is about $92,000. The higher education you have the greater chance you have to pursue high levels in the work field. To continue to move further up in the health field, you have to have a certified license. It also must be renewed in order for you to continue to work. In Georgia, neonatal nurses make 14% more than average neonatal nurses. This reason, is due to the health field being such a broad category where nurses are much needed in order to save many people lives. The more you advance your education you can become better on another level within the neonatal care. By the year of 2022 United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predict that there will be an increase in growth and salary by 31%. The NICU has saved so many babies lives in so many ways. Parents are now able to see, touch, and express their love to their child through an incubator regardless of the situation that they are in. Neonatal nurses touch many parents hearts because you never know what can happen to their child until it actually happens.The neonatal nurse career is more appealing to me because it deals with many babies. I have thought about becoming a surgeon, a dentist, and pediatric nurse. I had to narrow down my choices, but maybe one day in the future I will be able to continue to further my education and pursue it in another field under nursing that applies with babies. Realizing that neonatal nurses have the opportunity to become closer to the parents and their child is an amazing experience. It is great when you are able to learn more about how babies grow and develop from being an infant to toddler, so on and so for. The skills that will be performed in the workplace is being able to understand the parents, have care for the newborns, physiological and psychological understanding, able to work in high technology areas, and work efficiently. Also, the 6 C’s are: care, compassion, competence, communication, courage, and commitment. You must have the energy and skills to perform those since you never know what the case may be. It can lead to a life or death situation you have to figure out. No matter how stressful the situation you must remain calm, and be confident in the work you learned. Although it can be tough, just think about the way nurses affect many people lives. To ensure success hard work and dedication is key so that those who look up to you can continue to say you inspire them to do better and become better. This is something I have always wanted to do, because it’s full of excitement, mixed emotions, sadness, joy, and etc. This is my dream that will come true once I obtain all my goals I have set in order to become successful. No matter how much of an emergency it  is, just continue to do the right thing in difficult situations. Although you may be put under stress of what to do in an emergency, remain calm and refer back to what you were taught in order to pursue the best career to become the best specialist or practitioner that is currently working there at the moment. In conclusion, there are a few key points you still have to remember when you are entering the neonatal nursing field. You must have your degree, on the job training, and a certified license.


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